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Projet • By Ramon Esteve EstudioPaysage résidentiel


La maison est conçue comme un ensemble de murs en béton faisant face à différentes directions, comprimant et élargissant les vues. Les surfaces verticales sont limitées horizontalement par de longs cantilevers qui créent des vérandas qui entourent la grande terrasse. Les vues vers l'extérieur sont encadrées entre les surfaces architecturales et la surface de la piscine.   Plus de l'architecte:   Située dans un cadre d'une grande beauté et d'un paysage précieux, en face de la mer Méditerranée, entre El Portixol et Cala Blanca, la maison Sardinera se dresse au sommet d'une colline, bordée par un promontoire entrant dan... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dominique Coulon & associésSalles de concert

Henri Dutilleux Conservatoire

‘Henri Dutilleux’ Conservatoire of Music, Dance and Dramatic Arts, Belfort The building is located in the upper part of the town. It backs onto the woods, forming the final outlying limit of the built-up area. Echoing the open landscape, it faces to Belfort Lion on the hilltop opposite. In this strong context, the building offers its solidity, an almost opaque mass of grey concrete. The surface of the mass has an unusual texture, hinting at plants or the veins in marble. It has been achieved by drip painting in two shades of blue. The drips of paint lend depth and thickness to the skin of the building. The surfaces vibrate in the light, apparently in motion – matter ceases to be static. The concrete monolith exudes an enigmatic prese... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dominique Coulon & associésAuditoriums

Media library [Third-Place] in Thionville

This project has the ambition of becoming a new model for media libraries. The programme calls the functions of a media library into question, lending it the content of a ‘third place’ – a place where members of the public become actors in their own condition, a place for creation as well as reception. In association with the basic programme, the building includes areas for displays, creation, music studios, and a café-restaurant.To give meaning to this new programme, it seemed necessary to question the way in which a place of this kind is produced. The various activities in the programme blend into each other, creating a dynamic arrangement.The spatial principle is based on a non-hierarchical superposition of different systems. The buil... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jung HQMaisons privées

Bredeney House

The Bredeney House with its generous driveway in an open, semi-public front garden, takes reference from the partly still existing 1960s houses. A separation from the public space is only achieved by the level of the house itself. As regards its modesty, the large, lying building is to a greater extent also oriented by earlier buildings in this quarter. It rather sees itself as a manifesto against the much too extensive arbitrariness of today’s “villa architecture”. The interior programme of the residence follows the wishes expressed by the residents and naturally rests on the existing topography. A hall connects the 4-metre high ground level accommodating the kitchen, the dining and living areas to the wing with private rooms. The paren... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jung HQMaisons privées

Detached house

The detached house in Dortmund impresses with its simple elegance. Large glass areas let lots of light enter the house and provide a direct view of the pool from the living room. Kitchen, eating area and living room are arranged in a large, L-shaped space. A dark wooden floor makes an attractive contrast to the light walls. The electrical installation by JUNG blends in harmoniously with the overall design and connects all technical functions such as lighting, shade and heating control with the KNX system. The door intercom system with video function from JUNG provides security for the residents. The electrical installation is maintained in the classic LS 990 switch design. In pure white, it sets clear, puristic accents. With its high qua... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jung HQMaisons privées

Residence Tower Stuttgart

This plot, which is situated on a steep slope, was created by multiple subdivisions of a formerly large overall site. Like the whole building, the outdoor areas are oriented toward the side with the view. Due to the site’s topography, the four levels of the house all extend deep into the slope. The above-ground areas of the sides are mainly solid. All the main rooms are designed with floor-to-ceiling or multi-storey glazing towards the southwest, thus allowing splendid views. The living spaces are located on the upper storeys so that their inhabitants can enjoy spectacular views. Two voids are primarily responsible for generating a sense of transparency within the house. One of them, which is located in the southeast section of the build... En savoir plus

Projet • By Alexander Brenner ArchitectsMaisons privées

An der Achalm

The location on a steep south-facing slope required an access to the house from the public road running below to the site situated about 12 metres higher. These conditions inspired the idea of embedding a mountain pass road into the site, which serves both as a drive and a footpath. At the top end, one reaches a generous piazza, which is framed by low walls. At this point, the site already offers magnificent views to the valley and to the slopes on the opposite side. One can even see the Schönberg Tower, which was built according to plans by Theodor Fischer in 1905 at the Albtrauf in the neighbouring town of Pfullingen. The powerful appearance of the tower with two white soaring vertical sections partly inspired the basic idea for the res... En savoir plus

Projet • By HPP ArchitectsUniversités

Hochschule Ruhr West / University of Applied Sciences

The Hochschule Ruhr West - University of Applied Sciences in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, in short the HRW, is part of a nationwide development of new universities. With a total of eight buildings and about 62,000 m² of GFA, the university has the dimensions of an autonomous district: four institute buildings, a canteen, a lecture hall and a library as well as a multi-storey car park have been built on the former railway site in the Broich district. The HRW functions not only as a new educational institution, but also as an important component of the urban development concept for the entire university surroundings. For this reason, the various campus buildings reflect the heights and volumes of the surrounding development and the campus it... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jung HQMusées

Museum für Comic und Sprachkunst

Since 2015, small and large fans can visit Mickey, Donald and Co. in Schwarzenbach a. d. Saale. In Germany's first museum for comics and the art of language, a permanent exhibition presents the life and work of the German "mother" of the residents of Duckburg. Erika Fuchs (1906-2005), the translator and chief editor of the German Mickey Mouse magazine, lived in Schwarzenbach in Upper Franconia for around 50 years. The high point of the 600 m² exhibition is the walk-through Duckburg with the money bath in the money bin. The museum has a central location in Bahnhofstrasse. As the foremost building line, it follows the existing layout of the road. With its full-height, seamless façade projecting backwards, it stands out from the surroundin... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jung HQHôtels

Park Hyatt Sanya Hainan

At the southernmost end of the tropical island of Hainan – also known as China’s Hawaii – the Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay Resort rests behind its private beaches of white sand at the heart of a breathtaking bay. Developed by Belgian architect Jean-Michel Gathy and his architecture firm Denniston, the resort’s six solitary and arched structures allow nature’s “chi” to flow freely between the ocean and mountains, while giving guests the best possible views of the captivating natural surroundings from any location. The buildings are linked by boardwalks, where skilfully staged paintings and sculptures create a soothing stroll through the works of art. The modern, elegant interior design in a nuanced Chinese style imparts a homelike a... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jung HQHôtels

The Beautique Hotel Figueira

In the old town of Lisbon, at the "Praça da Figueira", is the 4-star Beautique Hotel Figuera. The lively entertainment district of the city, the Bairro Alto, is only a few minutes away. And the famous railway station Rossio is within walking distance. The name Figueira (fig tree in English) not only gives the hotel its name, but is much more the motif for the complete interior design. The design was the responsibility of the prize-winning studio Nini Andrade Silva. As a symbol for the beauty of nature, an artificial fig tree grows through the complete building over all eight floors. Branches, leaves and fruit wind from the entrance via the guest rooms to the spa area and the roof terrace. The trunk of the fig tree breaks through all floo... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jung HQMaisons privées

Single family home

The story begins on the outskirts of Leipzig. The client’s wish: To create their very own home for their family. The challenge facing the architects: A narrow, triangular parcel of land situated in a heterogeneous residential estate. The impressive result: Today, a small villa formed by three structures. To fully utilise the limited space, three functional modules emerged for the needs of work, sleep, services and garage. These were stacked around a central open living space to preserve the open areas around the construction site for a later transformation into useful outdoor spaces. The result is a forecourt with an entrance to the east facing an open field and a sheltered garden to the west and the surrounding gardens. The family... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jung HQMaisons privées

Residence, Böblingen

Originally built in 1970, the owners decided in 2012 to modernise this single-family home in Böblingen to meet the needs of the future. Thus began the insulation of the roof with a top-class bath to be constructed in the newly created 18-square metre space in the attic. After 12 weeks of conversion, a true oasis of comfort appeared, exactly as the owners requested. Purist, easy to maintain, seamless and expansive. The space under the sloping roof finds optimal use through the placement of the bathtub. From here, the residents can enjoy views of the sky. The centrally positioned shower blurs spatial boundaries and creates a visual appearance of abundant space. The breathable walls and their smooth finish underscore the purist character o... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jung HQMaisons privées

House K3

The family home with swimming pool built in 2015 lies on the edge of orchards and fields in the Sonnenberg district of Stuttgart. It is situated here in a row of identical detached houses. The dimensions of the new buildings with saddle roof were specified by the planning authorities – and the new buildings thus fit into the town planning environment. The homogenous design of the façade and roof from horizontally mounted fibre cement panels in off-white strengthens the dimensions of the building and constitutes its distinctiveness. On the street side, a large pitched dormer dominates the roof. In the interior it serves as a central illumination element for the stairway, which is open to the roof. Towards the garden, the façade reflects... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jung HQBureaux

WetterOnline, Bonn Residential and Office Buildings

Directly behind the Bonn docks and overlooking the Siegaue Nature Reserve, stand the twin buildings of “Dock House” and “Weather House”. The former home to high-quality freehold flats, the latter to the head offices of WetterOnline. The Weather House office building, located upriver, has three full floors and a smaller penthouse level situated above its 16 x 16 metre footprint, including a flood-proof underground car park beneath its foundation. From the outside, the building presents a striking image with the large glazed surfaces of its façade. The interior of the Weather House meets KfW efficiency standard 70 thanks in part to highly insulated windows and building insulation well above legally required standards. Due to its location... En savoir plus