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Produit • By FAINA DesignKUMANEC two-legs vase

KUMANEC two-legs vase

(“kumanec” in Ukrainian — ceramic figured vessel)   Weaving the old into the new — traditional festive pottery with a hole-bagel in the middle transformed into modern interior decoration, that has the power to unite people around.    KUMANEC two-legs vase in black and beige is available in stock. https://faina.design/products/kumanec-two-legs-vase En savoir plus

Projet • By Sergey Makhno ArchitectsBureaux

Oschadbank VIP Office

Oschadbank is a national bank of Ukraine whose a strategic statement sounds as “My bank. My country”. Sergey Makhno Architects challenge was to transmit Ukrainian authenticity and culture, but move away from a strictness that financial institutions used to have. Design studio wanted to make the bank human and welcoming to people.   Sergey Makhno Architects developed a non-standard concept ‘bank as a gallery’. It’s a contemporary office design based on paintings, sculptures, art decor and lighting. Studio is proud of its handmade lamps that are created and produced for the interior. Like in a gallery, the bank ‘expositions’ can change. No strict bindings to the elements, but to the art itself.... En savoir plus

NouvellesMatérialisation • 23 juil. 2020

Unified spatial concept accented with Mexican craftsmanship at Santomate

In the city of Morelia, Mexico a 19th-century colonial-style construction that integrates 3 different properties via a central patio with a great variety of vegetation forms the basis of new restaurant concept Santomate by Daniela Bucio Sistos. Credit: Dane Alonso The three spaces that now form the restaurant are almost monochromatic both inside and outside to avoid the distraction that comes from a variety of textures and materials. The range of colours selected - right down to the bathrooms -  is inspired by shades of green, blue and yellow, which are found in the region's glazed pottery. Credit: Dane Alonso The restaurant is entered through a narrow street door, upon which visitors are greeted by a dark green foyer. From... En savoir plus

Projet • By Daniela Bucio SistosBars


Located in the city of Morelia, Michoacán in La Loma, the original construction of the project dates from the middle of the last century, with previous remodeling and interventions since the 90's. The project integrates 3 properties, which 2 of them were already connected by a central patio with a great variety of vegetation and materiality, maintaining a colonial style.   The first approach and idea conceived for the restaurant is to generate a relationship and connection both spatially and visually of the 3 properties, making this patio the axis and starting point.   Almost monochromatic spaces are created inside and outside to avoid the variety of materials and textures that would distract the user and that would als... En savoir plus

Projet • By atelier thuMaisons privées


Higashi-ikoma where surrounded by the ikoma-mountain and the Yada-hills still left some nature. On the other hand Higashi-ikoma is high-end residential as same as Gakuen-Toshi since it has been developed as estate by Kintetsu.   The planned land in Higashi-ikoma is located middle of a small hill which could avoid large-scale development on the North of the ikoma line. After we drive up narrow road the land will appear in front of you.   The land has two faces the both South area and North area, the most of South are is sloping land, and North area has a tiny flatland and there is an old one-story house. Additionally North of the land is peaceful green area. The land seems like an untouchable area, but we consider that we could... En savoir plus

Projet • By HAO designMaisons privées

Palimpsest of Life

The owners of this home is a married couple who are roughly 60 years old. They attach great importance to practicality and would like to use more stone materials to build a bold home environment. However, "material" is not only about space, but also contains a kind of time flow. When planning retirement houses, the experience of homeowners becomes the basis of our storytelling using materials. We embed luxurious material into the owners’ daily life. By comparing the changes of various materials, we feel the sense of layering stacked in different materials without losing its function. From a distance, it looks plain. From up close, it looks delicate. Through experimentation, we mix early local and modern exquisite styles.   The... En savoir plus

Projet • By De Rosee SaMaisons privées


Appelée Kilnwood, la propriété est située au bord des Mendip Hills avec une vue étendue sur Glastonbury Tor. La mission confiée à De Rosee Sa pour ce projet était de s'assurer que la rénovation et la nouvelle construction partagent le même langage vernaculaire et architectural local que celui des autres fermes et bâtiments ruraux voisins, tels que les toits en pente et les planches de bois noir.   Avec la maison principale, une grange transformée, De Rosee Sa a conçu une entrée impressionnante et accueillante. Le cabinet a créé un nouveau porche d'entrée extérieur qui sert à la fois de salle de bottes et,... En savoir plus

Projet • By Naoya Matsumoto designMaisons privées

House 1103

This is the renovation design for the apartment of family of three in Osaka city. The layout that every room has a space for storing one Futon of 3 bedrooms and one bathroom with the stairs under the floor is still there along with equipping the apartment when it was built 35 years ago. We started with redesigning the layout for family of three’s life style. Firstly, partition mud walls were putting on both, the left and right side from the entrance located in the center of the building as if it’s guided us to the dining room, and then set up the hallway symmetrically.   That hallway that its material leans 45 degree connects to all the areas in the apartment moderately. Walking through the hallway that has a little of da... En savoir plus

Projet • By HITOTOMORIMaisons privées

The Anti-Earthquake Reinforcing Catwalk House

This is a renovation of a house which will be lived in by an adult, their child, and two cats. Built 40 years ago, the client expressed a desire that the renovation allow the house to be lived in for another 40 years.   While a series of anti-earthquake support braces normally creates unusable space for people, it became a rich space for this family to share with their cats. Material Used :1. Lighting plan and products: NEW LIGHT POTTERY: BULLET/BRASS En savoir plus

Projet • By Red DeerHôtels

Birch (handle.silk.comet)

International architecture and interiors practice Red Deer have designed Birch (handle.silk.comet) , billed as a ‘next-generation escape’ hotel just outside London, which opens in Summer 2020.   Designed in collaboration with Birch founders Chris King and Chris Penn, the new lifestyle hotel sees the former De Vere Theobalds Estate hotel totally reimagined as an escape from urban living, where everything you think you know about traditional hotel life is turned on its head.   Inspired by the resourcefulness of the past, where old estates used to manage their resources and land holistically, Birch spaces aim to work with their environments as much as possible, from estate-made produce to nature-led restaurants. Some... En savoir plus

Projet • By Page \ ParkHôtels de ville

Leeds Playhouse

EXISTINGAt the outset of the project Leeds Playhouse was a labyrinth of seemingly unsolvable problems. Built facing the wrong direction, it was intended to address a wider development that never materialised. Designed in the 1980’s the interiors had grown tired, the site topography resulted in complex levels and a convoluted and inaccessible entrance sequence. Designed by the Appleton Partnership and opened in 1990, the building contains two theatre spaces – the Quarry, a fan shaped tiered auditorium (based on the original temporary theatre in which the organisation had been housed on the Leeds University campus) and the Courtyard Theatre, a galleried flexible space with a retractable seating bank - and was considered a seminal... En savoir plus

Projet • By Vizdome SpaceLogement

Baba Yaga`s Hut On Chicken Feet

Introduction   It’s difficult to find a place for comfortable life in contemporary cities. Global urbanization and decrease in the number of really affordable housing are the modern tendencies. Although the idea of constructing more low-rise buildings was recognized prospective and humane, developers often don’t follow these rules, and the cities continue to grow upwards and to press with their giant scale upon the citizens. Also the idea of coliving is developing. But it is not appropriate for everyone; the sad experience in the use of dormitories and communal apartments in the Soviet Union proves it completely. Coliving is more suitable for very young people under 25 years. There are also some problems with work space.... En savoir plus

Projet • By Arquipélago ArquitetosMaisons privées


La maison est située dans l'arrière-pays de Cunha, à l'intérieur de São Paulo, dans une région montagneuse traditionnellement connue pour sa culture artisanale de la céramique. La partie de la maison vient de son implantation au sommet de la colline du paysage, en cherchant les meilleures vues de tout le terrain oblique et de la Serra, en arrière-plan.   Pour protéger la maison des vents froids, une coupe d'un mètre de terre a été réalisée afin de l'enterrer à moitié, jusqu'à la hauteur des bancs des aires de service. De cette coupe émergea toute ressource constructive pour l'exécution des murs de la ma... En savoir plus

Projet • By taller de arquitectura de bogotáÉcoles primaires


The Arts Centre is building where arts and music are conceived as a pluralistic context; a meeting place, a destination and especially, an inspiring place.   The project underwent numerous revisions and refinements of its content and curriculum, over several years, before arriving at its final design. The resultant building has an interesting dual relationship, where the first floor is used for music and dance, and the second floor for plastic arts. The two levels (and programmatic areas) are linked by a generous open-air (covered) grand staircase-hall-gallery that articulates itself simultaneously as a meeting, performance and exhibition space.    The architectural objective of the Arts Centre was to develop a building t... En savoir plus

Projet • By ENDO SHOJIRO DESIGNMaisons privées

mugen plus

We renovated the Kyoto townhouse, which is about 120 years old. It is a guesthouse rented as a whole. The concept of "mugen plus" is that families including children can stay comfortably. Since the floor height is slightly different, various gaps and steps are created. They allow visitors to discover diverse views. We inserted a "cylinder" with a wooden panel into a typical Kyoto townhouse. The "cylinder" vaguely partitions the interior of the Kyoto townhouse, creating continuity and transparency. In addition, visitors can experience various spaces inside “mugen plus” by going back and forth through the openings provided on the side and top of the cylinder.   We have prepared a variety of spaces, such as a rough clay wall... En savoir plus