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Projet • By Articolo LightingAppartements

Coogee Penthouse

"A penthouse rich in texture and materiality encapsulates the essence of luxurious living through the use of bold beautifying stone and defining details, the Coogee penthouse by Chloe Francess Interiors captured by Shayben Moussa effortlessly highlights the sculptural form created by project architect MHNDU delivered by Jawaro Group. With a brief to ascertain a luxurious hotel atmosphere, one of which met the clients standard of international rating, an immediate match of direction grew with the client and the Coogee Penthouse was born. The projects intent was to be robust and individual yet elegant and sophisticated much like the clients character. Caption Every aspect of space has been considered and accounted for to disguise the co... En savoir plus

Projet • By BIEN STUDIOAppartements


The 100m2 penthouse located in the centre of Poznan is in dominant black. The functionality of the design comes from an open living room with a kitchen as a central place. Other rooms are: a study room with a library, a bedroom with a wardrobe and a full bathroom, and the guest bathroom outside the private bedroom area. Every room is accessed from a corridor with linear lighting, and walls upholstered in natural black wool that makes the space friendly. There is marble used in the bathrooms offering the interior a wealth of elegance and making it a timeless treasure. Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek   En savoir plus

Projet • By InternovaAppartements

Berlin Penthouse

Studio Novono from Berlin is the interior designer of this 475,00 m2 penthouse in Berlin. All the custom furniture was produced, delivered, and assembled by us. The kitchen niche part is hidden behind wall claddings, where most of the appliances are. The central kitchen unit wraps around two columns, hiding the main installations behind the claddings. The third element is the kitchen island which is a cooking and food preparation unit. All together, these three elements create a functional space with many hidden storage compartments. Ulf Saupe - Done Studio The fireplace is paved with natural Italian limestone in the upper part and dark marble with a specially developed finish in the lower part. All the edges of the fireplace base ar... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 24 juin 2021

Tokyo Penthouse innovates with a contemporary version of stained glass in a space that allows for old and new to coexist

Tokyo Penthouse is a renovation by G architects studio. Located in a 40-year-old building, near Tokyo tower, the project covers the fifth and sixth floor of the building. Daisuke Shima Traditionally, rooftop areas in urban areas were largely reserved for machine rooms. This changed in 1923 when the Plaza Hotel in New York announced its penthouse project, which set off a desire for penthouses in cities around the world. Daisuke Shima Upon their initial visit to the property, the architects noted that the space in its existing condition looked exactly like a machine rooms where partition walls were removed. The old concrete skeleton appeared rough, and the complex old piping system was visible. Daisuke Shima The architects d... En savoir plus

Projet • By A&M ARCHITECTSAppartements

Jade Residencies

 Jade Residences is a new concept of living, located in the south suburbs of Athens, offering an outstanding view to the sea while capturing surrounding views. The complex is consisted of 8 apartments ranging from 121m2 to 172m2 ranging in levels of luxury. Typical Apartments, Garden Duplex, a unique Penthouse, and various common use facilities make up for the building's amenities.   Designed to provide various visual “experiences” to its tenants, a volume with “clean” geometries and openings is to be created, aiming on optimized orientation and full utilization of natural light. Composed with recesses and protrusions, the building is providing a wide range of moments both indoors and outdoors while the f... En savoir plus

Projet • By The Svetozar Andreev Studio / Hotei-RussiaAppartements

Rooftop Villa Saari Mois

Saari Mois (the Sarskaya Grange) is the name of an ancient estate, gifted by Peter the Great to the future empress Catherine I in 1710, on which by the time of Catherine II had been built one of Europe’s most beautiful park residences of the Baroque period – Tsarskoe Selo. Its proximity and spectacular views onto the palace park were the inspiration for the name of this unique project. The Saari Mois rooftop villa project came about as a result of a simple request from a client to renovate two separate apartments on the top floor of a residential building. The architect behind the project, Svetozar Andreev, proposed a left-field solution – to knock through part of the dividing walls and ceilings, thereby combining the two... En savoir plus

Projet • By KettalAppartements

Saladaeng Residences, Bangkok

Saladaeng Residences luxury Bangkok condo in the Silom area of Bangkok has 1,2,3 bedroom and Penthouse units for sale and rent close to BTS Saladaeng. En savoir plus

Projet • By ORKO Architecture & Design (OR KOCHAV)Appartements

KS Apt

Family duplex penthouse apartment En savoir plus

Projet • By Gavinho Architecture & InteriorsAppartements

Cascais Penthouse

Situé à Cascais, ce penthouse partage son exubérance avec la vue infinie sur la mer de Boca do Inferno et la montagne sculpturale Serra de Sintra. Partant d'une profonde reconstruction architecturale de ses intérieurs, ces 995 m2 de pur luxe culminent dans une maison qui coule entre la convivialité et l'intimité d'espaces conçus pour le confort de ses habitants. Dans tous les espaces, le souci du détail était essentiel. Dans les zones sociales, la palette de couleurs douces, les matériaux de qualité, les éléments architecturaux tels que la cheminée en pierre et les plafonds taillés aux formes organiques se distinguent.Cette approche de... En savoir plus

Projet • By MIYAOAppartements

Bay view apartment

BAY VIEW APARTMENT | INTERIOR | RUSSIA | 219 SQ. M If the apartment has a stunning sea view, then it has to be shown to everyone. The owners of this spacious penthouse in the downtown did just so: they rebuilt their home in such a way that the loud parties could be held there. In the middle of the spacious living room combined with a kitchen there is a large table for friendly feasts. It’s very comfy to chat at the bar, or, if you want some solitude, you can enjoy a stunning view of the city opening from the terrace. At the far end of the apartment there is a bedroom with a labyrinth of dressing rooms. It was important for the mistress that she could put her impressive collection of clothes there. The windows in this apartment look... En savoir plus

Projet • By MONO ArchitectsAppartements

Penthouse 180

A spacious three-story apartment creates a perfect frame for nature around. Any point of the Penthouse 180 opens up a breathtaking view of the city and the Dnieper. Signature to all MONO architects projects, architects created a minimalistic space, following the concept of “timeless interior”. The Penthouse 180 was designed for a family with children, so each zone is carefully thought out, functional and equipped with everything needed for a comfortable and cozy life. Right from the entrance, the apartment offers panoramic views of the city. The transparent silhouette of the stairs against the background of the windows highlights the minimalistic geometry of space: a kitchen, a dining room and a living room with a lounge area.... En savoir plus

Projet • By AB+PartnersAppartements

ARMN Apartment

It is one of the projects that give the feeling of freedom due to the airy and wide spaces. Spacious and bright, so looks this project of a 120 sq.m. penthouse. Designed for a young couple, the interior borrows from their appetite for life. Modern ideas of the customers take the lead of the entire project, so very simple and straight lines meet the neoclassical details in this project. En savoir plus

Projet • By Capital ConstructionAppartements

white penthouse

L'équipe : Architecte en chef : Oleksiy Shadyria ; Designers : Iryna Hrynyk, Anastasiya Antonova ; Superficie : 200 m² sur 3 niveaux avec un salon ouvert au sommet.   Le projet comprend : un système de smarthome avec des cloisons vitrées intelligentes, une cheminée, un ascenseur pour la nourriture, une piscine, un sauna, une cuisine en terrasse avec un barbecue.    Photographe : Andrey Avdeenko En savoir plus

Projet • By Creativ Interior StudioAppartements

Interior Design Modern Luxury Penthouse

This penthouse was specially designed for a young couple that enjoy travel and wanted to bring back with them a glimpse of the atmosphere from their luxury hotels. With this in mind we managed to develop this project by creating an elegant interior architecture with a multitude of contemporary elements but at the same time with a slightly classical twist due to the neutral colors that we used together with unique finishes and decorative lighting.   We opted for natural finishes such as wood, natural stone and leather, but we completed the concept with modern materials, such as ceramic tiles, apparent concrete or tapestry.   The combination between the light and neutral color palette we used in the open space together with the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Kandinsky DevelopmentAppartements

Kandinsky House

The "Kandinsky House" is a new mixed-use residential and office building development located on the Iset River in the historic heart of Ekaterinburg, Russia.  The concept of the building and its facades were designed by the internationally renowned architects AHR (previously a part of the Aedas) and Brusnika. Divided into several distinct areas, the office/residence makes use of a variety of façade materials used to ensure a harmonious integration within a neighborhood so as not to blend in with smaller, older buildings as well as taller modern structures.  The property’s interiors from renowned Italian architects and designers at Minotti, with stunning state of the art office/home controls systems, and surrounded b... En savoir plus