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Projet • By Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & PlannersBureaux

NYPL, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

Ongoing renovations at this New York City and National Historic Landmark in midtown Manhattan will enable the library to provide a greater range of public facing-programs, exhibitions, and amenities, augment research facilities, and improve logistics and services for its many constituents as the building continues into its second century. Spaces formerly serving back-of-house uses are restored for public use—including the Center for Research in the Humanities, dedicated to research and scholarly work. Other proposed enhancements include the Marshall Rose Plaza, a new public entrance and terrace, new exhibition, retail, and café functions, as well as adding vertical circulation and upgrading building systems, all in deference to... En savoir plus

Projet • By spillmann echsle architektenBibliothèques

Militaerkaserne, Zurich

The military barracks are integrated into an overall compound designed according to the master plan by Johann Caspar Wolff. Their staggered, axial arrangement includes stables, a riding arena, depots, the parade ground and the armoury, which concludes the premises to the north. The grounds extend over the River Sihl and connect the city centre to the Aussersihl district. The barracks were subsequently constructed in a historicist style between 1873 and 1876 according to plans by Wolff’s successor, Johann Jakob Müller. The design gave the ideologically characterised development a fortified expression, its sandstone masonry tower acting as a central avant-corps.  The proposed project to convert it into an education centre... En savoir plus

Projet • By Alumil S.ABibliothèques

Municipal Library in Kozani

The Municipal Library of Kozani, Greece is the house of many great books of Greek literature, that have huge historical and cultural value. The new building complex which would shelter all  these important books should meet all the safety standards of a modern library that inspires the visitors with its design.   The relocation of the library in a larger space at the center of the city became the blueprint for the architects of ANCA (Antoniou – Castro & Associates) that submitted the proposal for the project. The plot of land in which the new library and its museum was constructed  stands out for its unique triangular shape.  Initially, the land had two farming warehouses. Their positioning guided in a w... En savoir plus

Projet • By Akb ArchitectsBibliothèques

Story Pod

The Story Pod, a community-supported lending library designed by Atelier Kastelic Buffey (AKB), is helping to invigorate the Town of Newmarket. The intensifying suburb, due north of Toronto, has a Victorian-era core surrounded by ever-growing tracks of modern housing. The pod, placed on the edge of a prominent, recently completed civic square, in the heart of the town’s historic district, continues the municipality’s plan to use contemporary design as a means of creating a lively, current-day hub for gathering within the leafy, quaint setting. This spirit of community cohesion comes through in the pod, having been imbued in the design from the earliest days of its inception. The Story Pod echoes AKB’s renowned residential... En savoir plus

Projet • By EntroBibliothèques

Salt Lake City Public Library

Entro worked with Pentagram and Safdie Architects on the identity, signage, and wayfinding program for the City Library in Salt Lake City.   The signage was created using stainless steel, etched glass, and vinyl, to create levels of transparency that mimic the overall design of the building.   Directional signage in the stacks uses a template for the Dewey Decimal System of book classification. It allows librarians to easily print out new inserts, should they need to update the numbers of shelving locations in the signs. En savoir plus

Projet • By MIKAMI ArchitectsBibliothèques

Tonami Public Library

It is a public library located in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture.   The spectacular scenery of the quiet Tonami Plain is unparalleled. The panorama of the scattered villages, which was once the food basket of the Kaga domain, has been passed down from ancient times as a beautiful idyllic landscape. The reason is the dignity of the locals, who have both rationality and a rich spirit, and have evolved into a traditional wooden farmhouse called Azumachi. With that image in mind, I came up with the concept of an "open plan library under a big roof" facing the main street that runs through the city.   We wanted the roof with scale and gentle rolls to be a new landmark in Tonami. It is a modern interpretation of Azumadachi and is al... En savoir plus

Projet • By MIKAMI ArchitectsBibliothèques

Librio Yukuhashi Library

It is a complex facility centered on a library located in Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture. When building public architecture, especially in a  rural region, we believe that the utmost importance is to create a building that is only possible there. By drawing upon the historical context of an area, we want to create meaning  of the architecture to situate in the area.    A Town Called Yukuhashi [行橋] Yukuhashi City, in Fukuoka Prefecture, is located about 25 kilometers South-Southeast of Kitakyūshū City. It is a central city of the Keichiku Region with a population of roughly 70,000 people and, in recent years, has become a commuter town for those working in Kitakyūshū City. The name “Yukuhashi” comes fr... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 9 sept. 2020

Donald Dungan Library pays homage to California’s physical and cultural history with alabaster concrete facade

The design of the new Donald Dungan Library in sunny Costa Mesa in Southern California pays homage to both the physical and cultural history of the region. An alabaster concrete plastered facade evokes the humility of Spanish mission style adobe architecture ubiquitous in the area since the 1800s.  The two-story structure simultaneously updates this aesthetic to incorporate a mid-century modern vibe with sleek streamlined forms inspired by the aerospace industry, which led to massive economic and population expansion in SoCal after 1940. Dramatic curves, recessed cutouts and large arched windows are not only visually arresting but also enhance sustainability through at once harnessing natural light and also minimizing direct sun exposu... En savoir plus

Projet • By Nordic Copper from Aurubis FinlandBibliothèques

North Fitzroy Library and Community Hub

Gently curving, perforated “Nordic Brass” solar screens help to define the character of a key community building in Melbourne, Australia. They also enhance its sustainability, recognized by a 6-Star highest ‘Greenstar’ rating. Designed by architects GroupGSA, the North Fitzroy Library and Community Hub is a three-story building incorporating a library, Maternal Child Health Facility and various community spaces. The tapered site presents long facades to the east and west, whilst leaving little room for controlled northern solar exposure. The design concept overcomes that restriction by introducing a northern facade that is sequentially stepped along the West Axis, allowing controlled northern light to flood the buil... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 16 juil. 2020

Oslo’s new library opens with spectacular cantilever

More than a decade after the initial design competition, and delays due to COVID-19, Deichman Bjørvika, Oslo’s new main library is now open. Designed by Atelier Oslo and Lundhagem and located between Oslo Central Station and the Oslo Opera house, the design is characterised by dramatic cantilevers that extend out into the public realm. Credit: Einar Aslaksen A cantilevered floor to the east of the building cantilevers over the street, while the fourth floor cantilevers nearly 20 meters over an urban plaza. The architects explain that these cantilevered floors are suspended from the roof, which provides structural strength thanks to a folded geometry.   Credit: Einar Aslaksen The entry floor of the library is la... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 24 juin 2020

Bolles+Wilson shapes National Library of Luxembourg like amphitheatre for reading under long span roof

The Bibliotheque Nationale de Luxembourg (BnL) was completed in 2019 after a complex gestation and construction period that began in 2003 with a design competition in the Kirchberg precinct to convert the European Parliament building into a new library. After a number of revisions related to changing political mandates, the site was repositioned from the western to the eastern end of Avenue JFK, allowing a revised articulation of the library and its surrounding context. © Christian Richters The structure, designed by German/Australian architecture firm Bolles+Wilson is complex and multifaceted, with a flowing sequence of spaces contained within a compact and energy efficient building volume befitting its task of housing and prote... En savoir plus
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model

Projet • By Just Open ArchitectureBibliothèques

The Book Tower of Warsaw

JOA has revealed their first-prize winning project of the competition ‘libgen: towards a new class of evolutionary libraries’ proposing an alternative library design in warsaw, poland. the new library will serve regionally, juxtaposing with the warsaw university library, serving as an incubation center of technological innovation,  intellectual workforce that encourages communication.  JOA aimed to create a social platform for learning and studying, targeting the contemporary society of the future. in order for the architects to achieve this goal, before anything, they studied thoroughly all documented history on public libraries. according to their research, in a traditional library, books are the main element that... En savoir plus

Projet • By GEC ArchitectureCentres communautaires

Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

Niché dans les contreforts ondulés du nord-ouest de Calgary, au Canada, le YMCA Shane Homes à Rocky Ridge (YMCA Shane Homes) est l'un des plus grands YMCA du monde et fournit à la région des équipements de bien-être essentiels. Cette installation sert de centre régional pour les rassemblements communautaires, les programmes culturels, les installations récréatives et les services de garde d'enfants. Le vaste vitrage et le toit en bois courbé qui relie chaque espace créent une atmosphère inclusive et dynamique, qui attire les passants et éveille leur curiosité.   Le YMCA Shane Homes s'inspire des collines ondulantes et des horizons... En savoir plus

Projet • By aatvosBibliothèques

Cologne Public Library in Kalk

As one of the most challenging old industrial areas of Cologne (Germany), the Kalk area wanted to reinvent itself by breathing new life into its community. A modern, technologically advanced and interactive library was a first step toward an open community and a contemporary Kalk.Social inclusion at Stadtbibliothek KölnThe idea was to create non-commercial place that was inviting to international visitors and set the tone for people to meet, find information and share knowledge. All ages, from children to the elderly, had to be accommodated. The final goal was for all visitors to have the same opportunities to work, read, learn, play, or simply meet up.From Playing Games to Serious Design ThinkingThe initial idea revolved around social... En savoir plus

Projet • By Design Action & AssociatesÉcoles secondaires

Ripple Library

Drops falling onto lake cause ripples, as if people acquire knowledge from ​​books, transform information to inspiration by pondering over and over again, ultimately turn into brilliant interpretation.The project is under direct subsidy scheme secondary school instituted by government; campus has been worn out over 35 years and associated with problems such as low usage rate of library. In view of this, the designer hopes to beautify the premises and refurbish existing library with warm atmosphere, thereby achieving effective passing on of knowledge, inspiring students and develop a better society for the future. En savoir plus