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Produit • By KettalPavillon O - Hub

Pavillon O - Hub

Hub offers you a third space within your actual office space. Your employees can mingle for chats, impromptu brainstorming sessions or perhaps a quick coffee after an intense meeting with a top client. The flexibility of our Hub system enables you to create scenes that complement whatever vision you have for your office culture. Three zones under one roof. Whether it is for sitting, meeting or taking a break, this curved structure will suit a variety of casual or impromptu interactions. Two spacious meeting rooms either side of a more casual open gathering point. Suitable for either formal or relaxed interactions. A six-person, high-table discussion space attached to a sofa area. Suitable for a variety of semi-private gatherings. An op... En savoir plus

Produit • By WoodtoneRealPost


Designed by builders and preferred by engineers as a structurally certified product, RealPostTM has become the new standard in single-family and multifamily applications. Manufactured from premium locally sourced SPF that has been finger-jointed, edge-laminated and pressed, the final product is warranted against warping, twisting and joint separation. Contact us for custom length availability. En savoir plus

Produit • By Polygal USATopgal Standing Seam System

Topgal Standing Seam System

Topgal is a premium multiwall polycarbonate standing seam panel system. Topgal panels and components combine to offer more rigidity, thermal insulation, strength, and solar heat control compared to our Standard Grade sheets and profiles. The Topgal system can be used in numerous applications including public buildings, sports facilities, and pergolas. The Topgal system comes fully equipped with all the necessary components for quality and reliable coverage. All components have passed a full cycle of tests for quality and compatibility with polycarbonate.   Topgal sheets are virtually unbreakable making them a great alternative to glass. Topgal sheets are lightweight, offer good fire resistance, and excellent insulation. Topgal sheets... En savoir plus

Produit • By RENSONAlgarve


La Renson Algarve est une couverture de terrasse très polyvalente. Elle peut fonctionner comme une structure autoportante ou être accolée à la façade, et il est même possible de coupler plusieurs couvertures de terrasse. Vous avez une habitation contemporaine, classique ou moderne ? Grâce aux nombreuses combinaisons de couleurs et à la Classic Line unique avec poinçons décoratifs et ornements supplémentaires, la Renson Algarve se marie toujours à merveille avec le style de votre habitation et de votre jardin. Les lames de la toiture de terrasse Renson Algarve sont orientables à 150°. Vous pouvez ainsi ajuster la protection solaire et la ventilation... En savoir plus

Projet • By Priyanka Arjun and AssociatesMaisons privées

Residence 50_PAA

With this house we went little crazy, exploring the teachings of Basic Design. The interplay of forms, space, volumes and planes is the dominating design feature. The feeling of sitting in a cube is unlike eating under 20’ high ceiling, looking up towards sky. We married function with these feelings of different spaces and added the dance of shadows to keep it alive throughout.This project involves the design of a new custom home on a 70’ X 60’ site in a residential area. Upon entry a wooden cuboid protrudes out marking guest entry to the house, inside is a perfect 14’X14’X14’ cube formal drawing room.The living space is flanked by double height dining area which overlooks the neat garden sweeping inside. The play of volume and the geometry... En savoir plus

Projet • By flamingo architectsCentres communautaires

Shala, School of Movements

Shala, School of movement located 2.3-acre plot in the heart of Jaipur surrounded by residential buildings. It is a corner plot with two adjoining streets in the beautiful locality of Bapu Nagar, Jaipur. Client for this project is Mr. Dillep Baid Founder of Dileep industries. He commissioned flamingo architects to design a facility which can be temporarily inbuilt and can be shifted if needed. He wanted to this setup for social welfare and public service and his love for yoga and meditation. Shala is fueled by the professional members of K.V.Fitness studio led by Mr. Kapil & Mr. Vikram.   The concept for this project is to make a facility close to nature by using locally available construction material cutting the carbon footprin... En savoir plus

Projet • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignMaisons privées

Traditional Arabic House Design

The unfettered sense of harmony & rhythm that effuses the Traditional Arabic House Design in Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia is truly a study in contrasting elements. The westernization of the Middle East has resulted in mixing & matching of modern & Islamic aesthetics in Saudi architecture, & this house is no exception. While maintaining its sense of privacy it delivers perfectly proportioned geometric volumes, pointed arches, molded stucco relief work & a clean simplicity that belies its modern accents. En savoir plus

Produit • By Pergola A.S.Pergola Alu ELEGANT

Pergola Alu ELEGANT

Elegance of Pergola Pergola Alu Elegant; It is an elegant and durable pergola awning system designed to live outdoors. A functional development of the Pergola Alu collection, this product is ideal for creating attractive spaces in your garden or on your terrace. The Pergola Alu Elegant Awning System not only meets all the requirements you need for your style and your constructions, but also offers durability and elegance. Pergola Alu Elegant is a retractable pergola awning system which is designed for outdoors to protect from sun, rain and wind, and create a livable space. In addition, specially designed custom aluminum guides which integrates to the structure, Alu provides high resistance and as well as quiet and quick performanc... En savoir plus

Produit • By Pergola A.S.Pergola Alu AVANTGARDE


Awning System with Aluminum ConstructionPergola Inc. produces lasting, and aesthetic retractable awning systems with aluminum construction for your satisfaction and confidence. En savoir plus

Projet • By Giménez GangaPaysage résidentiel

Saxun Pergola installed in the coast of Alicante

The product which we present today, taken from the gallery, is a Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola that has been installed in an exclusive home in the coast Alicante.As you can appreciate, it has been adapted to be fixed between walls, adding columns to help secure the structure. The slats remain perpendicular to the wall and it incorporates a free drainage system to prevent rain water from damaging the product.The Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola is ideal for being able to enjoy a terrace all year round, as it becomes a natural temperature regulator with the ability of effectively keeping the space protected from bothersome sun rays, rain or snow.Its trademark perimeter brush stops side rains while preventing the water from reflecting off the structure a... En savoir plus

Projet • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignAppartements

Modern Apartment Exterior Design

The exterior elevation can be identified as the literal identity of any building, which is why the CAS team designed the elevation of this 5 story apartment in Bengaluru, India to be as memorable as possible. Without any flash, glamor or glitz, CAS used understated materials like white and grey stone to encapsulate an elegant and sophisticated aura in the exterior design of this building. Furthermore, a green terrace design has been incorporated on the fourth floor to make the most of the surrounding views while giving the residents a communal space to enjoy. The natural accents of this rooftop design evoke a cozy aura, while the wood and glass finishes complement its contemporary build beautifully. En savoir plus

Produit • By Alumil S.ASMARTIA PG120F


SMARTIA PG120F is a complete pergola system with fixed louvers for the effective shading and the upgrading of the surrounding aesthetics. Available in four basic models, which are characterised for great versatility, the SMARTIA PG120F Pergola offers ideal solutions for residential use as well as in hotels, restaurants, and other commercial places.   1. CRETA, the epitome of minimal aesthetics 2. NAXOS, traditional design with timeless value 3. CORFU, the absolute modern design 4. KOS, extraordinary design completely water-sealed   En savoir plus

Produit • By RENSONCamargue


La couverture de terrasse Renson Camargue est faite pour ceux qui aiment le design épuré. Tous les éléments latéraux et options sont en effet intégrés de manière invisible. Que diriez-vous d’élégants panneaux coulissants en guise de paroi ou d’un éclairage chaleureux pour les soirées ? La Renson Camargue vous protège du vent et de la pluie. Vous pouvez ainsi profiter pleinement de votre terrasse, du matin au soir. La toiture de cette couverture de terrasse se compose de lames en aluminium qui ont diverses fonctions. Protéger du soleil, laisser filtrer une petite brise ou anticiper la pluie ? Avec la télécommande Somfy... En savoir plus