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Produit • By CLAN MILANOFloral Pattern

Floral Pattern

An appealing floral pattern enhances Clan Milano proposalsA romantic floral motif assembled by sophisticated nuances emerges in the most elegant collections by Clan Milano for the night and the living area. Shades of yellow, blue, pink and red shape a lush pattern depicting a riot of delicate petals and stylized corollas in a romantic fantasy endowed with a contemporary appeal.In the bedroom, the Cama Doble bed triumphs characterized by a jagged silhouette highlighted by bold leather bands adorned with brass studs. The headboard and bed frame are upholstered by the sublime floral pattern that also continues in the Tambour nightstand, a modern complement with a round beech wood structure with polyurethane foam padding and two doors that reve... En savoir plus

Projet • By Reset ArchitectureMusées

Museum Roman Halder

This project addresses a current theme of the changing countryside that is no longer mainly used for agriculture. Within this context of change the intention of this project originated from preservation; sharing the past of a beautiful location. The architecture of this adaptive reuse project does not react to history in a nostalgic or thematic way, it uses a more context sensitive approach. The interior has changed to a level in which the old and new merge but still are, without hierarchy, visually present. As a result the new setting evokes a self-evident presence that relates to the characteristics of the natural scenery.The Museum Roman Halder houses archaeological artifacts. Halder was a notable settlement where pottery and metal... En savoir plus

Projet • By Francesc Rifé StudioBoîtes de nuit

Rice Club

We have been given the opportunity to work at the Patacona Beach (Valencia, Spain) with the gastronomic space Rice Club, located on the first floor of the restaurant Brassa de Mar. The essential meaning of the project comes from a desire to emphatize the gastronomic values of the founders: "there is no modernity without a good tradition". Our aim was to lead the restaurant towards a transition into a more rational and simple project, as naked as the material itself or the main ingredient of its recipe book that is rice. Several factors determine the project layout. On one side, it is both a day and night place. On the other, the nature that surrounds it and the large glass that frames the room will let light and warmth come through. A... En savoir plus



a gamme de bardages Variations en peuplier traité par haute température permet de créer des façades uniques à partir de profils claire-voie interchangeables. Ces produits avec ou sans finition, offrent la possibilité de jouer sur les reliefs, les effets d'ombres-lumières, les effets volumes supplémentaires pour créer ou sublimer les bâtiments neufs ou en rénovation. Légers, simples de mise en oeuvre, très design, ils se prêtent à toutes les formes architecturales. La pose à claire-voie confère à la façade une certaine légèreté et peut aussi jouer le rôle de filtre solaire En savoir plus

Projet • By Silvio Girolamo StudioMagasins

Romeo N168

Romeo N168 is a men's clothing store located in Adelfia, a small town near Bari. The store offers a wide selection of brands, from classic to casual-street, with a remarkable attitude for research. The interior design offers a cozy and unusual space in a typical stone-wall house of the town. The black floor carpet is contaminated by samples of other carpets getting a multicolor and irregular pattern. The exhibition solutions change from area to area to create a dynamic and flexible space. Natural poplar wood, iron and laced glass are the materials used in the project, combined with old recovery elements to create original ideas in furniture too. Black, Klein blue and fluorescent orange are the colors chosen to define the visual identity of... En savoir plus

Produit • By CremacaffèKOLIBRI


Cremacaffè Design Store was founded in Helsinki in 2014 by Elisa and Andrea, a green designer and an electronic musician. Since its beginning the company was built around the lifestyle of digital nomads, artists and tech users: the Italian design house has been releasing ever since a full series of versatile desktop stands, to make time spent around our machines more fun, stylish, and kinder to the body. KOLIBRI is the latest wooden tabletop stand from Cremacaffè, designed by Elisa Andretti in 2015: only 70g of thoughtfully designed poplar wood, to hold tablets and laptops up to 18'' in four different positions, optimized for visual work, writing, gaming and movie watching. En savoir plus

Projet • By FRAM ArquitectosMaisons privées


House PRO.CRE.AR 01 is located in Padre Stefenelli, a few miles from General Roca, in the south of Argentina. The 1000m2 plot is a part of a bigger area in a ranch zone originally meant for apple production that nowadays serves as real estate land, due to population growth and the need for larger plots surrounded by nature. LANDSCAPE consisting of large extensions of poplar groves that swift color showing the coming of each season, dry desertic weather, low winter temperatures and hot summers configure the particular feel of the site. The CLIENT, a young couple applying for a government credit dreaming with the chance of their first home. The PROGRAM, simple, one bedroom, one bathroom, and a free plan containing kitchen, dining room a... En savoir plus

Produit • By GERCONAGERCONA - Wood based panels

GERCONA - Wood based panels

Poplar wood Poplar wood – one of the most wonderful light weight building material, that exists in the nature. The fast growing tree trunks come exclusively from sustainably managed plantations, the peeled veneer is manufactured to plywood or together with sawn bars, block and rod boards and residual woods to chipboards, which does have significant weight advantages compared with softwood chipboards. The delivery program includes poplar plywood in the versions raw, sliced veneer, impregnated and combination plates with veneers from Okoumè and Ceiba. Wood based panels laminated: Sizes are possible up to 5.600 x 2.200 mm and thicknesses of 2 – 30 mm, one- or both sides, at which for upper- and bottom side either the same foil can b... En savoir plus

Produit • By Bleu ProvenceDoor 5

Door 5

Reproduction of a 17th century door References : PORTE 5 Poplar wood Colors available : Sizes available : Ref PORTE 5 : cm 100x210 cm 120x220 En savoir plus

Produit • By CalligarisMatch


Coffee table family with poplar wooden frame and tops available in several materials. The top is characterised by slightly curved sides and bevelled edges. The different heights allow the coffee tables to be combined intertwining different shapes and materials. The frame is available with dark "smoke” and natural finishes while the tops are provided in three sizes and finishes: • quartz agglomerate* - marble finish in ice and mud colours • matt lacquered MDF - white and mustard yellow colours • wood-veneered MDF - dark smoke and light natural colours En savoir plus

Produit • By ZephyrDUO Wall

DUO Wall

A visionary duo of materials marries the warmth of wood with the cool factor of stainless steel in a completely fresh-and welcome-creation for the contemporary kitchen. This wall-mounted range hood design may be topped with poplar wood in a charcoal or wenge finish to complement your cabinetry. Or you can perfectly match your kitchen's modern stainless surroundings with the low-profile steel-only option. Dual halogen lights work in tandem to highlight the work below En savoir plus

Projet • By Mimosa ArchitektiLogement


Concept: Single-family house for a family of four into the surrounding of the small village Bohumileč in Pardubice region. Volume solution of the house comes out of the form of the rustic house with a saddle roof. Volume and material simplicity join the house with its natural and urban framework. The building “seeks to be” an unobtrusive, but after all expressive “resident” of the place. The motto of rural simplicity and severity infiltrate into the house from the ground substance to the detail. The south orientation of the building along with the east-west direction of the view into the countryside defines the axes, which the groundplan of the house is based on. The east – west axis divides the house into the southern living and no... En savoir plus

Produit • By Nienke Bronk interior & product designCLW


The CLW is part of the poplar wood house Medea that was designed by Nienke Bronk during her final design project at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. It is a Chaise Longue and Worktable in one. Bronk designed the CLW referring to her wish to combine work and relaxation in one piece of furniture. Because nothing is more important to relax during work every once in a while! Material The CLW consists of bonded layers of 5 cm thick poplar plywood. The organic shapes seem to grow out of the floor. Bronk wanted to make the layers visible since the layer construction is the essence of making the furniture strong despite the use of fairly soft poplar wood. Poplar is sustainable wood because it is a fast growing tree. For every cut tre... En savoir plus

Projet • By Bluarch Architecture + InteriorsBoîtes de nuit

Cienna Ultralounge

Cienna Ultralounge is a venue in the heart of Astoria [Queens, NY] designed to offer the ultimate entertainment experience to the discerning New York crowd. If Cienna Restaurant is an exercise on experiential lightness, Cienna Ultralounge is an essay on softness. This project is conceptually linked to the mathematical clarification of the shape of a silk cocoon via a cosine Fourier series. Formally, the space transposes such geometric formalization into a meandering system of openings on the ceiling and walls. The space is a cocoon entirely made of a seamless, tufted upholstered shell. The distribution of the 8,888 buttons defining the tufting was organized via 3D software, and allowed for precise fabrication and permissible tolerances. The... En savoir plus