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Projet • By Mark 12 ArchitectsMaisons privées

Verdant Garden House

A series of lush, beautifully landscaped gardens and pond surround a verandah directly adjacent to indoor living spaces, allowing for expansive, continuous flowing spaces between indoors and indoors. This project is designing spaces that commune with nature. Marc Tan, Studio Periphery Throughout the house, pockets of greenery infuse and enrich the living experiences. A deep slot detaches the house from the common party wall, flooding the interiors with ample natural day light & views of surrounding. Marc Tan, Studio Periphery The project demonstrates a rigorous passion to create contemporary homes and a considered approach to design. This semi-detached house is sited at central part of Singapore. Marc Tan, Studio Peripher... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 3 déc. 2021

Stefano Boeri Architetti presents the world’s first social housing Vertical Forest

In the city of Eindhoven (NL), Stefano Boeri Architetti presents the first social housing Vertical Forest in the world. Drawing experience from their world-famous Bosco Verticale in Milan, the 19-storey residential tower features 135 trees of various species on each of its four facades along with 10,000 shrubs and plants of a smaller size.  Paolo Rosselli In total, the building accommodates 125 apartments for predominantly low-income individuals, with an emphasis on providing housing for young couples. Though the flats are small, coming in at less than 50 square meters, a sense of expansiveness is offered by terraces that are more than 4 square meters. Each balcony includes one tree and twenty shrubs.  Paolo Rosselli F... En savoir plus

Projet • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsBureaux

STIHL USA Headquarters

Few architectural projects can boast of a floating helix of chainsaws. But for STIHL Inc., the design of a new $32 million corporate headquarters was heavily inspired by their signature product. In between the trademark orange and white accents, the new 80,000 square foot administration building has a beautifully understated design that calls to the lush wooded allure of Virginia Beach. The landmark structure is a study in green building techniques, employee and customer comfort and the versatility of metal composite materials. Caption BUILDING A MANUFACTURING REGION IN COASTAL VIRGINIAWhen STIHL first began US operations in Virginia Beach, VA in 1974, it worked out of a rented warehouse with only 50 employees. Today, STIHL Inc., make... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 1 déc. 2020

Edison Lite co-housing project translates permaculture concepts into built form

The Edison Lite co-housing project by Manuelle Gautrand translates design principles from permaculture into built form. The project, located in the 13th arrondissement of south-east Paris, comprises a building with a total surface area of 2067m2 incorporating 21 residential units and two ground floor commercial spaces, as well as a number of shared spaces accessible to all residents for a variety of functions centred around inhabitant wellness and community building. Luc Boegly The project was inspired by the ‘Reinventer Paris’ initiative by the City of Paris, an urban renewal competition that sought applications for the redevelopment of 22 sites scattered across the city. Competition winners were allowed to rent or purcha... En savoir plus

Projet • By CO ArchitectsUniversités

The Student Services Building at Cal Poly Pomona

CO Architects a conçu le bâtiment des services aux étudiants (SSB) de 140 000 pieds carrés comme nouvelle porte d'entrée du campus de l'université polytechnique de l'État de Californie (Cal Poly) à Pomona, à environ 30 miles à l'est de Los Angeles.  Le SSB accueille les étudiants inscrits qui s'inscrivent à des cours et demandent une aide financière, les futurs étudiants et leurs familles qui se rencontrent sur le site pour des visites du campus, et les anciens étudiants qui participent activement à la communauté du campus.  Les architectes du CO ont coiffé la SSB d'un toit ondulé en aluminium à... En savoir plus

Projet • By ZeroEnergy DesignMaisons privées

Wellfleet Modern Home

The owners of the Wellfleet Modern Home lived on the West Coast and wanted a comfortable, energy-efficient green vacation home near their family on the Cape with the ability to rent it out when they were away.    Nesting in a ¾ acre lot in the pines, the home pays homage to the modern architectural legacy on the outer Cape and has a simple rectinilear design that offers living space on both the entry and lower/basement levels, preserves privacy, optimizes natural light, and provides outdoor living spaces. With a super insulated building envelope, carefully designed mechanical systems, high-efficiency appliances, and a rooftop solar electric system, the home exhibits exceptional performance and consumes 89% less energy tha... En savoir plus

Projet • By FIBANDCOPaysage résidentiel

Eco Home

Les matériaux utilisés sont tous durables et comprennent le placage den bananier Green Blade, du revêtement de sol en bambou et des panneaux acoustiques en fibre naturelle. Les cadres de fenêtre pénétrables et les persiennes de protection solaire vétues de Green Blade créent un environnement de vie ouvert doté de contrôles de température passifs. Un ventilateur de plafond sans pales, un composteur de déchets alimentaires et une serre de culture hydroponique portable offrent un environnement de cuisine écologique.  La salle de bains est équipée d'un robinet de séchage de l'air, d'un cabinet de toilette par aspiration, d'une mach... En savoir plus

Projet • By KARABON (Mehdi Panahi Architect)Appartements

Green House

In the past the living of human being has been besides the nature, but nowadays due to definition of architectural space for living in floors above the ground, this relationship has been almost gone. Also In the past 40 years, the greenery of urban landscape in north Tehran gradually has been missed under continuous constructions.   The main idea of this project was formed through an attempt to find an approach making the relationship with the nature stronger both physically and visually.   In project design process, wherever it was possible to create a green area, an appropriate detail were designed according to the limitations and criteria. Generally, except living spaces and circulation paths, all other surfaces designed to... En savoir plus

Projet • By Alumil S.ABureaux

Via Green

The architectural concept of the building concerns the dismantling of the façade and it’s penetration by nature, providing Via Green with a unique ecological character. Two separate building blocks are combined on the first floors and compose a unique space of offices, luxury restaurants and shops. Through the minimum use of visible concrete and the use of curtain walls, the building succeeds in not dominating its surrounding area. The natural light flows unobstructed into the building, enhancing the growth of plants which are scattered on the façade, providing a breath of calmness to the anxiety of the capital city of Ankara. Simple and minimalistic form, followed by lines bent in the horizontal layout, which formulate... En savoir plus

Projet • By ZeroEnergy DesignMaisons privées

Brookline Modern

The Brookline Modern residence in Massachusetts embodies sophisticated architecture that provides comfortable, multi-generational living through efficient usage of space, form, and reserved finishes, all while minimizing energy consumption.   Paired living spaces on the first and second levels find expression in the asymmetrical windows that wrap the corners of the house. The first floor contains a living and dining space, kitchen, pantry, master suite, and a home office. An open concept living, dining, and kitchen space, a full bath, bedroom, and reading nook make up the second floor while you can find a second master suite and access to the private roof deck and green roof on the third floor. A feature stair with glass rails and ac... En savoir plus

Projet • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitecturePlans directeurs

Victoria One

We used to be told that we would love every piece of Victoria, and Elenberg Fraser has taken this on board. You can now find every piece of Victoria in our new building Victoria One, on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD. Our first project with developer Golden Age marks the next chapter in Elenberg Fraser’s story of rejuvenation for Melbourne’s northern corner. The form and façade of this mixed-use tower recalls Victoria’s famous landscapes – the gardens, waterfalls, rainforests, waterways and beaches that make up this southern state. The fluid façade appears soft and yielding like the local parks, oceans and rivers. Green glazing with gold highlights gives a botanic feel. The fins – which appropr... En savoir plus

Projet • By ZeroEnergy DesignMaisons privées

Dartmouth Oceanfront

This stunning oceanfront home in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, was designed to take advantage of the site and accommodate the homeowners’ desire for entertaining, aging in place, and a comfortable, low carbon lifestyle. While the street-side entrance is reserved and private, the generously glazed western façade offers magnificent views of the sunset from all the primary living spaces.   In addition to amenities such as multiple outdoor living areas, swimming pool, and a master suite with a private roof deck and outdoor shower, this modern home also features a super-tight building envelope and well-designed mechanical systems foroptimal thermal comfort and exceptionally low energy consumption. A photovoltaic system on t... En savoir plus

Projet • By OV-AHôtels

Apart-hotel Svatý Vavřinec

The suite houses were built on the lot of a former store from the 80s. Four of the houses are located on the „meadow“ - a green roof above the shops in the parterre of the building. The space between the individual houses offers views of the far horizons of the mountain meadows. The atmosphere among these houses is intimate but neighbourly. The roof garden covers commercial spaces and garages.The mountain town and ski resort Pec pod Sněžkou originated from the earlier original buildings in the valley, that expanded toward the surrounding hills. Slowly, large tourist accommodation and hotels emerged. The core character of the area is shaped by the individually standing buildings along the main street that are in close contact with the surrou... En savoir plus

Projet • By INK ArchitectsBanques

Green City

INK Architects have also been involved in the design of the ten residential 10-story buildings for the Green City. The buildings were completed in 2017. The complex has mixed-affordability units for occupation diversity. Due to the agenda, mentioned for the Green Mall retail complex, the buildings had to meet the LEED standards as well. They are currently undergoing the stage-by-stage certification process.   Type: Multifunctional complex Scale: 20, 5 Ha Building area: 158 190 m2 Residential blocks: 10 Office blocks: 3 Residential area: 49 120,84 m2 Commercial area: 72 296,46 m2 Parking spaces: 1409 En savoir plus

Projet • By Feldman ArchitectureBâtiments individuels

The Farm

The clients for The Farm were determined to create a contemporary, sustainable, and functional home for their family within the building constraints of urban San Francisco. The home, built in 1905, is a New England brick and shingle style residence sitting next to an overgrown lot. It was given the tongue-in-cheek name The Farm, due to the rarity of backyards and outdoor living spaces in the city.    En savoir plus