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Projet • By T3 ArchitectsMagasins


T3 ARCHITECTS Team has been invited by IVOIRE co-founders, Doan (talented pastry chef) and Nigel to design its new Pastry Shop in Saigon, next to the Opera. The goal: offer a larger space for their loyal customers and extend to size of the kitchen to produce always the best quality pastries and continuing to do research & development to remain the best in town!  Herve GOUBAND The design of T3 Team reflects the level of refinement of the pastries in terms of quality, aesthetic and innovation. First, T3 designers concentrate their effort on façade, to propose a minimalist design but promoting a Vietnamese’s materials (ceramic from North Vietnam), hand-made, with an Ivory color, of course. The random shapes of ceram... En savoir plus

Projet • By Interior Design LaboratoriumMagasins

Bon Bon Fait Maison

BON BON Fait Maison, is an innovative concept of fast gourmet food on a Greek island, where the Ionian, Aegean and Cretan seas meet under the Greek sunlight.The story begins a few years ago when some friends from Paris got together in Kythira. The island’s strange energy, the flavours, the aromas and the authenticity of the place made their hearts beat loudly. This intense love for the island evoked their need for creation. This is how BON BON Fait Maison (homemade) was designed, shaking things up gastronomically on the island. The soul of the endeavour is Chef Kriton Minas Poulis, straight from Paris, he is the man who envisioned the gastronomic philosophy behind BON BON Fait Maison. The interesting menu includes homemade ice creams... En savoir plus

Projet • By Sans-Arc StudioMagasins


Diffused, gallery-like light from a backlit ceiling softly illuminates the room, the art of pastry at the centre of the space. Material contrasts and subtle textures create a setting, where the artisan product of this patisserie takes centre stage.   Describe the design project. A restrained and minimal fit-out creates a home for a new-style patisserie for Adelaide, Lea Chairsea’s first venue. Drawing from the new-wave of pastry shops like Supermoon Bakehouse and Lune, both the venue and the offering are exercises in restraint – a limited yet considered offering, done very well. This idea starts with the product and permeates into the design philosophy of the space. The venue is designed around and focussed on the pastry... En savoir plus

Projet • By Studio Danna HebbeMagasins

Plasto-Vack Boutique

Flexicube studio create a showroom that consider a HOME  for the world of pastry & cooking packaging.Plasto-Vack Boutique showroom is a fashion store for high-quality quality packaging, hospitality products and accessories from the world of professional pastry, confectionery and cooking.  The showroom was designed to suit both business and private customers.The showroom was custom-designed to meet the needs of the company in a unique and purpose-oriented retail. In order to understand and plan the retail functions according to the dedicated customer audience, a study of the market segments was conducted for all its layers - business and private.   Retail planning: The guiding ide... En savoir plus

Projet • By Studio BBAMagasins

Tartine Manufactory LA

La vaste demeure SoCal de deux étages que nous avons conçue pour la manufacture de Tartine DTLA abrite un écosystème de concepts d'aliments et de boissons artisanaux à haut volume, y compris la production alimentaire, les restaurants, les cafés et un marché sous un même toit. Karyn Millet Occupant un bâtiment entier à ROW DTLA dans le quartier des arts de Los Angeles, le site est lié à la valeur de Tartine pour les ingrédients et les agriculteurs locaux, car il abritait à l'origine le marché du terminal de LA, le centre de distribution de produits dans la région. Grâce à des efforts de réutilisation adaptat... En savoir plus

Projet • By VeterRestaurants

Grechka lab bakery

The bright unit with high ceilings which was chosen for the project is located in the revenue house of I. M. Korovin and was historically preceded by a bakery. Before embarking on the project, we scrutinized the history of the house and its district. The house was built in 1914, and the bakery appeared straight after, being a part of quite an enormous Moscovian chain of bakeries ‘Titov and His Sons’. The building façade still retains an antique sign ‘Bakery OTD M.G.K.I.O’ which supposedly harks back to the 1920s.   Thus, we had a historical unit and a technical task from a customer to recreate the pre-revolutionary atmosphere of a bakery and to sustain the historical significance of the place.  ... En savoir plus

Projet • By The Vrindavan Project - Design StudiosMagasins

Crunch Patisserie

Located at a recently opened shopping mall off Sohna road, Gurgaon; Crunch Patisserie is a flagship outlet launched by Mr. Praveen Kalra, an entrepreneur in the food industry. His niece Disha is the pastry chef for this establishment and manages food production. Eros City Square like many other contemporary shopping arcades is composed of standardized modular elements and built with predominantly industrially manufactured materials.   Main circulation courts and passages are open to sky, providing plenty of light to shop facades, while exposing them directly to the elements as well. These site conditions called for a synthesis in approach, where both architectural and interior design considerations could harmoniously integrate. The g... En savoir plus

Projet • By Correa Granados ArchitectsBars

MARTINANGELI pasticceria

Pasticceria Matinangeli was born to be the second store of Pasticceria Le Dolci Tradizioni, opened in 1987 by Gabriella Ceron in Via Jomelli in Milan and then moved to Via Ampere, in the Casoretto district.   Strongly desired by his son Marcello, the new patisserie wants to marry the Italian and French confectionery tradition, where Marcello Martinangeli studied and specialized.   The new Martinangeli pastry shop is characterized by a palette of colors that include warm white, reminiscent of cream, brown - light reference to chocolate - purple, like the color of blackberries used in many preparations and orange, which in this case resembles copper.   Copper is widely used as a decorative element inside the pastry shop,... En savoir plus

Projet • By Puccio Collodoro ArchitettiRestaurants

Gran Café Torino

Raffiné, évocateur et symbolique, tels sont les adjectifs qui résument le dernier projet signé par le studio Puccio Collodoro Architetti. Placé à l'intérieur d'un important bâtiment historique du début des années 1900, le Gran Caffè Torino est situé près de la gare centrale de Palerme, à l'angle de la Via Roma et de la Via Torino, d'où il tire son nom. L'analyse du contexte nous a permis de développer un concept de design spécifique, évoquant le style romantique qui caractérisait le quartier au début des années 1900 ; en effet, son langage particulier a été conçu pour rappeler... En savoir plus

Projet • By DAMRestaurants

Mak N Ming

Nestled between Kits Beach and West 4th Avenue, Mak N Ming restaurant is one of Vancouver’s premier dining destinations. Husband and wife team, Chef Makoto Ono and Pastry Chef Amanda Cheng, showcase their love for French and Japanese-inspired flavours with their Chef’s Menu and a la carte creations.Designed in 2016 by Scott & Scott Architects En savoir plus

Projet • By Maja Kozel DesignMagasins


One of Maja’s recent design projects of 2018 is called ‘Pastryology’, which is located at Port Rashid in Sharjahand was designed for her clients Aisha Sharaf and Tariq al Taher. Based on an area of 92m2, the project’s concept was specialty food and beverages while the main focus was on carefully hand-crafted desserts. The aim was to attract certain customers who were looking for high-quality products and in search of a palatable dish that featured perfectly balanced tastes and textures.   Easy Access to Pastryology Thrilled the CustomersOn Port Rashid, Pastryologyis positioned within four containers, which allow Maja’s concepts of spatial design to reflect the personality of the brand that exudes a theme... En savoir plus

Projet • By Studio 2Pi ArchitectureMagasins

Neon Bakery & Coffee

"Under Motion"Our proposal was concerned with the renovation and refurbishment of an existing building that hosted an old taverna and was revamped as a bakery and coffee shop. It is a ground floor building constructed before 1955. Its positioned along the National Highway between Argos &Nafplio and as a result its use and the architectural design is predetermined by the constant flow of people and goods in this busy road. The existing building consisted of adobe walls and a timber roof with byzantine tiles as covers.   Not being able to intervene in the original sell we decided to clad the walls with a “fine dress” made from wavy Perforated Aluminium Sheets that can accommodate all the ancillary infrastructure support... En savoir plus

Projet • By WJ DesignMagasins


ANSHUKA a été créé en 2010 sur Nanshan Road, à Hangzhou, à côté du célèbre West Lake. Elle porte le nom de son propriétaire, "An", qui signifie "bonté". C'est la première pâtisserie de style occidental à introduire des produits de fromage semi-cuit en Chine, leader du marché intérieur, et elle est reconnue par les clients depuis près de dix ans.   Quand le designer Leo HU a parlé de l'inspiration d'ANSHUKA, il a mentionné que lorsqu'il marchait sur Nanshan Road, les feuilles des phénix dansaient des deux côtés. C'était très agréable et tranquille de marcher... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dezembro ArquitetosMagasins

Mintchi Croissant

La légèreté du produit est devenue le point de départ du projet : un magasin de croissants. Le site choisi est un ancien garage de 3 mètres de large sur 5 mètres de long, dans une maison d'un étage.   Le défi initial consistait à résoudre la circulation entre le coin cuisine, à l'arrière de la maison, et le magasin, qui comporte un long comptoir qui accueille tout le matériel de café. Entre le magasin et la cuisine, il y a une différence de 90 centimètres au niveau du sol. Le magasin se situe au niveau de la rue, tandis que la cuisine est plus élevée.   Cette différence est devenue une occasion d... En savoir plus

Projet • By simone rivaBars

Pasticceria Balestrini Barlassina

 Renovation and transformation of commercial space, converted into a pastry shop and cafeteria. The project involved the creation of an artisan workshop, a breakfast room and a pastry area. All furnishings are produced with natural materials, treated with natural and solvent-free paint. En savoir plus