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Projet • By RESOLUTION: 4 ARCHITECTUREMaisons privées

Park Slope Townhouse

This new construction, five-story townhouse is home to a young family of four. The front façade combines brick, speaking to the neighbors, a cedar rainscreen, and black aluminum panels. Maintaining an indoor-outdoor connection throughout was important to the clients, so despite the narrow 25-foot lot, balconies and terraces open each floor up to exterior spaces. Resolution: 4 Architecture The lower garden level houses a mudroom, guest bedroom and playroom that open onto the backyard, where turf tiles create a maintenance-free lawn and weathering steel bamboo planters provide privacy. An exterior stair connects the yard to a dining terrace that opens to a double height living space on the main level. Resolution: 4 Architectur... En savoir plus

Projet • By RESOLUTION: 4 ARCHITECTUREMaisons privées

Hudson River House

After living in Manhattan for decades, the owners sought to trade the confines of city living for a site with sweeping views of the Hudson River. They wanted a compact home that was as extraordinary as the vista it offered, equipped with just enough space for two. Emily Andrews The site is entered via a winding gravel drive through meadow grasses and lilacs up to a framed view of the Hudson River through the carport. The lightness and reflectivity of the façade enhance the reading of a hovering volume in the sky, resting on just a few thin steel columns. Located on one of the town’s highest overlooks, the house was conceived around maximizing panoramic views of the town and river below via floor-to-ceiling windows across... En savoir plus

Projet • By RESOLUTION: 4 ARCHITECTUREMaisons privées

Fenimore Road Addition

Ce projet consiste en une rénovation et une extension d'une maison conçue par KanejiDomoto, un disciple de Frank Lloyd Wright qui était à la fois architecte et paysagiste. Resolution: 4 Architecture Le défi consistait à respecter et à mettre en valeur, lorsque cela était possible, les détails existants plutôt uniques, parfois excentriques, et l'attitude sensible de Domoto vis-à-vis du paysage. Resolution: 4 Architecture La maison existante se sentait intégrée à son environnement, en porte-à-faux au-dessus d'un petit ruisseau et entourée de verdure. En même temps, des améliorations et des réparations... En savoir plus

Projet • By Things StudioMaisons privées

Villa Mosha5 (Re-Boat)

Status: Concept Design Type: Villa Location: Dashteh Mosha, Damavand, Iran Caption   En savoir plus

Projet • By LS3PBureaux

Modern Minds with MUSC Health

An innovative mental health and wellness center, Modern Minds with MUSC Health provides treatment for adults who are struggling with mental wellness, as well as those who are seeking growth in their personal and professional lives. The 3,400 SF renovation includes check-in and waiting areas, private waiting area, consult rooms, group therapy room, observation room, and both private and open offices.   Katie Charlotte Photography The design was crafted to create a soothing environment to reduce stress and remove the stigma of receiving mental health services. LS3P provided schematic planning, construction documents, and interior design, including structural finishes, furniture, and artwork.   Katie Charlotte Photography... En savoir plus

Projet • By Things StudioLogement

Villa DP

Villa, Location: Royan, Noshahr, Iran En savoir plus

Projet • By Bora Dá DesignsMaisons privées


Welcome to the stylish, modern living room and dining area for a house in New Delhi.It’s ever so inviting, warm and oozing with oomph and luxury furniture pieces.The space is a comfortable layout of stylish lounge seating with a dining seating sitting below a dramatic chandelier. The colours are warm neutrals with hints of pop colour here and there, blending and merging in with right selection of wood veneers. En savoir plus
Living. Dining. Kitchen.
The Entrance.
Living. Dining. Kitchen.

Projet • By Futuris ArchitectsAppartements

Apartment #22

Modern and comfortable-two word that perfectly define apartment #22.   From the chairs to the sofa, we picked every single texture and material to establish comfort. En savoir plus

Projet • By Mahyar ArchitectsBureaux


This project was originally inspired by the defense mechanism of some wild plants against harsh conditions and against being eaten by wild herbivore animals. This protection is mainly done by the thorns on their stems and leaves. Like these plants, people in society become aggressive to protect themselves.  The conditions of the project: This building is situated in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Tehran. It was originally a room made of bricks which was used as a kitchen, but then later was turned into a run-down garage for motorcycles. This building is adjacent to Tehran-Qom highway and local access road on the one side which makes it a very noise-polluted area, and on the other side there is the entrance to a vehicle grave... En savoir plus

Projet • By ZIP ArchitectsBureaux

Rakpart 22

In the edge of the historical center of Győr, in the neighborhood of Széchenyi bridge a rectangular building complex has been designed. The complex includes three parts. A strip mall run through the ground floor. Two linear masses are placed above them, which contains the apartments. While the office building is situated in the north-west corner of the facility. Avoiding the effects of road 14, bachelor flats are facing to the private garden, so the side-corridor protects them against the noise. The variation of solid and hollow parts gives a characteristic chessboardlike appearance for the façade. The different functions - residential, business – are represented byvaried external casing, fiber cement and plaster. En savoir plus

Projet • By AcararchMaisons privées

Villa Draman

Villa Draman is a place that welcomes its guests with intense plants and water sounds coming from the small waterfall. The project was designed by architect Emre Acar, owner of Acararch architecture firm, and Çağrı Helvacıoğlu Aydoğu from his team. Acararch treats plants, sounds and natural light as a design element of both outdoors and indoors. From the beginning of the project, with blending the serenity of minimalism with special details and combining the natural-looking materials such as wood and linen with bold colors, a useful and impressive architectural language was aimed. Acararch aimed to create a spacious environment by effortlessly adding the power of the landscape and natural lights to its designs with the glass openings... En savoir plus

Projet • By Miró Rivera ArchitectsMaisons privées

Residence 104

Residence 104 is located on a wedge-shaped site that opens to sweeping views of a canyon, Lake Austin, and the Hill Country beyond. The architects faced a challenge common among projects located on sharply sloping lots with commanding views: capturing views from the house while maximizing the amount of outdoor space on the site. The design responds to this challenge in two ways. First, the house is laid out as an arc along the sharp fall of the terrain, high enough that the fill in front of the house creates a substantial level area.  Accordingly—and in a reversal of the typical American suburban house—the front yard accommodates many family activities such as playing, gathering, entertaining, and cooking. Second, the pro... En savoir plus

Projet • By MAHDI MARABEAppartements


A small Site, 200 sqm, a relatively crowded neighborhood, houses are close to each other. Our challenge, the client asked for a house with lots of day light and at the same time with a sense of privacy. The house features a garden floor for guests and familly, The first floor contains a living space and main kitchen. the second floor intended for bedrooms, And the penthouse  floor for parents including a private balcony and swimming pool.  We created a Patio to allow day light  into all the spaces, especially because the neighbors houses are close By, The exterior Facade and light-openings "placement game" allow privacy, and  natural day light  from all three Facades at the same time.  En savoir plus

Projet • By Spark ChicagoRestaurants

Wells St Market

The 11-vendor, street-level food hall Wells Street Market’s updated signage introduces a timeless and refined street presence, celebrating the existing character of the 90-year-old office tower. En savoir plus

NouvellesSpécifications • 12 nov. 2020

Specification case study: Poisson Blanc by naturehumaine

Naturehumaine designed a minimalistic and refined chalet located in rugged terrain north of Montréal, Canada. The architects shaped the structure in a compact volume to reduce the footprint on the site. The squared floor plan is topped by a gabled roof structure. The modest budget led to a reduction of circulation areas, compact spaces, grouping of services and simple and affordable materials. The result is a minimalistic monochrome volume that fits well within its natural landscape.  Raphaël Thibodeau Wooden facade cladding - Modern Siding in Ultra White-1 by MaibecThe white wooden siding with vertical orientation is factory coated and provides increased protection against effects of the sun and the harsh Canadian e... En savoir plus