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Projet • By MCK ArchitectsLogement

River House

The River House is an informed assembly of clean lines, warm + textured materials and daring structure all housing a complex brief on a difficult site. The finished product is the result of the collaborative overcoming of many hurdles which ultimately shaped the design as much as the river itself. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption   En savoir plus

Projet • By Krownlab Inc.Bureaux

Krownlab Headquarters

Tucked into the industrial disctrict of Northwest Portland, OR, the Krownlab building exemplifies creative repurposing of a 1930's warehouse.  The board formed concrete structure was originally used for producing braided steel cable for the shipping industry.  Beams and joists were sand-blasted to reveal old growth Douglas Fir, balancing the predominance of concrete and glass.  An open office floor plan was achieved by using fixed and sliding glass panels and half-wall partitions.  Krownlab sliding door hardware was used for entryway, conference room, and private meeting rooms. A white paper is available on the Krownlab website (, detailing the creative use of office space. Caption Caption Cap... En savoir plus

Projet • By Sidell Pakravan ArchitectsMaisons privées

19th street

Sidell Pakravan Architects has renovated an apartment in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill by contrasting a set of distinct wood volumes against the dominant horizontal planes of existing low ceiling heights and making use of an unused roof to capture outdoor space within the city.    The volumes, clad in walnut, establish a warm visual language that continues from the main floor through to a new penthouse. One volume controls vertical movement through the space, while a second defines the main living area and breaks through the ceiling to create a large interior room on the roof. The reading of the two volumes registers as a material difference between the insertions and the surrounding perimeter. A deep built-in bookcase on o... En savoir plus

Projet • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectMaisons privées

Floating Garden House

The spatial organisation of the house is derived from the level of privacy required as per the function of the space. Here, the Ground floor houses the office area, a multi-purpose space and a room for saint. So basically the main house activities starts from first floor and reflects in the elevation, as if the house is floating. The first floor has all the common areas like formal drawing room, living room, kitchen, dining space, family sitting, guest room & Parents room. The other two floors are kept more private, and each floor is dedicated to each son and his family, accommodating the master bedroom, kid’s rooms, study and huge terrace gardens.Except for the list of space requirements, the clients gave the architect a fre... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jost ArchitectsAppartements

Adela Apartments

The project came about with the development of a large residential block close to the Elwood foreshore and Port Philip Bay. The brief simply requested a spacious apartment product that was cutting edge and contemporary, but subtle both inside and out. The concept of a large apartment resulted in six single level dwellings, each with the proportions of a small house. The apartments are low maintenance, functionally adaptable to appeal to a range of potential residents, and highly sustainable. Externally, rather than go for a standard “stacked wedding cake” form, the building was set back significantly from the adjoining properties on the lower levels. This allowed the main volume of the building to have vertical sides and reduce... En savoir plus

Projet • By Alumil S.AMaisons privées

Rasovic House

The building is located on slightly sloping terrain, opening a view of Fruška Gora national park. The southeast orientation of the outdoor terraces and the view of the natural environment provide a unique soothing ambiance.  The main challenge for the architectural office Modelart Arhitekti was to use the existing foundation and the basement of an unfinished house. Above the existing basement, a large terrace was obtained, which is connected to the living area of the house, emphasizing the connection with the natural environment. This is due to the large glass surfaces that provide good illumination, views and a connection to the terraces. During the design process, one of the goals was to preserve the existing trees around t... En savoir plus

Projet • By WTA Architecture and Design StudioMaisons privées

Twelve Luxry Flats

The practicality of vertical living meets the comfort of an urban townhouse in this sixteen-storey residential condominium rising on a 586 square meter lot in an upscale neighborhood in San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Each of the twelve luxurious residential flats is housed on its own exclusive and unique floor with a generous area of 258 square meters per unit. These combined with two storeys of commercial units and another storey for amenities result to a gross floor area of 6,400 square meters.  In Twelve Luxury Flats, each unit is programmed to have generous spaces with day lighting and ventilation on all four faces of every unit. At one floor per unit, it offers the luxury of living in an expansive space with unrestrict... En savoir plus

Projet • By GKD Metal FabricsCentres communautaires

Josep Carreras Leukaemia

Patients, doctors and researchers come together at this interdisciplinary institute. Barcelona’s hot sun and an all-glass façade presented the need for a durable sunscreen. GKD Omega 1520 stainless steel mesh provided the perfect sustainable solution. En savoir plus

Produit • By LINVISIBILEInfinito 10 Vertical Pivot Door

Infinito 10 Vertical Pivot Door

The Infinito 10 Vertical Pivot Door is the new flush-to-wall pivot door by Linvisibile with 102 mm thick anodized or matt lacquered aluminium perimeter frame. Available with and without stop, this pivot system is composed of two hidden pivots (floor and ceiling) which allow the panel to rotate up to 360°. This pivoting door can enhance any design project. The leaf rotates on its vertical axis with a wide, bright and charming opening that gives a strong personality to any interiors. Thanks to its sturdy perimeter frame, the panel of the Infinito 10 Vertical Pivot Door can be ordered in any finish that has a thickness from 3 to 6 mm. It is a highly customisable product that allows applying different materials on each side and choosing t... En savoir plus

Produit • By LINVISIBILEInfinito Vertical Pivot Door

Infinito Vertical Pivot Door

The innovative Infinito system allows to apply diverse decorative finishes over the panel surfaces, thanks to an aluminium outer frame system which hosts the preselected coating. The variety of finishes that can be applied to the Infinito vertical pivot extends to any material with a maximum thickness of 3 mm and an overall weight below 70 kg.   Infinito Vertical Pivot door swivels open on a vertical axis, thanks to a sophisticated hidden pivot system. Available with or without stop, the door can rotate on itself up to 360° opening, obtaining a very exciting movement effect.   Furthermore, the versatility of this product also offers the opportunity to apply different finishes on both sides of the leaf and to personalise th... En savoir plus
Contemporary Facade, Top Architects in Bangalore

Projet • By A.J ArchitectsLogement

Rippled Facade

The building is located in Industrial campus in suburb of Bangalore. Set in atmosphere of good natural vegetation. The program of the building is of secondary in nature, than primary manufacturing units. The structure accommodates guest dining areas in the lower floor and managerial staff quarter’s in the upper level. The client’s brief was to build a contemporary and aesthetic façade but the budgets were shoe string tight. The natural green surroundings inspired the design team to design for outside – in façade, with large windows and provided large bay projections for further scope to relate better with nature. The shoe string tight budget, gave minimum scope for use of materiality layers. The design team... En savoir plus

Projet • By CORPUS ARCHITECTSLogement des étudiants

Student Housing Campus "A ++"

Every modern University needs its modern and functional student campus.  En savoir plus

Projet • By ARCHITIMESculptures

Dynamic wall - kinetic art installation

Dynamic brick wall by ARCHITIME  The art-object is at intersection of kinetic and parametric architecture and dedicated to the highest feeling on the Earth - LOVE.    Authors: Grigory Malitskiy, Maria Malitskaya, ARCHITIME design group.Artist: Alexey Kio. Location: Russia, Moscow, Orbion transport hub, Skolkovo Date: 2020 About: The dynamic wall dance reveals, like a theatrical curtain, what is hidden in the emotions palette of love. Love kindles hearts and stirs the blood. Flaming hearts are looking for self-expression, finding it in creativity, and, in particular, street art, which has gone a way from vandalism to art, from destruction to creation. Architecture is silent and ready to accept a sensual creative impulse... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dezest designMaisons privées

Pine Cove House

We created the architecture of the Pine Cove House while minimizing environmental damage. The volumes are arranged so as to integrate the house into the forest space as much as possible.  The space of the house isn't limited by the walls, we have made nature and the environment part of the architecture, an extension of the house. A feeling of overflow of inner space into outer space.   Today people drive cars, work in glass and steel office centers, and are exposed to information noise from screens. Technology has evolved faster than humans and we feel uncomfortable. Sometimes we need to break free and touch what our body and mind need. Enjoy nature, feel the ground with our feet, breathe in the fresh forest air. We have int... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dumican Mosey ArchitectsMaisons privées

Modern Shingle Style

Designed for a family of four, this Modern home draws upon the spirit of the American Shingle Style and contemporary Dutch architecture to create a vibrant good neighbor in an established area of Menlo Park, California. The 4,500 square-foot, two-story home with a full basement updates the traditional elements of the wrap-around porch, bay window, and gabled roof to create a fresh, expressive piece of residential architecture. Through this reinterpretation, traditional rules of style and proportion are loosened to allow for expansive glass openings, a free-flowing plan, and strong visual and physical connections to the outdoors. En savoir plus