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Projet • By AshariArchitectsBars

Upcycle Cafe ( Ferdowsi Cafe )

Upcycling Café is about 360 square meters.It is a part of Persian Golf complex in shiraz .The main goal of designing is creating environmental , social and economic sustainability .The waste materials , existing in the location of the project and a locality of collecting wastes ,have been applied .The designing details is in such a way that employer was able to implement them without professional builder. Devoting part of the cafe to eatable vegetables not only provided economic self-efficiency , but also filtered the interior air . We destroyed a portion of exterior wall to supply natural light for plants . Social interaction has been realized through variety of seating , an insular counter and a stage . We used some materials from the pre... En savoir plus



The Matteo maple is the reinterpretation of a classic of our brand. The lines were straight and the volumes lightened. The model has gained a new bearing, a new attitude and simple yet relevant formal details. The maple Matteo does not fail to evoke the classic lines of the golden decades of furniture design. En savoir plus



Ohana is a set of poufs that share the same shapes in 4 different and autonomous versions as the elements of a true family. With a friendly design and a light character,they look for creative minds and dynamic spaces. Ohana can be translated as "family" in the Hawaiian language. En savoir plus

Projet • By Cera StribleyPaysage résidentiel

Chomley II

As a reimagining of a classic Edwardian home, Chomley II represents improvement through restoration and redesign. From the street perspective, the heritage facade is preserved and fits the surrounding environment. Inside, Chomley II is transformed into a home featuring open plan design and a sunlit courtyard. En savoir plus

Projet • By Cera StribleyAppartements

Domain Apartment

Located in the historic Boyd designed Domain Park Flats, this apartment offered near pristine preservation of the 1959 original design. Setting out to create a more current and contemporary feel whilst protecting the modernist features of the original design, we look to an open plan design in order to optimise natural light and the view of the neighbouring Botanic Gardens.Working from the foundations of the modernist Boyd designed framework, this elegant apartment uses the generous natural light to create an open and welcoming interior. Stained oak timber joinery and plush carpets complement these natural highlights to create a sense of luxe retreat in the heart of the city. With a concealed bar and balcony with vista views, the open plan l... En savoir plus

Projet • By Cera StribleyLogement

Balaclava Townhouses

A striking facade and textured brickwork with subtle angles, Balaclava is an exciting development and a welcome addition to the surrounding streetscape of William Street. The architecture exudes a dynamic play of natural light, movement and shadow, conveyed by multi-faceted exteriors and textured surfaces.Continuing with a lighter palette of natural tones, the materials of the interiors of Balaclava complement the architecture. The use of timber throughout is integral to the friendly atmosphere of the residences, the courtyard transitions seamlessly with the interior living room, as well as the outdoor natural environment. This focus on the cohesion of the building with the streetscape is cemented by using more suburban materials in sl... En savoir plus

Projet • By OIII architecten bvBureaux


What makes you enjoy going to work? For Atlassian it is the core business. The company develops software for cooperation and agile work processes and has been selected as best employer in the world. Everything is based on the idea that people achieve more when they enjoy their work. How that is manifested in practice is clear from the interior of the new Amsterdam office. An Amsterdam canal belt building dating from the 1950s has been converted into an open and informal workspace. The company’s character connects informally with the Amsterdam building’s local identity. Atlassian is an international company, but also aims to reflect the local identity in the atmosphere and design of its offices.The reference point in Amsterdam was... En savoir plus

Projet • By AIR GARDENParcs/jardins


Client: AIR GARDEN ShowroomLocation: Vitoria-GasteizDate: 2012System: AG 2 POSTMUR + AG CESTRUCT PLANT and ecological Orchard.Project: Our AIR GARDEN vertical gardens adapt to multiple existing enclosures. With the AG 2 POSTMUR system (poles for two rows of baskets) we were able to maintain the old stone wall that surrounded the plot. The result: a perfect combination between different organic materials.This project is a clear example of the versatility of AIR GARDEN. In the remaining wall that surrounds the plot, we installed a vegetable garden combined with decorative baskets, full of white stones.Both in the AG POSTMUR system and in AG POSTDIV, it is possible to add AG LUX lighting, composed of low energy cost Led bulbs, respectful with... En savoir plus

Projet • By 3ARQUITECTOSBanques

Banco Solidario

Located in the center of the financial district in Quito, Ecuador Solidario Bank has a structure built in the 80's. The internal space of this floor had never remodeled, so the configuration was not very flexible, and the spaces were dark and very partitioned.We decided to tear apart all the interior walls, and create a very open and collaborative space, where the work positions were organized in an open plan.We left the original ceilings of the building untouched in some areas, and painted them in a light corporate color, and used contrast with plain white ceilings to mark off the working spacesSome private offices and meeting rooms were closed with glass partitions, not interrupting the visual communication between the spaces and the conc... En savoir plus

Projet • By 3ARQUITECTOSBureaux

EF - Education First Offices - Quito - Ecuador

The office is located in the heart of the financial district in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The floor is divided in 2 areas, one for the faculty and workers, meeting rooms and conference rooms, and the other half for classrooms and student areas.In the center the reception area welcomes the visitors, with a lounge where staff, visitors and students can rest or wait for their next class. Since the ceilings were not that high, we decided to play with them in different ways. In most areas we took them completely away and painted them in black to make them “disappear”. In the classrooms, where more lighting, sound and projection was needed, we used lower ceilings to cover all the installations.Most of the office concept is open space, and wh... En savoir plus

Projet • By Beyond Design Consultants & ArchitectsBureaux

Globant Workplace Design

The inspiration was nature. Since the organization works in a very collaborative way, the theme was then woven with elements which support co-working. The design style adapted was modern yet with a theme of nature interwoven. So right from the moss in the reception, to the “ walk in the woods “ towards the cafeteria or the “ learning tree “ collaborative space to the acrylic birds in the ceiling to the grass floor in café, every space has a touch of this theme. The office is spread across 2 floors with almost 40,000 sft of carpet area on each level. With 1200 nos of 120 degree workstations, it can become a maze to move around and find your path. Hence we divided the entire office in 4 quadrants, each of which has a steel pipe... En savoir plus

Projet • By Intro ArquitecturaBureaux


Valuar has become a strategic partner of many of Argentina´s most renowned companies in the recruitment of executives for their top management and key position. The team desired a motivating and elegant environment with open space, private rooms and meeting rooms, so the designers responded with a simple concept which plays with boundaries.There is a multitude of interactions in everyday life; between people and things, things and spaces, inside and outside. Blurring, erasing, or slightly shifting the lines between these boundaries can challenge and loosen our preconceptions, giving rise to new spaces.If one takes a closer look at the gaps between two differing materials, metal frames and plants, it becomes apparent that there are no clear-... En savoir plus

Projet • By M-Ofis ArchitectsBanques

TFKB Headquarters - Interior Design Project

33 storey building that constructed in Ümraniye – İstanbul – Turkey is designed as the new headquarters for Türkiye Finans Participation Bank with 60.559 sqm total construction area. The multi-national partnership and the participational structure of the company were taken into consideration to be emphasized during the design process.Initial idea of the conceptual design derieved from TFKB brand motto, “Surplus value instead of consumption” and claiming to generate surplus value from the participation idea are described in design geometry. The conjectural power that generated in center by different forces moving through four directions of the brand logo is symbolized by rhombus. This element formed to represent the constituted “pr... En savoir plus

Projet • By C&W Design + BuildBureaux


We’re growing. That’s something we’re doing all the time, and that’s good news. And it has consequences on our offices: at a certain point, we had pushed our space to the limit and we had to find a new solution. After a fruitless search that included viewing a number of different locations, one of our neighbours moved out and the solution dropped into our lap: we could expand our current offices.The biggest challenge was making the expansion organically blend with the existing office, while at the same time creating an entirely new version of the old. The office had to be an example of the integration of styles and materials, it had to be a world of experience in itself. With outstandingly equipped workstations, a surprising variety of spac... En savoir plus

Projet • By Parasite StudioBureaux

A completely demountable office space

This space was modelled for a furniture manufacturer firm. The overall interior design together with the panelling system is demountable so as to allow for a further reassamblage.Having a support structure lacking in architectural and spatial value in particular, the project aims to highlight some elements to organise the exterior area, to wrap the space completely, establishing various connections with the patio and the exterior garden.In the proposal, the light, warm wood texture prevails, balanced only by the accents in the dark grey metallic panels, while the details of the furniture and the configuration of the light fittings bring substance in the space.The project proposes a working space for six people with a specially-designed rela... En savoir plus