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NouvellesNouvelles • 29 juin 2022

Poppodium Nieuwe Nor offers a new landmark and hub for new music in the Netherlands

  In the city center Of Heerlen, Poppodium Nieuwe Nor by diederendirrix is a unique new landmark and hub for the spread of musical talent in the Pinkpop region. A former hardware retailer and workshop, the project is a renovation and expansion including a concert hall for up to 1200 people. Mitchell van Eijk Following a former city canal, the spatial structure of the surrounding context dates to the Middle ages, the existing building itself is richly ornamented. Two adjacent buildings were demolished to accommodate the expansion, complete with new hall and associated facilities. Mitchell van Eijk The project is located at the crossroads of two urban structures of significance. There are a number of intimate squares forming... En savoir plus

Projet • By Cartelle DesignBureaux

Coworking DELO

Modern comfortable interior - lots of light, natural materials, timeless solutions. We tried to create a project with a modern interpretation of the Dagestan identity. To create a fusion of contemporary design, technological solutions and local culture. Office for young professionals who have gained freedom thanks to information technology Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 9 juin 2022

Murado & Elvira Architects get inventive with small outdoor spaces on a narrow lot

On a long and narrow plot in a quiet residential of Madrid, Galgo House by Murado & Elvira Architects accommodates its floor plan inside a volume on 4 meters in width. The result design is compact and inventive in its spatial planning with small outdoor indoor spaced insert to provide a rich spatial experience while preserving privacy within a dense urban neighbourhood. imagen subliminal The sequence of spaces includes a courtyard on basement level, swimming pool and garden on the floor level and a double-height terrace on the first floor that expands the feeling of space by extending from indoors to out.  imagen subliminal The basement receives natural light thanks to a dug patio that extends the entire frontage o... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 22 déc. 2021

Top 10 metal projects of 2021

We continue our roundup with the best metal projects of the year, including a foamed aluminium mountain cut-out, 164,000 meters of chain and a copper clad cabin. Jim Stephenson 1. Mountain View by CAN (Critical Architecture Network) Topped with staged mountain scenery, an Edwardian semi-detached home in London has been radically transformed by architecture studio CAN. Drawing influences from geography, theatre sets and a trip to Disneyland, CAN director Mat Barnes came up with the design for his young family.      Adrià Goula 2. Munch Museum by Estudio Herreros Located on Oslo’s waterfront, the new Munch Museum by estudio Herreros offers a contemporary concept of a museum with a transcendental urb... En savoir plus

Projet • By DIG ArchitectsMaisons privées

Copper Cube Haus

Résidence secondaire d'un professionnel au mode de vie itinérant, cet appartement a été conçu pour créer un sentiment de stabilité et de repos entre deux voyages. Le point central de l'intervention spatiale était l'ouverture de l'orchestration linéaire compartimentée existante dans un cadre optimiste, presque semblable à un studio. Le héros de l'histoire était le bloc cuisine, délimité en un cuboïde détaché (libre du plafond et des murs) qui servirait à la fois de bar/comptoir (du côté du salon) et d'espace de cuisson. La distinction a été renforcée par un revêtement en cu... En savoir plus

Projet • By Spark ChicagoBureaux

Equity Residential

Equity Residential acquires, develops and manages apartment complexes in the United States. Guided by their mantra, creating communities where people thrive, the branding displays throughout Equity Residential’s space celebrate the places in which employees live, work, play and serve. They illuminate their core values of sustainability, social responsibility, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion. En savoir plus

Projet • By Atelier OseMaisons privées

Maison FV

Jouant avec les reflets de lumière, la nouvelle peau de zinc Azengar de cette maison traditionnelle initie un dialogue subtil avec son environnement, et lui donne un second souffle. À l’occasion de travaux de rénovation énergétique et de surélévation, le choix de ce matériau est rapidement apparu comme une évidence. À la fois noble et pérenne, utilisable aussi bien en bardage qu’en toiture, l’exploitation de son potentiel a permis un traitement fin des détails de retournement pour créer une enveloppe continue, comme un écrin. La teinte Azengar, douce et naturelle, en plus de réfléchir le contexte, est sensible au... En savoir plus

Projet • By CODINAStades

Puskas Ferenc Stadium

Codina has been involved in the construction of the new Puskás Aréna stadium in Budapest with the production and installation of approximately 20,000m2 of stainless steel achitectural wire mesh. The mesh model chosen for the project has been Eiffel 20100.The construction of the Puskás Arena stadium began in 2017 and ended in 2019, opening on November 15, 2019 with the football match between the national teams of Hungary and Uruguay.The stadium has a capacity for 67,889 people for sporting events, with seating for all locations. For other events such as concerts, the stadium capacity reaches 80,000 people.  The architect and project designer has been György Skardelli. The idea of the design for the new stadium... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 24 déc. 2020

Top 10 metal projects of 2020

  Arch-Exist 1. Garden Hotpot Restaurant by MUDA-Architects In total, the building has a circumference of 290 meters, with the height of 3 meters, and the width varies with the natural environment. The platform is made of anti-corrosive wood, and the roof is made of galvanized steel sheet, coated with white fluorocarbon paint, which complements the surrounding lush environment. A series of steel columns with a diameter of 88 mm is used as the supporting structure, and it blends into the straight trunks of eucalyptus trees and disappears into nature. The curved wooden railing by the lakeside is built for customers to enjoy the views, and blur the boundary of the lake, which brings people closer to nature.   Hél&eg... En savoir plus

Projet • By Spark ChicagoRestaurants

Wells St Market

The 11-vendor, street-level food hall Wells Street Market’s updated signage introduces a timeless and refined street presence, celebrating the existing character of the 90-year-old office tower. En savoir plus

Projet • By Equipo de ArquitecturaÉcoles primaires


“I got an order from the school board that said ‘We have a great idea. We should not put windows in the school because children need wall space for their paintings, and also windows can distract from the teacher’. Now, what teacher deserves that much attention? After all, the birds outside, the person scurrying for shelter in the rain, the leaves falling from the trees, the clouds passing by, the sun penetrating: these are all great things. They are lessons in themselves.” – Louis Kahn   In 2001, The Guardian published a survey that invited children to suggest the school of their dreams. The result was gathered as the “Children’s Manifesto”, published in a book called “The School... En savoir plus

Projet • By Studio MODULEBureaux

Campus Orange Lyon

The new regional headquarters for telecommunications company Orange is an extension and renovation of an old telephone exchange. While making the most of the industrial building, it also gives an urban coherence to the city block by breaking the project into two ‘folded’ volumes that wrap around the existing building.Our starting position with regards integration within the neighbourhood was to create a large, uniform building on a continuous ground plane, so reducing what we see as the negative effects of a multiple development, which can be overloaded with too many building types and too many textures.The new buildings find harmony in the homogenous grid of their facades (echoing the existing building) and the cut surfaces tha... En savoir plus

Projet • By AshariArchitectsBars

Conex Café

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra JafariExecution: Mohammad MoazeniConex CaféLimited pre-purchased materials on the site. The challenge has been already begun for the designer team to create a unique form from the remaining materials of the complex construction. The project is located at one the most memorable buildings of Iranian contemporary architecture “Shiraz national library”. By utilizing the previous temporary concierge Conex and reviving it, the design team revealed a hidden potential of the redundant Conex. The steps and vertical lightning are considered as the two complementary elements which acts as a lighthouse to find the café on the site at night.Providing a pause and gatherin... En savoir plus

Projet • By AshariArchitectsAppartements

45m2 Home

The goal of this project was to transform an existing storage on the roof of a residential apartment to a livable place. Considering the fact that existing space was very limited, design team initial concept was to incorporate all the residential required spaces in such a small space. Unlike the typical process of dividing the space into various spaces, and each space for one specific activity, 45 sqm. home offers one single space which changes constantly based on different functions and activities. The initial area of the project was 30 sqm in order to increase the space, we expanded the space toward the south edge of the building to achieve a 45 sqm. space and also a better exterior view. At the additional space, the roof was moved one me... En savoir plus

Projet • By AshariArchitectsPavillons


Our response to the challenging architectural installation competition near one of the most important historic gardens “Afif Abad Garden” in Shiraz, Iran was PAUSE.PAUSE is the childish adventure feeling and inspiration that we have not experienced since so many years ago. PAUSE tries to revive the feelings that we have been ignored. Feeling of brick texture tactile; hearing the sound of our steps on the metal sheets, looking at the sky which we pass under of it every single day without any attention to it, not even trying to pause and enjoy watching it. Listening to the “water features located at the site”.PAUSE from the exterior is a cube that holds a suspended brick volume and this is adequate enough to incite the adventure and curiosity... En savoir plus