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Projet • By Articolo LightingAppartements

Penthouse 09

"Design studio Banda creates cultivated elegance in a London penthouse evocative of a French farmhouse through considered sourcing and sustainable practices. Ben Anders Edo attests sustainability is more than simply being energy efficient. “Environmental impact must be factored into every decision,” he says. “To us, mitigating impact means building high-quality homes that last and are ‘built for life’. Reducing unnecessary retrofitting or restoration in the future, which ultimately costs time, money, and energy,” he adds. Ben Anders Banda’s latest project in Notting Hill, London, is a three-bedroom penthouse perched on the fifth floor that conjures the feel of a French farmhouse. Edo del... En savoir plus

Projet • By Articolo LightingMaisons privées

Low House

The Low House 01 by Catherine de Meur Interiors encorperates a beautiful balance of colour and refinement. The finishes chosen exude simplistic luxury and the creation of inviting and warm spaces.  Maree Homer Maree Homer Articolo Lighting Fizi Triple Ball Pendant, Fizi Single ball Wall Sconce on Kick and Ici Wall Sconce are featured throughout the Residence. The brass finish of the lights compliment the green tones featured throughout.  Maree Homer Maree Homer En savoir plus

Produit • By FluxwerxProfile Mini

Profile Mini

A two-thirds scaled expression of the minimalist architectural aesthetics of the original Profile series, Profile Mini is a diminutive linear LED pendant luminaire with unique hollow aperture design, delivering unparalleled longitudinal clarity and transparency right through the fixture. With no electrical connections at fixture joints required, Profile Mini can be installed as an independent pendant or as a continuous lighting system with virtually seamless runs. Profile Mini’s low brightness, continuous lenses emit light from both interior planes of the luminaire, efficiently and precisely directed to create a batwing distribution in both the hemispheres. Outperforming many bigger luminaires and measuring only 2” in height, P... En savoir plus

Projet • By otodesign studioMaisons privées

The Ark

Caption Interior works in family home by OTODESIGN Studio in Kyiv, Ukraine. Caption Caption The 3-level family residence with an indoor pool and reach recreation features on the shore of the Dnieper River in Kyiv. Caption Caption Total area - 1000 m2. Caption Interiors, furniture, decorative lighting, and finishes are accomplished according to the project developed and implemented by OTODESIGN Studio. Caption Caption   En savoir plus

Produit • By Articolo LightingTubi Pendant

Tubi Pendant

Tubi has emerged with a captivating sense of contemporary nostalgia reflective of the most impactful global design movements from mid-century onwards. The collection’s gilded materiality nods to the luxe glamour of Studio 54 which reverberates in memories and imaginations to this day, bringing the same alluring edge of iconic design to any space. Tubi’s mouth-blown glass and precious metal alchemy balances a spirited visual narrative with exquisite material aptitude to arrive at a collection that is as timeless as it is elegant. En savoir plus

Produit • By Louis PoulsenPatera Oval

Patera Oval

The pendant is a glowing ellipsoid made up of diamond-shaped cells. Each cell has been carefully designed to capture light and to conceal the light source from viewing angles above 40 degrees. Below 40 degrees the lamp allows direct, downward light. The round opening underneath provides direct light with a soft transition towards the reflected light. The pendant can be used with or without a diffuser plate, depending on whether the view of the light source creates an unwanted glare or not.  En savoir plus

Produit • By AngoCascadence (plafond)

Cascadence (ceiling)

La conception continue le récit d'Angos sur la fusion de la nature et de la technologie, où le diffuseur est une forme ovoïde composée de cocons de soie naturelle assemblés sur une matrice de fils soudés à la main, où chaque brin ou groupe de cocons tombe en cascade. La pièce est particulièrement frappante lorsqu'elle est accrochée en groupe. Nom du produit: Cascadence (plafond) Réf produit: CL10029 Type: Plafonnier à tension secteur Type de pied de lampe: G9 Type de lampe: G9 LED Filament 3W Matériau du diffuseur: Cocon de soie (couleur naturelle) Matériau de base: Acier inoxydable fini à la main Taille: 260 mm W x 260 mm P x 300... En savoir plus

Produit • By FluxwerxView


Key features: Transparent optics appear like floating fenestration. Up to 15ft on center spacing, delivering 35 fc at 0.4 W/sq.ft. Precision machined and extruded clear anodized aluminum. Three endcap options – Beam, Radius or Square. Invisible design details require no electrical connections at fixture joints, creating virtually seamless continuous runs that are simple to install and speed construction. Precisely controlled optimal distributions for low glare and wide row spacing. No direct or indirect view of the light source with transparent optics when on. Low drive currents and operating temperatures along with quality parts and construction for long life. Strategic LED selection, binning and board designs ensure... En savoir plus