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Projet • By Terra e TumaMaisons privées

Guaianaz House

A couple of philosophers presented us a uphill terrain, located between several high buildings and unfavorable solar orientation. They requested a lean project, but with a music studio and a swimming pool lane.   We designed a house with facade protected by perforated bricks and sandblasted glass that guarantee privacy without restrict the natural light. On the opposite side, we proposed a living-room integrated to the courtyard and bedrooms opened to the garden with the intent to obtain the best view and insolation.   The pool, the main component of this residence, goes under the bedrooms and integrates with the living-room.   Material Used:1. Neorex - Precast concrete element - Elemento vazado tipo caixilho 4A En savoir plus

Projet • By Studio Gabriel BordinMaisons privées

Cloud Nine

L'espace conçu pour l'édition 2019 de CASACOR SC, peut être défini comme une "chambre à coucher vivante", les 40m² sont une invitation au repos et au confort. Le nom vient de l'expression "être sur le nuage neuf" qui est un état de contentement et d'épanouissement, le Nuage Neuf est la matérialisation de cet état, traduit dans un cadre contemporain, élémentaire.   Le lit du nuage a été créé par l'architecte Gabriel Bordin pour les matelas de la marque Reveev. Centre de l'espace, la pièce diffère des normes nationales, volontairement développé plus bas, comme une invitation accessible à... En savoir plus

Projet • By Julian King ArchitectMaisons privées

Soho Loft

Situé dans un ancien entrepôt de soie en fonte construit en 1872, un long loft ouvert a été vidé et rénové pour éliminer le désordre tout en préservant ce qui fait d'un loft classique de Soho un loft.   Dans cette optique, plutôt que de pousser les chambres contre l'un des murs vitrés à chaque extrémité, ce qui entraîne invariablement des efforts ultérieurs pour récupérer une partie de la lumière naturelle à l'intérieur, la solution a été d'insérer une mezzanine étroite le long d'un long côté, avec un espace de couchage au-dessus et une buanderi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Nico van der Meulen ArchitectsMaisons privées

House in Sandown

ND & P RESIDENCESandown residence was a typical Nico van der Meulen Architects addition & alteration project – converting a dark and dated townhouse into a contemporary building consisting of steel and glass.  The eastern façade opens towards a natural stream flowing through the property, with a timber deck inviting one to walk to the edge and overlook the stream. A boma area with a firepit and rim-flow pool are next to the deck, with the lanai connected directly to the pool. The interior was kept minimal and features crisp floating ceilings, and light oak flooring. Custom internal doors were designed with recessed steel handles and mono-coated timber. The bespoke TV unit features a floating steel fireplace ledge... En savoir plus

Projet • By Christian de PortzamparcBureaux

LVMH Tower

On a very small plot of land on 57th Street, Bernard Arnault wanted to build a fl agship building, the prestigious headquarters of the LVMH group in the United States. The building had to have a strong presence. Two projects follow one another: one is a stack of boxes on the ground; the second project was born when Bernard Arnault was able to buy the gallery that adjoined the site and thus widened the site by six metres. There, given the width, a vertical unit was possible instead of stacked boxes. But two diffi culties arose.The constraints of New York’s urban planning rules forced the construction of a staircase building that became the twin of the adjacent Chanel building of the same width. Then, the site is located just in front of the... En savoir plus



Famille de lampes de suspension dont la forme s’inspire du contour du cristal de neige. Lampes modulaires fabriquées avec une structure en aluminium moulé sous pression et des diffuseurs en verre sablé ou en verre strié sur demande. La structure est disponible en aluminium poli brossé à la main, plaqué or ou noir (à l’exclusion de la version pour plancher) ou en blanc mat, peint en noir et or. La lampe émet une lumière diffuse. Les versions Summa et Magnum sont équipées d’un double allumage. Dans les versions à suspension câble rouge sur demande. Un kit d’ampoules LED G9 NEMO est disponible. En savoir plus

Projet • By viaARCHITECTUREMaisons privées

Christadora Penthouse

Penthouse floor of the Christadora Apartment building in the East Village above Tompkins Square Park.   His apartment is that of a collector. There is, of course, the collection that one would expect, the paintings, particular paintings by a small number of artists that he knew well or just a little. And there is the collection of early modern furniture without a dining table or dining chair. And the objects: the ceramics, the books, the photographs, the tools. It is a collection both happenstance and unyielding.   Each piece is a representative, with an identical self-conscious disregard for the memory for which it is, in fact, a prop. A theatrical performance without an audience. All things present seem to be "only" as they appear, part o... En savoir plus

Projet • By SKOLNICK Architecture + Design PartnershipBureaux

Global Crossing

The international telecommunications company, Global Crossing, took several floors of office space as their new headquarters at 88 Pine Street, an award-winning office building designed in the 1970’s by IM Pei. The vision of their dynamic CEO was to project an extremely forward-looking identity which would embody the baseline tenets of the company: connectivity, speed, security, and cutting-edge technology. The design solution was to strip all extraneous information from the space - partitions, hung ceilings, standard lighting, floor coverings, and to add back only what was needed to provide the appropriate workspace for the spirit and function of Global Crossing. The result is an overlay and a pronounced juxtaposition: a twenty-first... En savoir plus

Projet • By Sean Godsell ArchitectsInstallations de recherche

RMIT Design Hub

The purpose of the Design Hub is to provide accommodation in one building for a diverse range of design research and post graduate education. RMIT is a world leader in design research however post graduates are currently dissipated across various campuses and facilities. The Hub provides a collegial research base where post graduates in fields such as fabric and fashion design will work alongside those involved in architecture, aeronautical engineering, industrial design, landscape architecture, urban design and so on.Research groups have the ability to locate and fine tune their accommodation within ‘warehouses’ - open plan spaces where research teams can set up and tailor their work environment to suit their particular needs. Teams may st... En savoir plus

Produit • By Enrico ZanollaBale pendant amber glass

Bale pendant amber glass

The task of designing a lamp with essential lines and shape, with both direct and diffuse light has led us to create Bale lamp. The archetypical shape (Bale in Friuli language means “ball”) makes it suitable for any kind of interior designs but with a particular attention to contemporary atmospheres. The function follows the design and design follows the function emphasizing the aesthetic; the function makes the design itself distinctive and recognizable. The difference on the surface is admirable both visually and to the touch.How Its MadeThe decision of making 1/4 transparent glass and 3/4 sandblasted glass rises from the necessity of focusing the direct light on the bottom side and concentrate it on the beneath surface while maintaining... En savoir plus

Projet • By Workshop ArchitectureMaisons privées

Fawkner Street House

Sited to the north of Fawkner Street in South Yarra on a block just over 500 m2, this project is a renovation of the existing double fronted Victorian house and a reworking of the early nineties double storey extension. The new works are contained within the shell of the existing house with subtle changes to its front and a complete re-configuration of its rear.This project is designed around the delicate control of circulation, both horizontal and vertical to create an ever changing unfolding of view. This entices the occupant from one space to the next whilst leaving the residual destination spaces calm and anchored as spatial eddy pools within the plan. This project is one of several recent projects within the office that have engaged wi... En savoir plus

Produit • By FlosOutgraze


OUTGRAZEFlos OutdoorLight beyond light: a grazing effect, with a curtain that bathes the architecture, bringing it out, with perfect solutions for every height and configuration, presented in a rich and functional technical collection. Outgraze seeks and finds performance in every detail: efficient LEDs of the highest quality, precision optics and a wide choice of installation optics, also in a continuous line for a light effect without continuity solutions, guaranteeing the flexibility required to perfectly integrate in any project.Technical DescriptionLuminaire for outdoor use for installation on the wall or ceiling with LED light source. Central body in extruded aluminum, end cap in die-cast aluminum. Optics made with constant pitch betw... En savoir plus

Produit • By BOADESIGNReed


This set of table and pendant lamps is inspired by the simple shape of reeds. A coloured textile cable leads through the clear thin glass rod ‘stem’ of borosilicate glass to a wider section which is reminiscent of the ‘head’ of the reed. This is produced in two versions from sandblasted glass and glass with longitudinal indentations. The lamps can be placed separately in the interior, but they look best in small groups of three or more items En savoir plus

Produit • By BluinterniVITRUM LINE


Glass doors: the traditional opening meets the glass elegance Bluinterni suggests the Vitrum-Line range, glass doors characterized by dimensional variety (height and width) which guarantees a perfect integration with any room. The combination between the B-line aluminum structure and the transparency of the glass, the beauty of the decoration and the color force, creates a perfect line for any environment and style. The use of V-709 hinges, combined with a magnetic lock or knob, make the flush concept live even in 10 mm thick door. Transparent, satin, lacquered and coloured, special printed or sandblasted glasses inject life into walls. The hinge profile – glass to be glued P08, adapt to door panel with a maximum dimension of 900... En savoir plus

Projet • By M1DTWMagasins


Mills is a comprehensive, two-phase renovation and expansion of a neighborhood fixture. Originally a family-owned pharmacy, opened in 1946, it featured a 13-seat soda fountain and served the surrounding neighborhood for generations. More than 60 years after it’s opening, Mills Pharmacy underwent a major transformation with new family ownership and expanded services, from a full-service pharmacy to a beauty and wellness boutique with an adjoining market. Set within an existing retail strip at the edge of a residential district, the original 3000 square foot pharmacy was expanded into an adjacent market space twice its size. The ground floor retail spaces were combined and reconfigured along the street frontage and are linked to the re... En savoir plus