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Projet • By Karv One DesignCentres d'exposition

ARK – Sailing into the Sea of Future

The innovation of design comes from daily life and leads the transformation of city life from tradition to the future. Karv One Design takes " Unbound Ark" as the design theme, fully combines "slow life" and "fast pace", breaking the limitations of time and space. Through the linkage of indoor semi-open areas and outdoor spaces, as well as the collision of different materials, the center has created a unique experience integrating sales, business, social interaction and lifestyles. Building the new generation of social center for high-net-worth individuals, the space in turn positively influences people's lifestyles in Foshan City. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption  ... En savoir plus

Projet • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.Logement

High Park Residential Living Wall

Type: Design, Installation Manufacturer: GSky Value: ≈ $10,000 Location: Toronto, ON Client: Residential Size: 44 sq. ft.   This GSKy living wall is a great addition to a newly renovated kitchen. The wall is framed with powder-coated aluminum, blending the living wall seamlessly from floor to ceiling. This living wall adds year-round colour and life to this indoor environment, while cleaning the air and increasing natural humidity. There is little maintenance needed for this system, as by using direct irrigation and auxiliary the plants are provided with everything they need. The potted system using in this installation makes it easy to modify the design. En savoir plus

Projet • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.Bureaux

Toronto Office Living Wall

Our feature living wall is a Fytotextile system (hydroponic and soil-based modular living wall system) developed at the University of Seville in Spain. It has been used across Europe since 2010 to create over 16,000 square metres of thriving vertical landscapes. Ginkgo Sustainability is pleased to offer this technology to the North American market through a partnership with the system manufacturer, @terapia_urbana (Urban Therapy). To learn more, contact us at 800-620-3340,, or visit us at En savoir plus

Projet • By GreenareaBureaux

Park Town II - Indoor vertical garden

Vertical garden of more than 70m2 and created with a dozen plant species preserved among lichens, mosses and plants. A unique composition that dialogues with the architecture of the space, beyond aesthetics. Efficient and sustainable biophilic design that permeates this imposing space with the sensations of nature. En savoir plus

Projet • By GreenareaCentres commerciaux

Intu Asturias - Green Decor

Decoration designed for the restaurant area of ​​the Intu Asturias shopping center. Imposing lichen plant lianas, suspended from the ceiling, surround the environment with jungle sensations as well as making it visually impressive. En savoir plus

Produit • By GreenareaMoss&Plants


Stabilised moss, plants and natural flowers – not to mention vertical gardens- provide a new original way to integrate green decor items into indoor spaces. Their realism cannot be possibly matched by any artificial product, as they are 100% natural. From Greenarea we offer the most suitable vegetable decoration for each client and / or space, developed in an integral way or in collaboration with the professionals required by each project. We accompany the entire creative process, execution and maintenance with maximum guarantees, professionalism and transparency. En savoir plus

Produit • By LIKO-SLiving Green Walls

Living Green Walls

Modular, self-irrigating and ecological system of indoor greenery.   ENERGY. GROWTHProductivity, focus, and health are essential ingredients for success. PlantBox® or Biotile® living walls bring with them all the benefits of green in the workplace. Multiplied a hundredfold. We spend over 90% of our time indoors in what we consider an "unnatural" environment. That's why we need to enrich it.  As with all our products, living walls can be combined and connected freely with all our systems.   NO RESTRICTIONSRecent research has shown that 94% of employees see their work environment as a reflection of their value to their employer, but only 39% feel that the space was designed with their needs in mind. Our living wal... En savoir plus

Projet • By Mariana MartiniAppartements

VIA TURATI | Tropical artsy

Mariana Martini’s Studio was invited to restyle and select the interior furniture for this recently renovated apartment. For this space, our studio chose every detail adhering to our trademark aesthetic; the greens of the tropical jungle mixed with urban modernity, as well as adding an elegant and feminine touch.Ph: En savoir plus

Projet • By Mariana MartiniAppartements

CROCETTA | mansarda

From this top floor in Crocetta, a breathtaking panoramic view allows you to admire the Velasca Tower. This apartment features Mariana Martini’s Studio’s trademark urban jungle genre. The soft colors blend with the green plants and contrast with the natural materials of the modern furniture. En savoir plus

Projet • By David Ito ArquiteturaAppartements

LDY Apartment

Minimal, open concept, cozy refurbished apartment. Published by: David Ito Arquitetura En savoir plus

Projet • By Nedlaw Living WallsBureaux

Bell Trinity Square

Well known in Toronto as '483 Bay', this office complex occupies part of the former site of the historic Eaton's Annex. Built in 1983, the property achieved LEED Gold certification in 2010 and is home to several high profile businesses and organizations. We worked with property managers Northam Realty to create a biofilter design that would complement this corporate atrium setting and further their green initiatives. En savoir plus

Projet • By dos G arquitectosBars

T-BAR - Indoor Green walls

T-bar est né comme un salon de thé, au fil des années il a évolué en élargissant l'offre à ses clients et en devenant une franchise de "restauration rapide naturelle". Pour l'ouverture d'une nouvelle succursale dans le centre bancaire de Panama, un concept était nécessaire, il devait mettre en évidence l'origine de la franchise et transmettre la nouvelle orientation culinaire. Un espace où les éléments clés du nouveau menu se lisent clairement dans le design, basé sur une nourriture saine faite avec des produits naturels et frais. Nous avons choisi d'utiliser le même matériau pour les murs et le sol afin d'évoquer le... En savoir plus

Produit • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.SemperGreenwall


SemperGreenwall by Ginkgo Sustainability is built up out of Flexipanels, the most flexible system on the market for creating robust vertical gardens. These pre-vegetated panels may be cut to any size and are a lightweight solution, +/- 45kg/m². They are easy to customize and install on interior and exterior walls, including curved surfaces, providing an instant green facade with acoustic and ecological benefits. Whether in Spain, Norway or Canada, our reference projects prove that a SemperGreenwall grows in diverse climatic regions. SemperGreenwall is equipped with a unique self-winterizing Plant Care System that includes remote monitoring. By means of this system, the plants are provided with daily required nutrients and water by an automa... En savoir plus


Barcelona apartment

This apartment was design to enjoy the outside views and have flawless relaxing time. With modern dark touch and exceptional materials choice. Client wanted to have something special and different comparing to other interiors in this region. En savoir plus

Projet • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignTerrains de jeux

Inner G - Family Activity Center

A family activity center is a place where your entire family can partake in various fun activities and games and bond together. Since family is an important part of the Saudi culture, CAS was commissioned to design the first-ever Family Activity Center in Riyadh, KSA. The complex has been designed to host a number of activities and is inspired by a desert oasis. The building features extensive landscaping with the activities taking place in a comfortable, naturally enclosed environment. En savoir plus