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Projet • By KPMB ArchitectsBureaux

NY Hudson Yards

KPMB’s design of the new headquarters incorporates the following core principles: access to light and views, collaboration, and flexibility, to create an environment that is inspiring to work in. The typical workspace involves an open studio with private, glass-fronted offices at the core, a low cubicle design, and tables for impromptu meetings at the perimeter. Caption Caption Collaboration space is an essential part of the design. KPMB designed long-standing collaboration tables sited near teams to accommodate dynamic interaction over physical materials, as well as rooms dispersed throughout the studio that integrates technology and acoustic privacy to accommodate web-based meetings. Flexibility is introduced through offi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerBureaux

DU Office Flachgasse – Apartments

The former factory of metal objects Grünwald, built in 1907, was first transformed into a designer furniture store by Matthäus Jiszda in 1981. The building was once again restructured to house the offices of the Viennese branch of Dietrich | Untertrifaller. It has also been enhanced by two floors to offer a penthouse and two spacious apartments. Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar The alignment recess is due to the load distribution of the cross-laminated beam-to-wall structure. The plan of the apartments adapts to these structural constraints and takes advantage of them: the supports on the central supporting wall and on the existing dividing walls allow clearing free levels as well as large windows on all the west facade of t... En savoir plus

Projet • By A&M ARCHITECTSBureaux

Microsoft - Athens

With the opening of its Innovation Centre, MICROSOFT implements a series of actions that promote entrepreneurship. Following an architectural competition, the design of the MICROSOFT Innovation Centre was awarded to Α&Μ. The main aspects of the project were the incorporation of the MICROSOFT Innovation Centre inside the company headquarters in Marousi and the remodeling of the existing offices for improved communication and collaboration among staff members. The project was based on the Workplace Advantage program which has been implemented in many MICROSOFT offices worldwide. At the same time, the graphic design proposals by A&M created the desirable corporate identity and have played a catalytic role in the final outcome.... En savoir plus

Projet • By De VormBureaux

Campus Founders

Interior design studio KAMI BLUSCH transformed a former library into an innovative start-up centre. Located on the premises of Dieter Schwarz Foundation, Campus Founders became a home for many young entrepreneurs in the region.    Forward-looking interiorThe brand-new interior reflects the entrepreneurial culture and sustainable mindset of the organisation. It offers many interlinking lounges, offices, event spaces and workshop areas to promote a frictionless working experience. All of them come together in the central area, made to connect different spaces and facilitate interactions among users.  It's all-inclusive - whether you want to hold an event, collaborate or work privately, the Campus Founders offers a perfect... En savoir plus

Projet • By A3 VISIONBureaux

Warm White EP Yaying fashion group office

Design Concept In the initial stage, we have reached a consensus with EP Yaying on the office design of its clothing brand. The key words are balance, inclusiveness and implicitness.Without any decorative elements, all the efforts have been put into simplifying materials. The spatial arrangement and facilities are designed to satisfy people's needs.▼ Beams – a sense of regularity All pipelines and wires are hidden, making the space cleaner and tidier. Milky white latex paint, self-leveling floor and bits and pieces of teak color depicts the space as a whole.▼ The narrow teak wall unit extends to both ends of the wall The heights of ceilings in different areas vary from each other, enhancing the sense of space; The hidden lamps and... En savoir plus

Projet • By Nordic Copper from Aurubis FinlandBureaux

Onslow House

A strong, decorative approach to copper cladding for both internal and external surfaces – combining three different copper products – defines the redevelopment of Onslow House, a prominent commercial headquarters building in the heart of Guildford. Interior design and external alterations sought to add value to letting space and bring the 90,600 ft² building up to date. The updated massive, glazed entrance atrium incorporates feature walls – including inset doors – faced with horizontal copper panels, alternating in three different surfaces.  Structural columns are similarly enwrapped with alternating finish copper bands and the copper detailing is even continued into elements of bespoke furniture .... En savoir plus

Projet • By Isidoro Mastronardi ArchitetttoBureaux

Lavazza Premium Coffee - NY

In the heart of the Wall Street financial district, Lavazza’s New York offices, approximately 800 sqms, bring the distinctive character of the Italian coffee manufacturer to “The Big Apple.” Thanks to vast glazing, the urban landscape bursts into the workplace, thus creating constant interaction between dynamic city-life and the office interiors. The space exudes the brand’s Italian background, thanks to the stratagem of adopting its typical colour scheme as well as featuring the iconic coffee cup as part of the décor. A warm ambiance and delicate surfaces are the key words of this project: the purity of glass, the warm parquet flooring and the echoes of bygone eras in the photos on the walls, transform the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Isidoro Mastronardi ArchitetttoBureaux

Lavazza Training Center and offices - Rome

Lavazza opened its first business centre in Italy, in the science and technology park Tecnopolo, in west Rome. This building combines administrative offices and the Training Center, which focuses on representing the brand as well as personnel training. The large open-plan space has no internal subdivisions and is split into two macro-areas, subsequently joined to a central axis, which houses a meeting room and storage, shared by the two areas respectively. Thanks to a careful selection of colours, furniture as well as the brand’s graphic communication, the offices are pleasant and friendly, the perfect space in which to conduct business. The layout in this project was informed by several principles of “workplace 3.0”, s... En savoir plus

Projet • By Isidoro Mastronardi ArchitetttoBureaux

Lavazza Italia offices - Torre del Greco

Tradition is preserved in the homeland of coffeemaking. The Torre del Greco offices, on the outskirts of Naples, abides by the rules of traditional coffee-making and the ways in which this product was consumed over the centuries. The Historical building is the life and soul of the office but at the same time, it has symbolic value because of its special position within the city. According to principles of spatial planning, different activities happen on the two floors: reception and the Training Center are on one floor and the commercial and representative areas are on the other. As the building is listed, the main intent of the project was to both preserve and show appreciation for the architecture, paying the same degree of attention yo... En savoir plus

Produit • By MZPAThe Planet for Two

The Planet for Two

We are glad to announce our product - the meeting room “The Planet for Two”.  We would like to widespread the idea of using The Planet for Two in office spaces, as a place for communication. We made The Planet to manage open-plan offices and create ONE place comprising meeting room, lounge zone, and working space. Communication is a very important thing in business formation. The wise boss knows that every issue should be discussed. Just imagine an ordinary office space with hundreds of people, buzzing around like bees, how can you focus on work in such an environment? Should you just shout over all co-workers while talking to your business partner? We are proposing a wonderful solution for such problems, that is our &ld... En savoir plus

Projet • By mode:lina™Bureaux

The Power of Colors! is a team of ambitious financial analysts who are behind the first comprehensive comparison engine of banking products in Poland. When they decided to cooperate with mode:lina™, they wanted to create a modern office in Wrocław, where the energy of the brand and employees would play first fiddle. We wanted to work with architects experienced in designing similar spaces and...that's how we met mode:lina™ team. We were captivated by their non-standard solutions, interesting concepts, their general approach to design as well as proficiency in working on a project remotely! - Edyta Kulej-Dziergowska, Inspired by the energy of the team, designers from mode:lina™ prepared a design of the... En savoir plus

Projet • By OPENBOOKBureaux


An office designed to enhance productivity and well-being, with a people-centred design that drives workplace experience to higher levels of engagement.  En savoir plus

Projet • By Things StudioBureaux

Falamk Office

Office Building, Location: North Falamak, Tehran, Iran En savoir plus

Projet • By BlitzBureaux

Zendesk - San Francisco

Design:         Experiencing rapid growth, Zendesk needed to expand to an additional building in San Francisco.  Zendesk’s new office marks its second building on Market Street, creating an urban campus that assists in the revival of the long-neglected Mid-Market neighborhood.  The new building not only serves as a headquarters for the growing Zendesk team, but also as opens its doors as a communal hub for local businesses and residents.   The qualities of being airy, humble, charming, and uncomplicated are what make up the core of Zendesk’s brand attributes, and were used as guiding principles for design.  Zendesk wanted the space to feel light and open, but also varied and textured. &... En savoir plus

Projet • By Common Ground PracticeBureaux

Vedica Scholar's Programme

The office space for Vedica Scholar’s Program for women, situated in the lush campus of Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts and Communications, New Delhi was conceived as an intervention to re-imagine the existing structure with a contemporary character. The project spreads over an expanse of 10,800 sqft area, including both interior and exterior spaces. The 1600 sft, interior built up area is programmed to accommodate 30 workstations, 1 quiet room, 1 enclosed office space, 1 conference area and a small pantry. These open up into exterior informal work and congregation spaces. The preservation angle necessitated that the existing roof system be kept the same and minimal structural intervention, while still creating a more open design f... En savoir plus