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Projet • By PLTFRMA Oficina de ArquitecturaBureaux


The new headquarters of this Association meant a great opportunity to renew the goals and the image that AERI sought to project to its partners and collaborators in this new stage. Héctor Hernández V. Héctor Hernández V. With a simple palette of materials and tones, AERI's operational facilities achieve their own sober and elegant character that allows activities to be carried out in a more efficient way in terms of space and more harmonious in terms of experiences. Héctor Hernández V. Héctor Hernández V. En savoir plus

Projet • By MR StudioMaisons privées

Triplex House

Located in the Santo Amaro Bay, between the beautiful Oeiras Garden and the Santo Amaro beach, this sibling house was redesigned to carefully balance the existing house and to carefully meet the long-term needs of a young professional couple. The main challenge was to create a completely revitalised house that translates the contemporaneity and the sense of comfort, calm, and purity, but still maintained the house's heritage. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption En savoir plus

Projet • By HYJAMaisons privées

Urban Villas

A Relaxing vibe was the driving thought behind the conceptualization of AA Urban Villas. The building itself was a mix used between a working space and a house. Lower levels are used for the work area where the owner works there. So the idea was to create a different surrounding resort feel like a house on the top floor. It was like coming home to a holiday home, a resort on a high cliff in Uluwatu, Bali. Ernest Theofilus Looking sunset on the pool deck in the afternoon. Makes the owner forget that they were living in the hustle-bustle of city life, after a hectic working hour. The land consists of 800m2. Inspired by resort villas, the building is separated into 2 blocks. Ernest Theofilus The front building consists of a Living,... En savoir plus

Projet • By Arquitectura en Movimiento WorkshopHôtels


Located in the city of Valladolid, the third most populated city in the state of Yucatan. Rafael Gamo Design premise: a broad urban analysis and a deep study of its inhabitants, culture and customs. Our conclusion was to discover the great activity, taste and devotion of the “Vallisoletanos” for community life through daily social coexistence in free, open spaces. Conceptualized as a master plan, to add to the city and the few existing public spaces (The Main Square and the Convent’s park), reinforcing the popular activities of the locals around culture, art and gastronomy. Rafael Gamo The hotel program only needed 30% of the space of the 40902.86ft² lot, located on one of the main avenues;  the archi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Samuelov StudioBureaux

Kaufman Group

Our work for Kaufman, one of the leading importers and distributors in the fields of health, comfort, design and lifestyle in Israel, was full of creativity. Kaufman Group is steadily expanding in all directions, from the web to brick and mortar. The newly created logistical center for the Kaufman space needed to depict this growth, as well as house and showcase all of its brands. It needed to embody a logistical center, but it also needed character and design.   Uzi Porat Uzi Porat The inspiration for this design utilized the personality of all of Kaufman's brands, this includes the classic Italian design (Natuzzi), the comfort and ergonomics (Dr. Gav), the young vibe (Marley), and others. Through the diversity of the desig... En savoir plus

Projet • By Chain + SimanAppartements

Península Apartment

This 400 sq m apartment in Mexico City is characterized by the simplicity of its shapes, open spaces, and a neutral palette that results in an aesthetic, functional and structural balance. The main lobby a transitional element; a gray Rochelle marble box with scenographic LED lights makes a dynamic use of linear lighting that highlights the cube’s textures. Rafael Gamo The living room, kitchen and dining room are all located in one common area where the natural iron chimney subtly fragments the space. Walnut wood covers both the floor and walls, resulting in a timeless, warm and flexible atmosphere. The kitchen, which opens up to the social areas of the apartment, is composed of an island with marble topping that sits next to... En savoir plus

Projet • By a-designstudioHôtels

Avani Kalutara Resort

Avani Kalutara Resort is a casual two hour drive from the city of Colombo. The resort is situated on a prime strip of land where the views cover the lake, lagoon, and the ocean. The picturesque setting creates a unique atmosphere for a resort hotel. Caption Overall design concepts developed for the common spaces; reception, all day dining, suites, indoor and outdoor lounges, and bar were to emphasize on vibrance of resort living, by bringing in subtle hints of colour, whilst maintaining a balance between the architecture and interior design elements. Caption The reception area was uplifted with casual lounge furniture, and sand tone floor finishes keeping in mind the grand lawn beyond the open French windows. The white wash timb... En savoir plus

Projet • By Steven Leach GroupHôtels

Maltluxe Whisky House

climate, craftsmen, history, and time … are the mythical elements that turn water, malted barley and yeast into highly prized Scottish whiskies. Angus Dundee Distillers PLC, is one of the largest whisky distributors in Scotland and they also own 2 famous award winning distilleries; Tomintoul, situated in the prestigious Speyside Glenlivet region, and Glencadam located in Eastern Highlands in the town of Brechin. Their Scotch Whisky is sold in blended, deluxe blended, single malt, blended malt and single cask varieties. With over 60 years of experience in the Whisky trade, they have access to not only rare Scotch but to the holy grail of rare ‘Single Cast Malts Barrels’ from distilleries across Scotland. Steven Leach Ho... En savoir plus

Projet • By HaalBureaux

Aut-Comp Office

The renovation project for the Aut-Comp office started rethinking layout partitions to adapt to current workflow. The new layout proposes spatial integration and avoids pre-established usage only, providing users spatial adaptation in day by day use. The new meeting room, for example, can be integrated to commun area through opening the sliding door. Additionally the dark gray built-in custom furniture spreads along the rooms suggesting how the space works and connecting areas. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption En savoir plus

Projet • By HaalMagasins

Mariano Store

Mariano is a lean and basic menswear brand with a timeless approach and has a hybrid operation, with online and physical presence. Caption The goal of the physical store is to become a point of contact between customer and product, while communicating the brand values through the store design. Construction had to be very fast paced, therefore very simple construction techniques were used, communicating the brand simplicity through a palette of whites reinforced with different textures and soft lighting. Caption In order to frame and highlight the products, we detached the store volume from the mall alignment, and designed a see-through fabric panel in the facade that provides privacy to the inside while instigating customers.... En savoir plus

Projet • By Iñigo BeguiristainAppartements

JS Apartment Refurbishment

Floor-through apartment with spectacular lights and views. Hidden, as usual, in a tangle of partitions walls and doors that cut up the house according to ancient requirements and old ways of life. The demand for light and open spaces has also been encouraged by the pandemic. The intervention is limited to the modulated and subtle, minimal, surgical, geometric manipulation of the furniture and partitions necessary for life. Large container volumes build the watertight negative of a continuous space, which flows and dynamizes the way of occupying and inhabiting life. The solid oak floor suggests, on the one hand, the rigorous rhythm that governs the floor plan, brings color, emphasizes depth and introduces, at the same time, the necessary nat... En savoir plus

Projet • By KORZHAN studioAppartements

3d architectural visualization KORZHAN interior

3ds max + corona renderYear : 2020Country : FranceRender, 3d visualization , interior En savoir plus

Projet • By Grande Interior DesignBureaux

A warm and chic office

To create a modern and harmonious workspace with a people-oriented design concept, our designer integrated nature by blending the greenery elements into a traditional office, creating a warm yet focused workspace for the colleagues ina spacious flat of 8,000 square feet. While the color, material, as well as furniture choice are delicately chosen by the designer, fused with various plants to bring nature indoors, a touch-up with wooden tones, revives a traditional office into a more energetic space to spend all day long. Caption The first spot which catches your attention is probably the studio reception which is illustrated by a curved-line desk made with bronze, a wooden stripe pattern on the curved ceiling, as well as the material... En savoir plus

Projet • By B PlaceAppartements

Chicago Sunset

CHICAGO SUNSET est un appartement dans le complexe résidentiel du même nom avec une vue panoramique sur la ville. Une attention particulière a été accordée aux détails, un établi vintage et des couchers de soleil monstrueusement beaux. A la limite de la brutalité et de l'élégance - c'est ainsi que l'on peut caractériser l'esprit du projet. À l'origine, il s'agissait de deux appartements distincts réunis en conservant la division entre les zones privées et communes. Caption Caption La partie commune de l'appartement présente un environnement aéré, un véritable mélange de textures, de styles et... En savoir plus

Projet • By Steven Leach GroupBureaux

Tomofun Furbo Dog Camera

The success of technology companies in recent years comes down to the passion and drive of the founder along with the superb dedication of the start-up, with everyone working towards a common solution. At Tomofun, the goal was to solve a very specific problem that pet owners faced each day and the team let loose their creative ideas to become a global market leader focused on the unique needs of dogs. One of the pioneer products on the market, the “Furbo Dog Camera” is the #1 best-selling pet camera on Amazon in the US, Canada, UK, and Japan. The learning curve is steep – but the work is exhilarating and the aim is to bring innovative products to pet lovers of the world. SLA Taipei SLA Taipei Our SL+A design tea... En savoir plus