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Projet • By KinyaBureaux


Offices in Polycarbonate Panel made by Kinya Policarbonato This project was an office building in Portugal. Once again Kinya was commissioned to build polycarbonate panels to the interior and exterior of the business in question. These offices in question are meant to have employees.  The polycarbonate solutions were the chosen ones because of their advantages. A natural source of light and UV protection were just some of the ones why Kinya Policarbonato was chosen for the project. Caption Caption En savoir plus

Projet • By BRUT ARCHITECTESMaisons privées


The PEN.DU house is a pragmatic response to a given problem: containing a minimum volume – the housing unit – in a maximum space – the scope of possibilities. The project borrows its form from a simple and archaic architectural heritage, which is presented as a response that is simultaneously economic and rational. The fine interconnectedness of uses helps free up a potential, changing, de-compartmentalised space, where the indoors and outdoors interpenetrate. Architecture spreads out, projecting the usable area in a measured way, they way the body moves, anticipating positions, investing in the space between, opening up perspectives. It attests to the human ability to build with concrete things. Here the hay bale is the... En savoir plus

Projet • By aldayjover architecture and landscapeCentres communautaires


In addition to an optimal functional and interior spatial resolution, which is explained below, the project's key probably lies in an accurate response to the unusual and difficult situation in urban and volume to be inserted.On either side of the plot, two "twin towers" of 9 / 10 storeys high, while in our solar can only lift 3 levels. The apple will continue to maintain the vertical crack, and the new volume will have a difficult relationship with their environment heights, always in a condition of inferiority to the houses of its environment, even with the character of public facilities.It has been chosen to structure the basic uses (day centre and residence) by level, not volume, thereby minimizing the vertical displacement, providing i... En savoir plus

Projet • By LP architekturBâtiments individuels

Gusswerk Extension

In a moderated procedure with the client, city planning officials, and the Salzburg Advisory Committee for Architecture, the four Salzburg-based architecture offices – who have been adapting and extending the bell foundry since 2004 – developed another expansion scenario for the location with approximately 13 000 square meters of surface area for showrooms, studios, offices, and storage spaces. The cluster concept by LP architektur prevailed against the architectural strategies of hobby a., CS-architektur, and Strobl Architekten. The project was then collectively elaborated on the basis of this master plan.A clear urban accent on Söllheimerstraße docks onto the existing built fabric and its scale, transforming the familiar “street and house... En savoir plus

Projet • By D·Lim ArchitectsHôtels de ville

Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall

The Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall is nestled around forest in the Mountain Nam where is located in the center of Seoul, Korea. Next to the site are the remnants of an old war shrine where Japanese people worshipped their warlords and spirits during the colonial era. Having dug up the age-old reminder of disgrace and humiliation, the new building for Ahn Jung-geun (1879-1910), a patriot and martyr, stands triumphantly over the site.The memorial hall is configured as a cluster of 12 masses that shoot up from the sunken base. The number 12 symbolizes the unsung heroes of Dongeui Danjihoe ― a secret society whose name roughly translates into the Society of Patriots ― that was originally organized by Ahn. The members severed their little fingers i... En savoir plus

Projet • By Era ArchitectsMaisons privées

Casa Poly

Chris is an british artist, musician and sailor who ties his houseboat forever with the idea of ​​taking root on land near Barcelona. The boat was a rescue ship from the second world war that the charismatic life-loving owner recovered with affection and with a very personal style. For this vital turn, the artist chooses an old fisherman's house near the Besós river. The house includes a lemon tree in the inner courtyard. This old house needs an important extension to provide comfort, light and space to become a new home. This transcendent moment has required the accompaniment of a sensitive person with a holistic vision that can give free rein to an open, creative and executable project process. For this task the artist has chosen the ar... En savoir plus

Projet • By Surman Weston LtdMaisons privées

Lantern Studio

Surman Weston were asked to design a space for studying, relaxing, entertaining and above all somewhere that would encourage more engagement with an exceptionally mature, wooded south London garden.The primary garden facing elevation was a critical design element for the scheme. Here the architect played with transparency and structure to create a building with a subtly shifting appearance.Approaching the building from the house, the structural timber truss is expressed playfully along the front elevation and is partially screened with a translucent secondary facade, which adds both privacy and intrigue to lure users down the garden. By day the fibreglass skin flickers and shimmers in the sunlight, by night it scatters and diffuses light fr... En savoir plus

Projet • By Steven Holl ArchitectsMusées

Nanjing Sifang Art Museum

Perspective is the fundamental historic difference between Western and Chinese painting. After the 13th Century, Western painting developed vanishing points in fixed perspective. Chinese painters, although aware of perspective, rejected the single-vanishing point method, instead producing landscapes with “parallel perspectives” in which the viewer travels within the painting.The new museum is sited at the gateway to the Contemporary International Practical Exhibition of Architecture in the lush green landscape of the Pearl Spring near Nanjing, China. The museum explores the shifting viewpoints, layers of space, and expanses of mist and water, which characterize the deep alternating spatial mysteries of early Chinese painting. The museum is... En savoir plus

Projet • By METRO Arquitetos AssociadosMaisons privées

Casa Triângulo

METRO began the project for a new Casa Triângulo by collaborating with their clients on an extensive search for a site suitable for one of Brazil’s most important contemporary art galleries. Located on Rua Estados Unidos the property was not only selected for its location on one of Sao Paulo’s most distinctive streets, but also for the possibility of its rapid conversion into an substantial exhibition space with ceiling-heights equivalent to the city’s Biennale Pavilion.The conceptual design stage then began with the selection of contemporary materials thought to be in line with the gallery’s personality, coming together in an environment in which structure and matter combine with architecture and art to produce a project with a strong urba... En savoir plus

Projet • By METRO Arquitetos AssociadosRestaurants


After only 55 days of construction work, the doors of the Refettorio Gastromotiva were open. Resulting from a partnership between the ONG Gastromotiva run by David Hertz, Massimo Bottura [best chef in 2016] and Alexandra Forbes Brazilian gastronomy journalist, together with an internationally renowned creative team with names such as Vic Muniz, Maneco Quinderé and the Campana Brothers.The Refettorio Gastromotiva is part of Massimo Bottura’s Food for Soul initiative, which aims to combat the issue of global food waste by demonstrating how to transform food not deemed suitable for sale at supermarkets into delicious and nutritious meals. The restaurant was chosen to be in an area in between Lapa and the Aterro do Flamengo, a region of the cit... En savoir plus

Projet • By Chae Pereira ArchitectsMaisons privées


A labyrinth of little alleys, a power plant, slum houses with corrugated metal roofs; Sangsu is on the edge of the ever busy Hongdae. For years this part of the city was a sleepy neighborhood, preserved from development. Maze like streets of low level brick houses coexist with corrugated panel roof shacks. This context was a stimulating landscape both socially and physically, as the recycled elements of the houses around, the informal style of hongdae’s cafes and the power plant’s presence gave us the start for a design; an ambiguous mass of changing colors and variable depth. The housing is clad with layer of translucent polycarbonate fixed on a regular steel frame which let see the aluminum-coated insulation or circulations spaces..The si... En savoir plus

Projet • By Chae Pereira ArchitectsMaisons privées

Steel Lady

The site, located just under the Nam mountain ring road had a complex set of regulatory pressure related to the height and shape of the land. We gave a dense, excavated block shape to the house. A long staircase bores through the levels and offers views with deep bench-like windows. The stainless steel façade is softening the edges of this blunt block, with blurred reflections and a delicate lattice wrapping. En savoir plus

Projet • By brg3sCentres communautaires

Le Bonheur Children's Outpatient Center

Methodist Le Bonheur Children’s hospital has been serving the west Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi areas for over 50 years, seeking to be the choice provider for children and families in the region. As they gradually outgrew their Jackson, TN location, their focus shifted to create a more functional and visible facility to serve their continually increasing breadth of patients. A site directly off the busy 1-40 interstate corridor proved to be a choice that was easily accessible and high-visibility.The site is surrounded by suburban homes, big box retailers, and car dealerships, making it a necessity for the Outpatient center to stand out amongst the beige, cookie-cutter forms. brg3s Architects and Bottletree Design Group partnered wit... En savoir plus

Projet • By O-office ArchitectsGaleries d'art

Stone Art Gallery

Renovation of an abandoned factory building For the past decades, the Pearl River Delta Area (PRD) has experienced the ever fastest urbanization and grown into the so-call World Factory, producing more than 70% of the world’s daily products. Due to the large-scale urban sprawl plus the pressure from rapid industrial transition in this region, many of the former state industry were moved from the city to the outskirt of PRD. These abandoned industrial sites soon became some form of postmodern relics around PRD’s urban area, especially in its core city, Guangzhou. The Stone Art Gallery was one of the architectural experiments responding to the above reality. EMG Group, a local stone trading firm, collaborated with the architect to attempt... En savoir plus

Projet • By MONADNOCKBureaux


This transformation from utilitarian industrial building to attractive office environment required a change from hard and functional to soft and friendly. A representative environment that is welcoming for guests, while simultaneously providing a safe and clear overview of all the heavy clay works in the factory. The phenomenon of the ‘Tent Room', as found in old country houses, was an important reference point for this transformation. The blue tent room, designed by German architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel in the Charlottenburg Castle in Potsdam (DE) served as our most iconic premise. The concept is based on creating a light and haptic decor, a soft illusion which conceals all the utilitarian elements. The idea of a tent room is express... En savoir plus