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Projet • By Skarka StudiosMaisons privées

House on Slope

Architect: Binder Architektur AG - Hans BinderHouse on Slope is one of a series of single-family houses built by the same architectural firm since 1995 and developed further and further on a former vineyard slope in a small rural community in the canton of Zurich. Originally planned as a wooden house, it was built in solid construction at the request of the owner. The youth and guest rooms are located in the basement with front play lawn and fireplace, in the attic is the parents' area. On the access floor is the shared living-dining room with open kitchen, centrally placed fireplace and west terrace. Special mention should be made of the spacious sports and wellness area under the double garage with a loggia in front. Caption Capti... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerMaisons privées

House K

In the far north of the Bregenzerwald lies the small community of Sulzberg on the ridge of the same-named mountain. We built a house on a steep slope in the middle of a densely built-up residential area, which makes perfect use of the limited plot of land. Due to the extreme slope, we have divided the spaces into three floors. You enter the house on the street side on the top level via a wide footbridge. Here you will find the garage, a small guest room and the spacious, open living room. Designed with maximum transparency and openness, it is only structured by the free-standing kitchen unit. The entire south front is glazed and, together with the terrace in front, celebrates the fantastic view over the Bregenzerwald to the high Vorarlberg... En savoir plus

Projet • By A&M ARCHITECTSPaysage résidentiel

Sheltered Villas

Blending into a 12,000 sqm site in Karpathos, on a secluded area on the outwards of Menetes village, three villas make their appearance in the most humble way.   With a 23% site slope, the villas emerge from the landscape in a linear arrangement parallel to the view, respecting the natural topography. Placed amphitheatrically, the three villas have unobstructed views to the Aegean Sea while offering privacy and seclusion to their guests. A true relationship between indoor and outdoor, integrates the buildings to its surrounding. Built partially underground, the geometry and materiality reflect the site’s original textures and the buildings blend with the rough context. White, clean ribbons become retaining walls creating the on... En savoir plus

Projet • By BAEB Bureau d’Architectes Emmanuel BouffiouxLogement social

Rixensart Housing

RÉALISATION DE 45 LOGEMENTS DONT 25 LOGEMENTS PUBLICS LOCATIFS ET 20 LOGEMENTS PRIVÉS     Ce projet fait partie d’un partenariat public-privé (PPP).
il se compose de plusieurs unités de logements pour une destination publics locatifs et d’autres privés. Ces logements ont fait l’objet d’une étude energetique pour atteindre le standard basse energie.   LE LIEU La commune de Rixensart est située en Brabant Wallon, au Sud-Est de Bruxelles. Facilement accessible par des voies de communication rapides et bien desservies en trafic ferroviaire. Le site visé par le projet s’étend sur l’avenue Georges Marchal et le sentier des Ross... En savoir plus