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Projet • By Peripheriques Marin+Trottin ArchitectesCentres culturels

Espace culturel Beaumont Hague

Construire un espace culturel à Beaumont-Hague, dans le Cotentin, c'est intégrer un projet architectural qui tire parti des qualités paysagères de ce morceau de presqu'île. Sur le rivage, les chemins creux sont plantés de haies bocagères qui protègent du vent, et deviennent des voûtes végétales pour filtrer la lumière dans le temps. Ces éléments paysagers sont des formes séculaires de la culture du site mais aussi des espaces inspirants qui peuvent être utilisés pour la conception. L'espace culturel est un bloc compact de 43m de large et 11m de haut. Nous apprécions le jeu changeant de la façade, alternant pr&eac... En savoir plus

Projet • By WR-APBureaux

WR-AP Studios

It’s a cold February morning and two architects visit a dark, dank and rather unsatisfying office | industrial unit as a potential first studio for a fledgling practice. Having laid empty for 2 years it wasn’t attracting the attention that the landlord wished but beneath the shoddy interior there was hope, there was potential. Here we outline the project that became the wr-ap studio. Ben Tynegate An approach of less is more was adopted. All internal walls were removed, clumsy load bearing walls to support an inefficient mezzanine were removed. Outdated and unhygienic kitchen area and toilet facilities were removed. Yet not all was lost – the existing timber staircase was retained for reuse in the new configuration. T... En savoir plus

Projet • By DENIZEN WORKSLogement


EXISTANT   Barn B est un projet de rénovation qui consiste à convertir une grange en silex existante en une série d'espaces de vie ouverts. La grange est située parmi un groupe de bâtiments agricoles qui forment ensemble une cour abritée au sommet d'une colline.  Caption Avant le début des travaux, l'intérieur de la grange principale présentait des murs en pierre massive exposés qui soutenaient quatre fermes en bois. La lumière du jour pénétrait dans la grange par des fenêtres situées en haut du pignon. Deux portes extérieures cintrées traversaient l'axe central de la grange, reliant la cour abrité... En savoir plus

Projet • By IBI GroupUniversités

Yale University School of Management

Inspired by Yale School of Management’s reinvention of business school education and pioneering integrated curriculum, the Edward P. Evans Hall combines world-class teaching facilities with inspirational social spaces. The project unites Yale’s faculty departments in a single location for the first time and brings a high level of transparency to the traditionally enclosed college courtyard, creating a green heart for the campus community, which is visible throughout the school. Embracing the wider campus, the transparent façade opens the building up to Whitney Avenue, making visible the staircases on either side of the entrance and showcasing the School’s activities. The classrooms are contained within sixteen doub... En savoir plus

Projet • By LCA_Luigi Cafiero Architetti & PartnersMaisons privées

Casa B.N.

The work commissioned was to renovate a small house located in the historic center of Follonica. The height limits and the stringent constraints to which the property is subjected have led to a calibrated work of double height of the internal floors and the study of new sources of natural light that do not impact on the facades. We immediately imagined exploiting the quality of the space by working inside the volume, whose limit is represented by the pitched roof, enhancing it and making it visible from every observation point of the house. Two main beams define the space of the small mezzanine and with a game of joints they support a secondary structure that frees the ridge of the roof from any structural element allowing it to maintain it... En savoir plus

Projet • By Fabrizio Cattaruzza e Francesco MillosevichAuditoriums

Auditorium “Lo Squero”

The 19th century Squero, on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, is now home to an auditorium for 200 people, managed by the Giorgio Cini Foundation. The original building, in masonry, measures about 28.70 m by 17.70 m and is dated between 1830 and 1879; the reference model is that of the squeri of the Arsenale, therefore an open building, with arches on the main sides and large roof supported by wooden trusses. The restoration works of 1952 had radically changed the nature of the squero, transforming it into a closed building, inside which a reinforced concrete mezzanine and a thermal power station had been built. The project recovers the spatiality of the original squero, emptying the interior and freeing the fronts. The new... En savoir plus

Projet • By Atelier D’Architecture Michel FollonierMaisons privées

Transformation in Ayent

Cette grange se situe dans le village d’Ayent, dans un contexte rural. Depuis des siècles, cette bâtisse a rempli ces fonctions agricoles. De nos jours, une famille décide de la transformer en habitation. Le défis était de garder l’essence d’origine tout en répondant aux besoins actuels. En proposant une façade Sud entièrement vitrée, nous avons mis en valeur la construction d’origine. Ce contraste permet de baigner de lumière les espaces intérieurs. A l’intérieur, il était essentiel de garder le maximum de l’esprit d’origine. Le résultat est un mariage de pierre, bois et métal qui allie mo... En savoir plus

Projet • By Graham Baba ArchitectsBureaux


Occupying the third floor of a six-story, mixed-use building in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, this project centered on how to maximize efficiencies (including budgetary constraints) for this technology start up while accommodating the existing office culture. Coming from a much smaller space, the firm had developed a pattern of work characterized by an unstructured work environment. The design focuses on creating a neutral background and armature in which the firm can shift and shape to their needs, including the repurposing of existing office furniture. The 9,068-square-foot space includes a 2,000 square-foot mezzanine, which the company uses for flex and breakout space. Design elements, including prominent integration of the... En savoir plus

Projet • By BW: Workplace ExpertsBureaux


BW transforms historic Harella House in London’s Clerkenwell into highly desirable Cat A office space BW: Workplace Experts has sensitively refurbished Harella House on Goswell Road in Clerkenwell. In total, six floors of lettable Cat A office space have been created for Chait Investment Corporation, within a characterful building, which now has three new terraced areas.   Harella House dates back to the 1930s, starting out as a garment factory for Harella Clothing Manufacturers. This enterprising firm was famous in its day for producing garments in a wider range of women’s sizes. The 55,000 sq ft building has large Crittall windows, which were intended to create natural light filled spaces that could accommodate large i... En savoir plus

Projet • By M+N ArchitectureBureaux

Khidmah New Headquarters

Khidmah New Headquarters - Yas MallAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates FIRM: M+N ArchitectureTYPE: Commercial › Office Shopping Mall STATUS: BuiltYEAR: 2019SIZE: 25,000 sqft - 100,000 sqftBUDGET: $1M - 5M The project consists of the full interior design of the new Khidmah / Provis Headquarters located on the 1st floor of Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi. The unit extends on three levels, with the main entrance at 1st floor (shop front), the main space at 2nd floor (reachable by internal escalators and elevator), and the board meeting room on the mezzanine level.The new Headquarters accommodate more than 200 employees over around 2,800 sqm of Platinum LEED certified offices.The design makes full use of the exceptional internal height of 5,35m a... En savoir plus

Projet • By LevelstudioBureaux


BURO.Space is the headquarters of an international media company Buro 24/7 in Kazakhstan. The project pushes the limits and understanding of a traditional office as a place to work in, to a multifunctional space for holding events, public talks, film screenings and photoshoots, making Buro even closer to its audience and to the public.  By introducing a mezzanine level, we managed to increase the usable floor area and add auxiliary spaces to the program, exceeding the brief requirements. The program includes various working, gathering and relaxation spaces, as well as a central theatre stage for talks and performances.  The whole space is designed to be open, transparent and interconnected, with constant circulation of people, i... En savoir plus
Panoramic view of Observatory
Sky lounge entrance view
Sky lounge lounge
Sky lounge reception
Sky lounge restaurant

Projet • By Spores studioMusées

The Observatory Theatre

Our response to the competition brief is to see the observatory as a theatre; where the roles of the observer vs observed are often in flux. Within the observatory theatre sits the sky lounge which is a freestanding volume of programmatic spaces ‘submerged’ into a man-made pool at the entrance of the castle. This move seeks to enhance the spatial quality of the new volumes while providing reflections of night sky into the interiors. From the outside, the sky lounge mimics a stage. It rejects stability in favour of movement, and rates delight over simplicity. The scenes of activities taking place across the divided interior spaces seem interconnected, and yet private.   At the end of the mezzanine restaurant enclosure, the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Lez. ArquiteturaAppartements

Simpatia Apartment

The “Sympathy Apartment” is a 44m² duplex located in Brasilia, Brazil. The owners are a friendly and receptive young couple who love to cook and gather friends at home. They asked us to rethink the apartment’s spaces to fit all the equipment and furniture they wished to have. Ampleness and integration are the words that describe the new home. In the original design, the mezzanine occupied half of the upper floor. We decided to extend it to the end, increasing its area and leaving the lower floor entirely for social use.   Through the proposed integration between the floors, the project optimizes and proposes different uses for each one. The choice of timeless materials and colors such as wood, gray and fendi to... En savoir plus

Projet • By Atelier tao+cSalles d'exposition

JOLOR Showroom

Situé à l'emplacement d'une ancienne usine minière de Shanghai, Ateliertao+c a transformé un ancien entrepôt de 435 mètres carrés en un continuum minimal mais unique au design spatial ouvert. Le bâtiment d'un étage a connu de nombreux changements de fonction depuis 1958, au cours desquels une grande partie des personnages industriels d'origine ont été supprimés. Seules les fermes triangulaires du toit et la lucarne au-dessus du toit donnent encore une idée de ce à quoi ressemblait le bâtiment de l'usine à cette époque.   En tant que marque de meubles émergente en Chine, comme les autres nouvelles marques dans dif... En savoir plus

Projet • By Ewert LeafBars

There Cafe

Conçu comme un lieu de rencontre commun, le GatheredCafe est une proposition d'hospitalité authentique et stimulante, tirée par la force de son cadre architectural. Logé dans un magasin de laine du XIXe siècle, l'intérieur, recouvert d'une couche de peinture, célèbre le caractère industriel du site tout en y ajoutant de nouvelles interventions, une évolution de son identité historique.   Partant d'une vision visant à transformer l'édifice patrimonial emblématique en un lieu accueillant, la mission du Gant's (Pot & Pan, Gather&Tailor) était triple : honorer les qualités de l'entrepôt, favoriser un sentiment de... En savoir plus