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Projet • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectBureaux

Corporate Office Interior Design at Gala Empire

This office space has a simple built-in desk with plain overhead floating shelves - solid and voids, providing plenty of storage while maintaining a sleek profile. All it took was a few simple shelf accessories with veneer finishes to make, for a cheerful, modern look.  @studio_16mm Loads of light from different fixtures was designed for a clear and bright workspace setting. @studio_16mm This director's cabin is an outcome of materials and space planning. The white Corian table, white PU with wooden Patti paired up with back painted glass makes this cabin exclusive. Other than this, veneer finish ceiling give a dramatic look to the whole space. @studio_16mm Bringing together the principles of functionality, aesthetics... En savoir plus

Projet • By Squire & PartnersBureaux

The Department Store Studios

Squire & Partners have developed The Department Store Studios, a new four-storey contemporary workspace building adjacent to their award-winning offices at The Department Store in Brixton, London. The new development creates a platform for growing businesses with flexible workspaces – from individual desks to private studios – and a host of serviced social and meeting areas. The Studios is also home to a neighbourhood bar, restaurant and screening room.  Jack Hobhouse The crafted red brick building replaces a series of derelict annex structures from the 1970s, taking inspiration from the robust Edwardian aesthetic of The Department Store. Textured, snapped brickwork is offset by smooth concrete lintels that frame... En savoir plus

Projet • By VicousticSalles d'exposition

Schallmeister Office Showroom

From a workspace to a living place, these office installations show the wide assortment of applications that acoustic treatment developed by Vicoustic can have. The diversity of applications of Vicoustic solutions is well expressed in the Schallmeister GmbH's HQ, in Herten, Germany. From the entrance with stairs on the ground floor to the meeting room and managing offices on the first floor, passing by the printer/media place, all the way the employee offices to the kitchen/social area and even in the bathrooms. Caption "Vicoustic has really improved the room acoustics in our rooms enormously", says Daniela Dohle-Raffalzick, from Schallmeister. "After optimization with Vicoustic, voices sound much more direct and also the reverberati... En savoir plus

Projet • By Sachi DesignBureaux

Walk in the park

Curate a sustainable and green-conscious office space as the designers and the client are driven to create an image that correlates to the green energy environment which is one of the company's vision. The design inspiration came from a walk in the park concept whereby we were motivated to simulate a park-like environment bringing it into the workspace. By doing so, the users will be able to experience being connected to the outdoors with a sense of open environment with the access to fresh air and spacious grounds. In that way, users won’t feel that they are constrained by typical workspace environment that consists of plain partitions and thus this will be a positive way to encourage productivity and a motivation manner to strike a... En savoir plus

Projet • By A&M ARCHITECTSBureaux


A&M was invited to design the new offices of Amgen, a worldwide biotechnology company, in about 1000m2, on the 4th and 5th floors of the "green" building complex "Green Plaza", located on key road in the north of Athens. The aim of the design was the creation of a modern and innovative workplace, without the tight structures we see in closed offices, providing comfort, warmth and exuding a sense of hospitality and familiarity. Caption Caption The organization of the floor plan revolved around open workstation without an assigned desk per employee, aiming for an unobstructed movement throughout the space and the allowing the employee to choose from a wide variety of spaces. Open living rooms, different types of workstations an... En savoir plus

Projet • By Metaphor Interior ArchitectureBureaux

Gowork MCC

In the rising needs of collaborative spaces, there are many workspaces that have transformed into open space. The shift has become imminent that we finally got on to the opportunity to design Coworking Space. With the prevalent trends of non-conventional workplace, we accommodate and facilitate operational needs of a dynamic coworking space using our own design language.To create an interesting concept as it is situated in a central area of Jakarta where all conventional workspaces has already existed, we decided to use an approach of design in a different way. We implemented a boutique hotel look to be different and unique among the rest. We use colour that is more mature such as regal blue and dark green. En savoir plus
Reception space
Staff canteen
Feature staircase

Projet • By LOM architecture and designBureaux


Le siège mondial de l'entreprise de science de la clientèle, Dunnhumby, est une ancienne usine de moteurs et salle d'exposition classée Grade II qui a été construite en 1915. La conversion de 11 000 m², répartis sur cinq étages, a permis de réunir sous un même toit les 1 000 employés de la société basés à Londres. Le design célèbre l'histoire du bâtiment et complète la culture et la manière de travailler de Dunnhumby. L'aménagement conserve les caractéristiques originales du bâtiment et son héritage industriel, avec une structure apparente et l'utilisation de briques récup... En savoir plus

Projet • By KrageljBureaux

Kragelj HQ

Kragelj Office is a much-needed upgrade of the existing office space for Kragelj's team of architects, which has grown in size and talent in the past few years. With the expansion, we have given a new life and purpose to previously unused storage space, which is now a multipurpose Workplace Design Lab. It features fresh, biophilic, and minimalist office design in a loft-like industrial space. Its flexible arrangement of spaces is meant to showcase our work in real life, help our clients imagine different work environments, and even better, co-create with us. It's an ever-evolving space that promotes collaboration and innovation through a mixture of shared, individual, and creative spaces on multiple levels. Reaching up towards the sky and... En savoir plus

Projet • By hcreatesBureaux

Switching Time

A colourful and fresh new space for this energetic and successful Shanghai based Integrated Communications Agency.   An upcoming powerhouse on the communications scene and helmed by Taiwing Tian and Florent Chapatte, their new office was designed to bring together their fast-expanding team and promote a collaborative working environment. With a firm idea on the direction of the quality of space and colour palette, hcreates wanted to help focus these ideas into an impactful and inspiring space, which made their growing team excited to come to work each day. As well as having a space that made their team proud to work in, they wanted it to feel like an extension of their home. Each person is seen as part of the Switching Time family, a... En savoir plus

Projet • By Elval ColourBureaux

The Orbit

The Orbit is a new office building in Athens, Greece. Designed by LC Architects and Vikelas Architects. A building that is characterized by modern and clean lines, with a sustainable facade solution dressed with etalbond in total 14,500m2.  Materials used: aluminium composite panels etalbond®FR, etalbond®A2, with fire retardant and non-combustible cores, and arypon® functional coating system that deters dust and pollution particles to bond on the surface, reduces the surface energy, thus creating a hydrophilic surface that assists the washing away of dirt particles.  Aluminium Composite Panels are coated with the purity colour of Acropolis White Low Gloss.  Α sustainable building envelope results in a sig... En savoir plus

Projet • By DESIGNICBureaux est le plus grand vendeur de billets en Russie, avec des bureaux dans 34 villes. La société vend des billets pour des événements : concerts de stars mondiales et grands événements sportifs, séminaires et spectacles. La mission principale de la société est de fournir le meilleur service sur le chemin des impressions. La demande du client était de créer un bureau qui devrait refléter les valeurs de la société et évoquer des émotions positives.   La plupart des employés de l'entreprise sont des jeunes qui travaillent beaucoup et sont prêts à avoir des idées impressionnantes. C'est pourquoi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Architecture DisciplineBureaux

Studio 3

As the studio enters its teenage years of existence, it demanded a fun yet “architecturally charged” environment to conduct business. Moving out of a busy commercial surrounding to a quiet piece of land amidst blooming mustard fields hidden within the commotion, that is Delhi.It can be challenging to locate the studio; placed within the quaint boulevards lined with ficus foliage often hindering views to the randomly placed non-descriptive black gates. However, the gate has a “white” google pin for the curious eyes. The visitor’s ingress on a bed of gravel guarded with trees on either side hiding the front lawn to the east. The gravel acts a porous surface which allows patches of reeds and grass to grow through... En savoir plus

Projet • By Trzop ArchitekciBureaux

HL Tech

HL Tech employees occupy a representative area on the 34th floor of Warsaw Spire, where the Trzop Architekci studio designed modern and dynamic space. Referring to the curved shapes found in the Warsaw Spire building, the design of the HL Tech headquarters in Warsaw uses dynamic, rounded solutions in the wall structure. The colors and finishing materials refer to the inspiration of the Great Britain headquarters of the company. The common zone is an alternative to a traditional workplace and formal meetings. Thanks to the use of mobile furniture, it has a universal character and can act as an event space. Office wellness was one of the overarching design guidelines. The employees have desks with adjustable height and chairs with headrests... En savoir plus

Projet • By HEDBureaux

Williams International

A world leader in the development and manufacturing of small gas turbine engines, Williams International had outgrown its former facility. It would take a unique property to accommodate WI’s over 600 employees and have room for its turbine engine R&D development and advanced manufacturing. Strangely enough, it was in an empty movie studio in where WI would find its new home. The former sound stages were converted into approximately 50,000 sf of advanced manufacturing cells for turbine engines, and the 200,000 sf office space, spread across three floors, was modernized to include premium amenities for WI’s employees, including a rec. room, fitness center, corporate store, and cafeteria as well as coffee nooks and kitchenettes on each flo... En savoir plus