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Projet • By MonoarchiLogement des personnes âgées

Unforgotten Corner - Elderly-friendly Renovation

Located in a community built in the 1980s on the county border of Fenyi, Jiangxi, the old house has been standing there for over forty years. Time stands still in the community while the world outside has undergone radical changes. The house had been extended mildly several times over the years, but it is left behind by the time and a huge disconnect appears between the interior space quality and modern life. Lack of daylight and poor ventilation in the interior pose relevant safety concerns for the house owner who is in an old age. Thus, improving the quality of life in the old house within a limited budget is set to be the key target of the project. The community sits next to a railway. Most walls in the community are built in the style... En savoir plus

Projet • By Avanto Architects LtdMaisons privées

House J

House J is situated on top of a high hill, on the edge of a single-family housing area. The architectural concept is based on the site: the building has a closed rear towards the North and East where the neighboring houses are, and it opens to the South and West, towards a natural forest. The house curves around an old pine tree, forming a lap with a sunny and sheltered courtyard. The free form and lush garden create a contrast to the rectangular building. Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy The height of the building is carefully fitted to the elevation of the adjacent buildings. The floors are not situated on top of each other. The cantilevered first floor creates a canopy for the entrance on the ground floor, whereas t... En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingPaysage résidentiel


Lighting plays a big part in offering a pool experience. In Java residential area, Hong Kong, Flexglo™ F22 LED light is picked to enhance the swimming experience. The linear flexibility and vertical bendability give the designer freedom to outline the structural design of the pool. Whether it’s the curved lined staircases or the straight-lined frame, the Clear light strips can tackle the task. The UL676 certified luminaire can be submersible up to 2 meters. The 2700K-set linear homogeneous LED lights produce glare-free, natural soft lighting, creating a pleasant atmosphere within and around the pool area while highlighting its architectural design. En savoir plus
At the edge of human city life and  environment The ground floor plan that has the most connection with the street contains common zones like living room and guest room and the private zones like bedrooms are located on the basement floor.

Projet • By The SharPaysage résidentiel

Villa Dar Shib

The project site, it's environment and the landscape were sending us convincing signals​ to protect and provide the best sights and views. The green hill and sloping hillside is where sky and land meet and in that spot "Villa Dar Shib" is built. Caption Caption A hillside villa that had the challenge of not harming the environment and nature by the least amount of foundation excavation and reusing the reduced soil. Caption Caption By defining a shell around the building that not only frames the views from sky to land but also protects the warmness of the house and make it feel safe. The sloped roof is do to the rainy climate. Caption Caption The ground floor plan that has the most connection with the street... En savoir plus

Projet • By ORA Studio NYCAppartements

West Village Apartment

Le Memphis, nommé et inspiré par le style de design milanais des années 80, situé au 140 Charles Street, est un exemple d'immeuble post-moderne typique de Manhattan. Lors de notre première consultation avec le client, celui-ci souhaitait une rénovation minimale. Richard Cadan Photography L'empreinte au sol de l'immeuble est de forme trapézoïdale, ce qui rend le plan intéressant mais crée de nombreuses pièces de forme irrégulière. L'appartement du client présentait la combinaison idéale d'emplacement, d'espace et de vues superbes avec une terrasse dans chaque coin. Lorsque nous avons illustré le concept et que le potentiel... En savoir plus

Projet • By Koichi Takada ArchitectsAppartements

Norfolk Burleigh Heads

Drawing inspiration from local Norfolk pines, the latest mixed-use residential project by Koichi Takada Architects is a sculptural and sympathetic addition to its coastal location in Burleigh Heads (Queensland, Australia). The organic, overlapping architectural curves and linear screening form the basis for this responsive building with passive design principles at play.  Scott Burrows   Designed to appreciate the 1,012 square-meter beachfront site on Goodwin Terrace at the southern end of Burleigh Heads Beach, the north facing 10-storey structure provides 15 unique apartments, two dual level penthouses with private rooftop pools, and impressive ground floor wellbeing amenities for residents to enjoy the prime location year... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerAppartements


In the Pradl district of Innsbruck, we built a new, modern residential quarter with 118 rental apartments and 53 condominiums on behalf of the Neue Heimat Tirol and Raiffeisen WohnBau housing associations. The car-free complex is designed as a sustainable passive house and is located in the middle of a new public park.A long building protects the whole site from the nuisance of the street and separates the commercial area from the residential area behind it. Inside the islet, three pavilions of five, six and seven stories, offset in relation to each other, are built in a park occupying more than half of the total area of the plot. This provision – a front built on the street and the individual pavilions at the back – takes on th... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerBureaux

DC3 Tower

The tower in Vienna’s Donauplatte area complements the towers DC 1 and DC 2 by Dominique Perrault and offers 832 apartments for temporary living. The 100-meter-high building is connected on several levels to the existing Donaucity quarter as well as to the transport network via public plazas and paths. The projections of the three-dimensionally warped façade elements correspond to cozy alcoves, which frame the view of the Danube and the city in every room. Dietrich Untertrifaller Urban Context The narrow property – hardly more than a traffic island, surrounded by Wagramerstraße, motorway access and underground line – presented us with great planning challenges. But the attractive location on the Danube... En savoir plus

Projet • By KPMB ArchitectsLogement

A Resilient Duplex for Fort Severn First Nation

In 2019, Two Row Architect and KPMB were invited to participate in the National Research Council’s Path to Healthy Homes program, which aims to produce a best-practices manual for architects and engineers working with Indigenous communities, who are in desperate need of affordable, resilient, culturally appropriate housing. According to the 2016 census, 25 percent of First Nations people live in overcrowded housing, and 20 percent of the Indigenous population lives in homes that need major repairs. The Assembly of First Nations estimates that by 2031, Indigenous communities will need to build over 130,000 new housing units and renovate 20,000 more. Caption The Two Row / KPMB team was paired with Fort Severn First Nation, the nor... En savoir plus

Projet • By KPMB ArchitectsAppartements

The Wyatt (Block 26)

The Wyatt is located on Dundas Street East, and contributes to the commercial activation of Regent Park’s revitalized neighbourhood with grade level retail and generous landscaped sidewalks. The remaining block perimeter is all residential at grade, with individual brick townhouses entered from the street, providing a more intimate streetscape in relation to the townhouses to the south. Adrien Williams Adrien Williams Adrien Williams ArchitectsKPMB Architects in joint venture Page+Steele / IBI Group Architects KPMB  TeamShirley Blumberg (partner-in-charge), Bruno Weber (principal), Vaughn Miller (associate), Leah Kim, Nina Ispravnikova ConsultantsCPE (structural), Nemetz & Associates Ltd., Reinbold Engineeri... En savoir plus

Projet • By KPMB ArchitectsAppartements

Canary Block Condos (Block 16)

This 12-storey project is part of the Phase 2 build-out of the award-winning legacy neighbourhood known as the Canary District, which is based on a winning competition scheme to design and build the Pan/Parapan Athletes’ Village in time for the 2015 Toronto games. KPMB played a design leadership role in the competition and has since continued to provide architectural services to realize the completed vision, most recently with Block 16. The program includes a diversity of 187 residential units ranging from 450 s.f. to 1,160 s.f., 5% of which would have 3 bedrooms. The first level is programmed with amenity space, including retail while the second level will contain bicycle parking and locker spaces. Caption Caption Captio... En savoir plus

Projet • By KPMB ArchitectsÉglises

St. Monica's Roman Catholic Church

A light-filled beacon of modern faith and inclusion In rapidly transforming Midtown Toronto, the intersection of Broadway Avenue and Yonge Street is among the many zones undergoing incredible change. A neighbourhood abundant with single-family homes, it is seeing the addition of more high-density, mixed-use residential communities offering greater access and diversity to growing locales. In this context, St. Monica’s small footprint needs to stand on its own as a strong expression of faith for the increasing number of parishioners. Through the majestic steeple and eye-catching curved roof, the church captures that expression – small but mighty. KPMB drew from our previous experience with worship spaces to create distinct and s... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerPaysage résidentiel

Metzgergrün Quarter

Over the next ten years, the Metzgergrün district is set to undergo a profound transformation and change into a contemporary housing estate without losing its original character. To replace the 27 row buildings from the 1950s, a modern district with about 500 new apartments and generous green areas is being built here. “This urban composition of residential courtyards, social center, high-quality and differentiated open spaces, new networks and the right connections has the potential to become a model and future-oriented quarter,” praised the jury. Dietrich Untertrifaller Manageable Neighborhoods The design arranges the apartments into six blocks, creating manageable neighborhoods. Each block combines three to four-s... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerAppartements

Waldgartenstraße Residential

For this small estate in a quiet residential area loosely built up with single-family homes, we have arranged two elongated cubes slightly offset to each other. This ensures both the necessary privacy and unobstructed, wide views. To the north, an inviting, semi-public courtyard opens up the complex, while the play ground is located to the north-east, separated from the private areas. The architecture skilfully plays with the contrast of raw concrete and fine wood structure. The façade is extensively glazed, the balconies offer constructive weather protection and summer thermal insulation. The emphasis on the horizontal, the contrast between closed and open areas and the targeted use of daylight appear unobtrusively elegant. Albre... En savoir plus

Projet • By IN8 Design Inc.Maisons privées

Condo I

Winner of the ARIDO Award of Excellence 2013. Caption Caption Newly empty-nesters, our clients asked for ultra-contemporary interiors to reflect their personal tastes and interests. IN8’s visioning / imaging work established the bold aesthetic; their detailed analysis revealed opportunities to rationalize and enhance the existing spaces. New flooring, millwork, and finishes complement the re-organized rooms. Caption Caption En savoir plus