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Projet • By Firestone Building Products EMEAUsines

Meama Coffee Factory

Qui dit qu’une usine doit être grise et terne ? Ornant les collines à la périphérie de la ville de Tbilisi, l'usine de Meama Coffee est une vue à ne pas manquer. Associant des éléments futuristes tout en conservant la forme des collines environnantes, cette structure en L comprend des murs extérieurs en béton formant des plis, des parois vitrées inclinées, de nombreux lanterneaux et atriums, et une impressionnante toiture verte. Fondée en 2016, la société Meama est rapidement devenue le plus grand producteur de café de Géorgie. Elle importe des grains de café de qualité supérieure depuis le monde entier... En savoir plus

Projet • By Vizdome SpacePaysage commercial

The Magic Mushroom Story

Conception To decrease Urban Heat Island Effect we have decided to combine several methods. Surfaces that reflect and refract sunbeams, green roofs, formation of artificial air currents are used simultaneously in this project.  At the same time, the project is easy to be realized, its implementation doesn’t need significant material costs, developed constructions don't occupy much space.  To transform the location into the place comfortable for people and to eliminate Urban Heat Island Effect we propose to set on its territory three types of easy metal constructions in the shape of mushrooms: ·         1st type. Height 10 m, cap diameter 14 m.  Are designed for sunbeams reflection. Painted... En savoir plus

Projet • By Firestone Building Products EMEABureaux

Cougnaud Campus

La toiture du bâtiment a été étanchée grâce à RubberGard EPDM de Firestone - une membrane d’étanchéité monocouche en caoutchouc synthétique (Ethylène-Propylène-Diène-Terpolymère). Cette membrane offre une solution solide, flexible et résistante avec une durée de vie de plus de 50 ans. La société S.V.E.T., distributeur agréé de Firestone situé dans l'ouest de la France, a formé les équipes de Cougnaud Construction afin de leur permettre d'intégrer les membranes à leurs procédures modulaires. RubberGard EPDM s’installe de manière sûre... En savoir plus

Projet • By LIKO-SBureaux


LIKO-Noe® demonstrates what the office buildings will look like in the future. It connects the interior with the exterior, modern materials with nature. It reflects the workmanship precision, state-of-the-art technologies, functionality and attention to detail. It introduces the principles of old times' robust buildings and, at the same time renewability, into the segment of prefabricated buildings.   Natural Thermal Stabilization is in the heart of LIKO-Noe. What do we mean? The building works just with the energies from natural sources. The sun takes care of the electricity, the earth of heat or cold. Forget special machinery. Water is a symbiotic part of the concept - retention lake, water reservoir for the entire company area... En savoir plus

Produit • By Unity Surfacing SystemsPave-Land Series

Pave-Land Series

Our 1.75” and 2” thick Pave-Land Series is designed to meet and exceed all of your project needs for use on infant/ toddler playground areas (yielding a 4ft and 5ft fall rating), rooftops, recreational areas, fitness facilities and more. It is the foundation for a smart, long-term investment in durability and beauty that will last for years to come.As the industry leader, the superior raw materials we provide, coupled with our proprietary manufacturing process, unique design and large size product gives you the strongest, highest quality, environmentally friendly rubber tile system above all overs.All of our products are independently laboratory tested with respect to ASTM, CPSC, AD, FM safety standards and guidelines to be inst... En savoir plus

Projet • By LIKO-SPaysage commercial


LIKO-S, the leading production and construction family company from the Czech Republic, inaugurated the world's first living hall - LIKO-Vo on June 18, 2019. The grand opening ocurred under the auspices of the Minister of the Environment and was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlíček. Compared to other industrial buildings, which warms the surrounding air to up to 80 ° C, LIKO-Vo limits the amount of heat radiation and as a result its surroundings are up to 10 ° C cooler. “Conventional halls covered with standard materials generate huge amounts of heat and act as radiators. In fact, the construction industry in the Czech Republic daily devours 10 hectares of vegetated land, which then cease to retain water... En savoir plus

Projet • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesMaisons privées

Sanchita Residence

“Shanchita” means a “collection of memories”, in a way to treasure. The lifestyle of Dhaka has considerably changed over the last 35 years. Beautiful one unit houses with gardens have been replaced by uncaring high-rise apartments. Today’s apartments serve only to provide us with a residence and do little to become a home. The houses of the yesteryears held a rich collection of memories because families lived together, their gardens were treasured by the children to the elderly. There trees, verandas, terraces were not just elements but integral part of the life of the occupants.   The clients aspired for a 'Baganbari' - house in a garden, where their own children could grow up with ample places to play... En savoir plus

Produit • By Firestone Building Products EMEAFirestone UltraPly™ TPO


Le système d'étanchéité de toitures UltraPly TPO : la solution d'étanchéité de couleur claire L'engagement de Firestone à offrir une ligne complète de solutions d'étanchéité haute performance a donné lieu au développement de la membrane Firestone UltraPly TPO. Cette membrane d'étanchéité thermoplastique enregistre la croissance la plus rapide des produits d'étanchéité commerciaux. Grâce à ses nombreux caractéristiques et avantages, tant en termes de performance que de mise en œuvre, cette membrane est aujourd'hui très fréquemment utilisée sur des toitures... En savoir plus

Produit • By Firestone Building Products EMEAFirestone RubberGard™ EPDM


Une solution d’étanchéité EPDM pour un résultat optimal Les membranes d’étanchéité de toiture monocouches synthétiques gagnent du marché depuis quelques années. La durabilité du produit, sa facilité de mise en œuvre et la possibilité d’optimiser l’efficacité énergétique des bâtiments tout en minimisant leur impact environnemental sont des facteurs clés de cette tendance. La membrane d’étanchéité RubberGard EPDM de Firestone répond à toutes ces caractéristiques.   RubberGard EPDM est une membrane d’étanchéité... En savoir plus

Projet • By Mono ArchitektenÉcoles primaires

After-School Care Centre Waldorf School

The grounds of the Waldorf School in Prenzlauer Berg possess a unique urban positioning between socialist prefabricated structures, Wilhelminian style blocks and the green spaces of the Jewish cemetery. The school building, having undergone a spirited renovation process, is a 5-storey prefab building from the 1970s.The after-school care centre and later extensions were designed in a completely different style. The new centre docks on the school’s courtyard stretching towards the sports hall, providing the schoolyard with a structural back to the street and a clear centre. The projections and recesses create different outdoor areas for various uses. The buildings received green roofs inclined in different directions and, with the rising eave... En savoir plus

Projet • By Transform ArchitectureHôtels

Mia Resort

MIA Resort is located on a coastal road linking Cam Ranh and Nha Trang in Central Vietnam. Man’s control over nature had left the site abandoned when the side of the mountain was excavated to build the road, and extensive rock and debris was thrown down the sloping site. The demand for infrastructure had short-sightedly rendered the land damaged and barren.However, the site presented an amazing development prospect as there was a private beach below the steep 35m drop from the road. Upon our first visit, we saw the site as an opportunity to return the rubble-filled area back to its natural beginnings by planting the seeds for nature to take over. Unlike most projects where architecture dominates the site taming nature, this project attempts... En savoir plus

Projet • By innate studioMaisons privées


The Hill House in KodaiA small hill town which is over 2000m above the sea level, located in southern part of India. The house is conceived as vacation abode for a middle-aged couple and their working daughter and son, and the program on this 3000 sft. plot required 2 car parking, “Private space”- 2 bedrooms, “Living space”- living, dining and kitchen interacting with courtyards, green patios and a green roof to grow their edibles and allow great space for gathering.Plot measuring 40’x75’, sits on an apex of the hill which slopes downhill towards the north, overlooking the valley. The shorter side faces the north-south and the site is abutted by roads on the north, south, and west, while the southern road faces a higher influx of touri... En savoir plus

Projet • By RockpanelÉcoles primaires

Les Trèfles Primary School

En mettant en valeur un thème circulaire axé sur la durabilité, les panneaux RockpanelChameleon de Rockpanel ont été sélectionnés comme matériau de revêtement pour l'école communautaire Les Trèfles. Directement collé pour assurer une esthétique propre, la solution de façade obtient la note A+ du BRE Green Guide. En plus d'avoir des qualités environnementales impressionnantes, les panneaux améliorent l'aspect fini du bâtiment car ils sont dotés d'une couche de cristal qui, en fonction de la perspective et de la lumière du soleil, se déplace et change d'aspect au fil des saisons.     Plus d'info... En savoir plus

Projet • By FAKROMaisons privées


Living ‘green’ is a goal for many. The owner of this family home in the Dutch town of Lent took this goal seriously. He created a building that literally became one with it’s surroundings. The house features an impressive green roof which, besides it’s unique appearance, also provides a lot of benefits. An important advantage is the natural heat and noise isolation of this type of roofing. But also purification of the air, a richer biodiversity and planned water management are named as advantages. However, proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial. FAKRO develops windows and flashings for all types of roofing. For this project they provided center-pivot windows with a flashing especially designed for green roofs. The flashin... En savoir plus