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Projet • By LIKO-SBureaux

Private clinic Budapest

The private clinic is located in the administrative building of the former GANZ plant in Budapest, Hungary. In its design, which was taken care of by architects Péter Lenzsér, Mátyás Jug, and Krisztina Dobó from Lenzsér és Társa Kft, it was important to look at several factors. The interior was designed primarily to suit both, patients and attending doctors. Gulyás Attila "The waiting room itself should be spacious and clear enough. At the same time, however, it must offer an intimate space for patients and their relatives, ”explains Péter Lenzsér, one of the architects who worked on the design. "The consulting rooms conceptually represent a transition... En savoir plus

Produit • By Alumil S.ASMARTIA P100 Slim


SMARTIA P100 Slim is a minimal aluminium-framed office partition with double glazing and excellent sound reduction. High aesthetics and a wide range of sturdy applications allow working conditions upgrade. En savoir plus

Produit • By MILTMiltDesign 2.0

MiltDesign 2.0

MiltDesign 2.0 glass partitions represent the latest trend in elegant space division. Current interior design is increasingly using just glazed walls as partitions. They are a clean, timeless solution and protect against unwanted noise. En savoir plus

Projet • By LIKO-SBureaux

Geo Incubator Brno

A place of innovation Water and minerals used to be considered as the inexhaustible wealth of the planet earth. Fortunately, this view is changing in many countries, and more attention is being paid to where, how and why these raw materials are mined or consumed. The Brno Geo Incubator was created for this very purpose. It supports the establishment and development of start-up companies with innovative technologies and methods in the field of geophysical and geological exploration of oil, natural gas, water, and other mineral resources. Their new innovative center was established in the center of the city of Brno in the Czech Republic.   Diverse spaces Due to the large combination of different activities that the company performs a... En savoir plus

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Citrix Prague

Industrial time The Karlín district of Prague is coming to life again after many years. Thnaks to the trend of construction on unused plots in the greater vicinity of the city center. On the site of the defunct important engineering company Ruston, popularly called Rustonka, a new office complex was built according to the design of David R. Chisholm and Vít Máslo from the CMC ARCHITECTS studio. The complex consists of 3 administrative buildings, which form a common square, and their layout respects the views and urban continuity. The clear order and rhythm of the buildings, when viewed from the street, shows an industrial legacy. Windows with black frames extending over two floors are proportionally divided into smalle... En savoir plus

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Aimtec Headquarters | Pilsen

Modern offices of the 21st century work with a combination of spaces intended for various uses. Private offices and meeting rooms are complemented by open public spaces, relaxation rooms, various nooks for quick meetings and small acoustic booths for private calls. The software and technology company Aimtec from the Czech Republic is fully aware of this and their new headquarters does not lack any of the above. The individual divisions and employees were deployed in several older buildings and any cooperation between the teams was difficult. And it is absolutely necessary for the perfect output of work. The new headquarters in the Hamburg Business Center in Pilsen therefore not only has a representative purpose, but above all corresponds mo... En savoir plus

Projet • By LIKO-SBureaux

Decathlon Prague Back Office

The world's largest retailer of sportswear operates in 57 countries and has more than 1,500 stores worldwide. They opened their first store in 1976. This year, they opened new back offices for the Czech Republic in Prague. The new offices are located in direct connection with one of the three stores in Prague. It is therefore a fit-out to the shopping center. Nevertheless, the office environment managed to tune in to the company's philosophy and create a sufficiently diverse work environment for people focusing on such a wide range of sports. At first glance, the gray-white interior with the technical ceiling makes the wooden floor cozy across the entire interior. According to the company's visual style, the color tuning and the graphic e... En savoir plus

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Offices are often designed as open, lighted spaces complemented by natural light and materials. But in the case of Epsilon, it's a completely different story. There is enough light in all offices, but from the entrance you will be accompanied by a black technical ceiling, which passes through the black lacquered profiles of the glass partitions dividing the individual offices into a light gray uniform floor.   The color and material solution is minimalist, but it at the same time the interior is decent and brings a feeling of a privacy to the interior. In contrast to the dark ceiling and framing of the partitions, the furniture of the individual offices stands out. It is made from white laminate and designed in minimalist shapes to c... En savoir plus

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Lenovo Offices in Bratislava

Slovak Branch has grown The Slovak branch of the international leader in IT - Lenovo - has grown significantly since 2006 and thus needed more space. They chose offices in a modern business center in Bratislava. The three floors of the offices provide all the facilities and top equipment for their users.   Open-space coworking We are used to that the modern offices are created mainly as open-space. But Lenovo offices have gone a step further and work just like coworking hubs. There are also floating tables, so everyone works right there and with who they need. This allows you to collaborate freely between teams and change positions as needed. Unified IT equipment (Lenovo, of course) and therefore full compatibility of all devices o... En savoir plus

Produit • By MuraflexEXPO


Le système EXPO rend n’importe quel espace adaptable et dynamique en un seul clic, permettant de transformer instantanément un espace entièrement ouvert en une zone de réunion. Le système de portes coulissantes accueille des panneaux de verre à cadre simple ou double dotés de seuils tombants, pour une acoustique supérieure, un système de poulies synchronisées motorisées, pour un profil aligné à l’ouverture ou à la fermeture, une poignée intégrée et un look spectaculaire dans votre choix des finis Muraflex.   En savoir plus

Produit • By LIKO-SMICRA Industrial | frameless partition | single glazed

MICRA Industrial | frameless partition | single glazed

Modern offices today reflect the peak times of industrialbuildings with their industrial style. That’s why we’ve addedprofiles to our MICRA I partitions to quickly and easily recreatethis style. You can choose the glued version or H profile and divide thepartition into smaller glass framed areas. En savoir plus

Produit • By Skyfold Inc.Mirage®


La solution pour diviser l’espace sans compromettre un plan à conception ouverte. Mirage® intègre la technologie Skyfold avec le luxe de la transparence. Des lignes épurées, une structure légère, une vaste gamme de panneaux de verre et de plexiglas, des joints acoustiques de haute efficacité et une maintenance simplifiée font de Mirage la solution idéale pour les espaces lumineux, sophistiqués et accueillants.Skyfold Mirage permet aux couloirs et aux fenêtres d’éclairer les espaces isolés, comme des pièces sombres sans fenêtres.Mais Skyfold Mirage n’est pas seulement pour les espaces obscurs. Lorsqu’elle divise... En savoir plus

Produit • By Planet PartitioningPURE100


PURE100 Double Glazed Partitioning Our 100mm wide glazed partitioning offers superior acoustic performance with a vast range of configuration options. p100 is acoustically tested to British Standards (BS EN 140-3:1995) and achieves up to 54dB Rw in double glazed format. En savoir plus

Produit • By NanaWallPrivaSEE


– NanaWall Systems introduces the patent-pending NanaWall PrivaSEE™—a frameless, operable all glass wall system that provides better sound buffering than most fixed glass partitions. With no floor track, PrivaSEE is the industry’s only all glass single track sliding system specifically engineered for enhanced acoustical separation, allowing architects and designers to control sound transparently. “The NanaWall PrivaSEE is a moving all glass wall with a sound rating that has historically been limited to fixed all glass partitions,” said NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana. “The fact that we are able to achieve such a high sound rating without a floor track makes PrivaSEE all the more incredible.”Most conference room specifications call for an... En savoir plus

Produit • By PORTAPIVOTSystème de cloisonnement vitrée 3530

Fixed partition 3530

Système de cloisonnement en verre réalisé avec un profilé minimal en aluminium anodisé de 35 x 30 mm disponible en 4 couleurs anodisées, noir, argent, bronze et acier inoxydable. Le cadre peut être équipé de n'importe quel verre trempé de 6 ou 8 mm d'épaisseur.Ce système peut être utilisé comme une cloison en verre autonome ou peut être utilisé avec l'un de nos systèmes de portes pivotantes et coulissantes. Lignes de profilés de grille en optionDes profils de grille en aluminium anodisé peuvent être installés en option sur le dessus du verre. Les lignes d'aluminium peuvent être collé... En savoir plus