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Projet • By PA+ ArchitektenÉcoles secondaires

Berufliche Schulen Rheingau

Berufliche Schulen Rheingau (Geisenheim) En savoir plus

Projet • By TECO + partnersÉcoles secondaires

Osio Sotto high school

The idea of the project for the new secondary school of Osio Sotto, situated inside a public park, derives from a dialogue with the surrounding natural context. Fabio Mantovani The entire façade is organized according to a pattern of horizontal lines with vertical slats. The texture composes a geometric game originating from the form of the windows and glazed surfaces, while the colour scheme of the finishings, in different shades of greens and reds, reflects the way the surrounding vegetation changes its tones and colours with the seasons. The different surfaces reflect the light in different ways, creating a lively rhythm on the façade and giving the building a mutable appearance. Fabio Mantovani    ... En savoir plus

Projet • By TECO + partnersÉcoles secondaires

Isola Vicentina high school

The school designed by Teco+Partners rises in the new urban expansion area of Isola Vicentina in the zone of Vallorcola. It is surrounded by green and looks directly onto the last western foothills of the Lessini Mountains.The building is characterized by the dynamic profile of the great sloping roof. This has a curving development, both lengthwise and transversally, that relates it to the natural forms of the hills and the surrounding landscape. It is further notable for the contrast created by the simple, geometrical volumes of the buildings housing the schoolrooms.  Fabio Mantovani The decision to construct the roof in post-tensioned reinforced concrete permits a span of 15m and an external overhang of 6m, with minimum thickne... En savoir plus

Projet • By ArchimorphicÉcoles primaires

Xingyi Deyi School

What would an ideal campus look like? We hope that it is like an open town, with rich spaces, surrounded by nature, and every child who comes here can wander freely. In Guizhou, 92% of the land is mountainous. Mountains have brought a variety of natural beauty to Guizhou, and the terraces are landscapes that only exist in the mountains. Located in Xingyi City, Guizhou Province, Deyi School is a primary school with a planned area of 19,500 square meters. At the beginning of the establishment of the school, the client entrusted Archimophic to do the architectural design to convey the school's innovative educational concept. Caption Geographical location The project is located in Jingjiatun and Kezuotun village, Xingyi City of Guizhou... En savoir plus

Projet • By XTOPIXÉcoles primaires

Elementary School Komorany

The new school of Komořany is located on a northern sloping plot adjacent to the forest at the edge of Prague. We perceive the plot as a connecting transition between the forest and the new public infrastructure - a transition between the wild and the cultivated. XTOPIX The new building responds to the morphology of the plot. We connect the individual floors to the adjacent height levels of the surrounding terrain and neighboring streets. We use the maximum of the dramatic elevation - immersing the building to the terrain we cover the volume of the new school. Three volumes with the same footprint are set on top of each other, cascading towards the forest and therefore creating the residential roofs. XTOPIX We place the school a... En savoir plus

Projet • By Piotr Hardecki ArchitectÉcoles primaires

Educational complex in Gdynia

Une école primaire et secondaire pour environ 650 élèves fréquentant 26 classes et un jardin d'enfants de huit salles pour environ 200 enfants. Photo: Bartek Makowski Photo: Bartek Makowski Le concept du bâtiment a été sélectionné lors d'un concours d'architecture national.L'école a été conçue sous la forme de deux ailes séparées avec des halls d'entrée et des complexes de vestiaires distincts. Une "rue" irrégulière relie les deux halls d'entrée au rez-de-chaussée et les fonctions communes, à savoir la bibliothèque, la salle de réunion, l'administration, la salle des profe... En savoir plus
Schematic Drawing Plan

Projet • By HabibiearsÉcoles secondaires

Minimalist Mini School (MMS)

Tahfizh House Design for the umpteenth time.. ^^Because it seems that many are looking for ideas.This is a habibiears concept for those who want to start a tahfizh house on a limited area of 6x15 m with 2 simple floors..Includes one office plus enclosed space on the 1st floorMusyrif's house/office room on the 1st floorWudhu and toilet area on the 1st floorAs well as one large semi-open classroom on the 2nd floor.The minimalist front facade at the same time covers the simple roof at the back.The roof covering can be asbestos, spandex, zinc sheet, or fiber. According to the budget and needs and thermal conditions.The roof frame can also be created with hollow iron or mild steel canals. Once again according to the budget and desired conditions... En savoir plus

Projet • By j2o ArchitectuurPépinières

Extension Eben-Haëzerschool The Hague

Because of its growing number of students, the Eben-Haëzerschool needed to expand. On the ground floor there was a daycare center. But neither school nor daycare wanted the youngest kids to move out in order to create more space for the primary school. Therefore extension possibilities were researched resulting in a new floor that smartly hides behind the original gable roof of the monumental front and makes a bold design statement at the rear.   A flexible study room is situated between two class rooms on the new second floor. This room can be connected with the class rooms on either side. In the new corridors on the 1st and 2nd floor, study corners have been created to stimulate working in smaller groups.    By cre... En savoir plus

Projet • By AnyColorÉcoles primaires

Innovative school labs

When we first got invited to design an innovative STEM center in Shumen, Bulgaria, we were pleased to work with a young team of teachers and professionals, who helped us set the program. Happily, their views and needs matched with our approach and together we were able to establish a design proposal with which we applied for state funding and subsequently the school won the finances needed for the realization. Teachers wanted to have the proper facilities to prepare children for the professions of the future, like environmentalist, computer specialist, robotics engineer and others in the STEM field. To answer their requirements, we proposed that each of the laboratories of the refurbished center has its distinctive feature in a specifi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Think ForwardÉcoles primaires

STEAM Centre for Digital Creators

In 2020 Hristo Botev Primary School in Aheloy, Bulgaria, won a 50 000 BGN state funding for redesigning a classroom into a STEAM CLASSROOM for Digital Creators. Although the number of the students is less than 300 and the school was not eligible to apply for 300,000 BGN funding in the "large projects" category, the ambitious school management and its headmaster - Mrs. Juliana Atanasova, decided that the project brief and scope should expand into a STEAM CENTER for digital creators. The STEAM CENTRE for Digital Creators is designed according to the Ministry of Education and Science recommendations which differentiate areas for one-way communication, individual work, group work, learning by doing, socialization and physical activity. Concept... En savoir plus

Projet • By Just / Burgeff ArchitektenÉcoles secondaires


The building extension and the appendant gymnasium of the Musterschule, founded in 1803, in Frankfurt's Nordend district underwent extensive renovation by Just/BurgeffArchitekten. The renovation measures include three floors of classrooms, as well as the floor of the sports hall and the associated changing rooms and sanitary facilities. A main component of the renovation was the focus on developing a guidance system in the form of a new color concept. The renovation measures of the redesign have focused on the extension built in the 80s and the color concept runs through the entirety of the extension.    The entrance and the glazed staircase show off the interplay of colors between the different floors particularly well. Wh... En savoir plus

Projet • By IND architectsÉcoles primaires

Golden Section School

The Golden Section School unites kindergarten, primary and secondary school. Because of complex configuration of the site, we decided to consolidate three buildings in one volume, and this decision allows the school not to get lost against the background of the massive facade of a residential complex. Visual consolidation of volumes is due to the use of the same material of the facade and the installation of eaves with pylons along the ground floor. The school has two courtyards. The building is located next to Wings residential complex and is designed for residents of this and neighboring complexes. In total, more than 500 students will be able to study in the Golden Section – the kindergarten is designed for 120 places, the school &... En savoir plus

Projet • By ArchimatikaÉcoles primaires

Gymnasium A+

Public and administrative functions are located on the ground floor of the gymnasium. In addition to the cafe and canteen, there is a wardrobe, a medical center, a gym, a teacher's room, and a library. There are also classes in computer science and technology.   Teacher`s room is an open space of 250 square meters’ area, equipped with modern appliances and has a conference area and recreation area.   The library is arranged as an educational hub: here there are zones for club meetings, trainings, lectures, as well the library has its own exit to the amphitheater - the courtyard of the school.   In the gymnasium there are two sports gyms, large on the first floor and small one on the second floor. Each of them is a... En savoir plus

Projet • By ER ArchitectesÉcoles primaires

Groupe scolaire de la Pépinière

Au sein de l’éco quartier de la pépinière à Villepinte (projet Lauréat de la 25ème édition des trophées du cadre de vie 2020), le Groupe scolaire (finaliste des trophées de la construction 2020) est l’équipement majeur d’une cité jardin contemporaine inscrite sur le site d’une ancienne pépinière. Afin d’accompagner la dimension paysagère du site nous avons conçu un bâtiment à la fois architecture et paysage. A l’entrée de l’éco quartier, en face du Lycée, le projet s’installe en limite de terrain sur le parvis commun. Il forme une équerre protectri... En savoir plus

Projet • By heroalÉcoles secondaires


System solutions by heroal for historic school building in Dortmund After a construction phase of two and a half years, the history-charged Fritz-Henßler-Berufskolleg, a vocational training institution in the city centre of Dortmund, has been extensively refurbished and enlarged by two additional buildings. The result is a complex of school buildings satisfying all demands on a modern and future-orientated learning environment. From an architectural perspective, an exciting dialogue between old and new unfolds both inside and outside. Different system solutions by heroal give distinction to the new outer appearance of this group of buildings, while at the same time providing core features, such as thermal insulation. Numerous nationa... En savoir plus