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Projet • By De VormBureaux

Metro Markets Office

Urselmann Interior completed a large-scale office renovation for Metro Markets in Düsseldorf. The main design idea was to transform the old office into a modern, dynamic space where employees feel comfortable and connected.  Vibrant environment for young talents The "feel-good" factor was particularly important for this project. The client wanted to provide employees with a functional, yet playful space and many opportunities for fun and synergy. Another task was to create an attractive workplace for IT professionals. Their team is constantly growing and recruiting young talents is one of the top priorities. Urselmann Interior used the corporate identity as a basis for the new interior. To create the desired fresh and youthfu... En savoir plus

Produit • By AxolightU-light acoustic pendant

U-light acoustic pendant

Collection consisting of wall lamps, ceiling lamps and suspended lamps in aluminium. Available in several sizes and colours: anthracite grey and rust brown. Built-in dimmable LED light source. The pendant version has also sound-absorbing properties that make U-light a lamp with excellent acoustic performance. En savoir plus

Produit • By LINVISIBILEInfinito Vertical Pivot Door

Infinito Vertical Pivot Door

The innovative Infinito system allows to apply diverse decorative finishes over the panel surfaces, thanks to an aluminium outer frame system which hosts the preselected coating. The variety of finishes that can be applied to the Infinito vertical pivot extends to any material with a maximum thickness of 3 mm and an overall weight below 70 kg.   Infinito Vertical Pivot door swivels open on a vertical axis, thanks to a sophisticated hidden pivot system. Available with or without stop, the door can rotate on itself up to 360° opening, obtaining a very exciting movement effect.   Furthermore, the versatility of this product also offers the opportunity to apply different finishes on both sides of the leaf and to personalise th... En savoir plus

Projet • By Matern ArchitektenMagasins


The move of the showroom of Malermeister AHLE GmbH to new premises offered the opportunity to redesign the contact between customers and the painting company. Also the unique selling proposition of the company AHLE in the region of Paderborn, the distribution and processing of English paints, varnishes and wallpapers of the company "Farrow & Ball", is newly staged.The traditional English company served as inspiration for the classic English furniture and fittings. The very high-quality lacquered joinery, with solid wood panels made of oak and porcelain handles, stand in stark contrast to the raw room shell. Here, the use of noble floor, ceiling and wall designs was deliberately avoided and all technical and constructional elements were... En savoir plus

Projet • By Matern ArchitektenBureaux


In the unused cafeteria of the Paderborn Fraunhofer Institute, a modern coworking space called "Idea Engine" has been created. Here workshops are held that bring together science and industry for futurology and product innovation. The image of the Future Workshop also serves as a design principle: an unpolished workshop character is intended to create a creative atmosphere.The four areas of the 220m² large area divide the space thanks to an industrial-style glass partition wall: in the "Ideation Space" there is plenty of room for brainstorming. Large whiteboard areas, mobile desks and a seating stand create a multifunctional space for coworking, presentation and creativity.The "Creation Space" serves as a workshop for developing protot... En savoir plus

Projet • By Bartlett & AssociatesBureaux

Crown Lobby - 5255 Yonge Street

Avec un emplacement de choix sur la rue Yonge Nord, cette tour de bureaux de Toronto vieille de 30 ans était très prometteuse pour les nouveaux propriétaires, Crown Realty. Mais si l'immeuble devait se montrer à la hauteur de son potentiel - et attirer des entreprises jeunes et dynamiques comme locataires - les intérieurs devaient être adaptés au 21e siècle.   Avant d'être réaménagé par le studio d'architecture intérieure Bartlett & Associates, le hall d'entrée de la tour était sombre et claustrophobe, avec des cloisons revêtues de granit enveloppant les parties supérieures et un imposant bureau de réception... En savoir plus

Projet • By Form4 ArchitectureBureaux


For the offices of a global search engine company, Form4 Architecture created a modern and sophisticated workplace that celebrates the story of salt production, a prominent Bay Area industry dating back to 1854.  The design draws upon the history and characteristics of the South Bay landscape, as well as the confluence of nature and industry.   The workplace includes three branded cafés with al-fresco dining and seating for 216; a fitness center with lockers rooms and outdoor exercise area; meeting rooms in a variety of configurations for group interactions and private conversations; a 178-seat auditorium aptly named “Tech Talk” for company presentations and guest speakers; and 50 electric vehicle charging sta... En savoir plus

Projet • By MH.AP StudioMagasins

For Prats, An Artisan Jewelry & Workshop.

Located in the historic center of Reus since 1950, J.Prats is a jewellery shop and workshop where Pere Prats, son and apprentice of Josep Prats, continues the family tradition with a personal and unique style.   The existing space remained untouched since its beginning in the 50s: low ceilings and low light with the workshop hidden from the public, as were most jewelries back then. The main goal was to open the workshop to the public without compromising security, grant more light, act as background of the main product and enhance the spatial sensation by doubling its height at the entrance. The shop’s refurbishment had to reflect the detail and the elegance of our client’s work and product.   The whole faça... En savoir plus

Projet • By MH.AP StudioAppartements

For Marcel, A Loft in a Warehouse

An abandoned 100m2 storage space in a basement of a building from the 50’s in Barcelona turned into a loft & studio: a project that develops around two patios: a bigger one with loads of light, and a smaller that ensures good crossed natural ventilation.   The living area is parallel to the big patio, 13'5x4m originally built with Catalan vaults ceiling to be maintained. A small shed located in the big patio used to cover 1/2 of the patio, but to gain more natural light, it’s reduced to 1/4th of the area. This is where Marcel’s room is located, looking at the outdoor shower and the planters. Industrial Oak flooring was chosen for its aesthetic coherence with the existing form.    Next to the entrance... En savoir plus

Projet • By hcreatesCentres de bien-être

Doc's Barbershop

The brief was to create a hiatus for the modern man that delivered a high-end, cut and shave barber experience with the addition of a bar and pre/post shave “chill” space. Located in the popular Chengdu Taikoo Li mall customers would be encouraged to have a cocktail and cut whilst their partners’ shopped next-door. The design concept was a modern take on the roaring 30’s gentrification by tying classical elements with thoughtfully introduced bold and modern details. The intertwining of masculine details through a lens of soft elegance.  Greeted by a bar on arrival and a large curved plush velvet banquette surrounded by a logo etched copper wall, Doc’s delivers a grand high-end aesthetic.  Art deco c... En savoir plus

Projet • By Studio StockholmBureaux

3 Sweden

In late September 2018, mobile operator Tre (Three) moved into its new premises on Entrétorget 5, across from the Globe arena in Stockholm’s Söderstaden. Studio Stockholm has been responsible for the interior design and been a strategic advisor throughout the entire project, which began with a search for premises in 2015. Through out our initial analyses we quickly came to the conclusion that Tre, with its growth rate, would require about 15,000 square metres, in its own, optimised building. The next step in the process was to identify and understand the typical Tre employee and what their current and future needs would be. Being able to offer the very best work environment, regardless of professional role and personality, was essential in... En savoir plus

Projet • By StudionomadMaisons privées


Lom Hai Jai aims to address the human side of city architecture, it attempts to allow the occupants can break away from boxed air-conditioned “building block” (2-4 residential stories building which occupies a large portion of the city.) Which lacks sufficient natural light and airflow. The project is also a showcase of possibility. It aims to rebel the norm, an anti-thesis to the most dominance type of residential architecture in the region. The goal is to achieve a unique design at an affordable price with ideal level of privacy for each family members, resolving the existed typology of city twin house design. The project comprises of 5 units in a form of townhouse building. The house is designed in U-shape plan, mass being subtracte... En savoir plus

Projet • By AshariArchitectsBureaux

HonarShahre Aftab Cineplex / Office

Located in Shiraz, Iran, 180 sqm. the limited office space of Honarshahre Aftab Cineplex Office was the challenge for our team to make the office management space a place to be experienced. The project is seeking to create a space to increase the interaction between the clients and office staff and also between the staff working. Creating intimate and dynamic environment leads to the point that staff feels they belong to the place and create a more efficient environment. In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals these items are considered:1) Fading the boundary between inside and outside (office space and complex lobby) in order to have more connection with the complex management: Continuing movement of the outside form to inside and c... En savoir plus

Projet • By AyEh(Seyedeh Ayeh Mirrezaei)Bureaux

office design

Designed by Seyedeh Ayeh Mirrezaei to be used as a real estate office, it is located on the seventeen floor of the building and is encompassed over 1184,000 square feet in New York City.Desk space is located at the front overlooking the high-rise buildings, with a meeting space at the left. A wooden shelving system was installed behind the desk in order to add more consistency to the walls while changing the composition of the white space behind manager. Ayeh animated some parts of New York City‘s urban map through lighting fixture made of LED lamps in an attractive pattern on the wall and ceiling. A roof light was inserted into the center through the narrow spaces of wooden triangle bring the light into the heart of the deep plan. The main... En savoir plus