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Projet • By Broadway MalyanVilles

New 125 acre city launched in India

A new city spanning 125 acres in North Bangalore, India, has been launched by real estate and infrastructure development company Bhartiya Urban, part of the Bhartiya Group, with major input from global architecture, urbanism and design practice Broadway Malyan. Bhartiya City is the single largest urban development within the limits of any Indian metropolitan area and will provide a fully-integrated mix of residential, retail, hospitality and Special Economic Zone uses, as well school, healthcare and sports facilities, making it the first of its kind in India. The city is designed to be highly sustainable, with residents set to live in close proximity to workplaces and so-called ‘third spaces’, with the entire city being accessible by... En savoir plus

Projet • By Tiago BarrosVilles

Ring City

The project Ring City was a recently submitted entry for the International Ideas Competition New York CityVision organized by CityVision magazine. Ring City envisions a new networked city that is juxtaposed onto the existing structure of New York City. This networked city consists of multiple rings that are supported by the surrounded buildings. New York City is therefore given the opportunity to grow horizontally in a totally enhanced grid system that defies gravity. High-res images will be provided upon request. PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Past can exist without a Future but certainly there is no Future without a Past. The Future will always be a consequence of habitants choices, attitudes, politics, rules and city planning. The P... En savoir plus

Projet • By CityVisionVilles

New York City Vision International Competition

Results “The New York City Vision competition provoked a series of bold and evocative propositions that are not limited to designing solutions, instead these speculations are concerned with imagining a possible future.” Roland Snooks CityVision is pleased to announce the winners of New York CityVision Competition. The competition’s goal was to imagine New York in its future if the manipulation of the urban context and its architectural objects, joined with its inhabitants, is influenced by SPACE and TIME. CityVision received 151 projects from all five continents and 32 different countries. The projects have been submitted to the judgment of the jury composed by president Joshua Prince-Ramus (REX NY) and Eva Franch i Gilabert (Store... En savoir plus

Projet • By JGMAMagasins

Michigan City Master Plan

The project is a concept for a mixed use development in Michigan City, Indiana. The site is a vacant stretch of the river that is intended to revitalize, redevelop and restore the area. The owner/developer is looking to develop a retail center, hotel, boat rental, performance center and outdoor market. This site is positioned near Chicago, IL and is intended to attract businesses and vacationers looking for a quick outlet from the 'city' life. This project is currently in the planning and design phase. En savoir plus

Projet • By AQVOVilles

Battersea / Nine elms

Following the winding Thames River, very close to the heart of London, there is a semi-abandoned industrial area, full of history which is screaming for help. It is maybe the most important opportunity area of the city for what it represents, its size and its privileged location. Battersea Power Station is considered a real symbol of London and architects must come to the aid of it. The Power Station cannot wait until the 22th century tower. It needs a breath of life now. In this sense, the project leaves Utopian concepts looking for an updated contribution to tall buildings evolution. How? Reimagining a new environment focused on people’s needs. Reimagining a project, looking for new functions, sections, spaces and connections. Reimagin... En savoir plus

Projet • By Pinkcloud Design FormationPaysage commercial


FLIP/CITY proposes a new urban identity for Shanghai as a model for the development of future cities. By questioning traditional typologies, FLIP/CITY redefines methods of organizing communities by preserving the human scale. The proposal flips the horizontal cityscape to the vertical. Footprints of Shanghai’s existing typologies, only visible by plane, embody the new face of the vertical city. By expressing distinct functions for its citizens, FLIP/CITY relates strongly to the human scale while simultaneously increasing density and green space at the urban scale. By expanding Shanghai up along the vertical plane unused urban voids will be activated. Proximity and numerous informal meeting spaces catalyze synergy and a vivid communit... En savoir plus

Projet • By Marco Visconti ArchitectsVilles

Arbo Competition

SECOND PLACE TEAM Marco Visconti Architects, STS Servizi Tecnologie Sistemi SPA, Herzog+Partner Dipl.-Ing. Architekten BDA GbR, Latz+Partner GbR, Ingenieurbüro Hausladen GmbH COMMENT OF THE JURY The authors of the project consider the principal scope of the competition to be the creation of a multimodal centre for Bolzano. This entails an effort for the research for a contemporary architecture which will fit into the context of a long term town planning approach. Of equal importance for the planners are the dialog and the relationship between the buildings and the interconnected public spaces and green areas. Innovative, modern, sustainable and ecological solutions are aimed at integrating the Piani district within the tow... En savoir plus

Projet • By HassellPaysage commercial


Zhuhai's new waterfront development zone is planned to be the future 'Gateway to Southern China'. It is earmarked to be an international business and recreational environment, similar to Shanghai's Lujiazui financial district. The Cross Gate CBD includes an island with bridge connections to a coastal peninsula. It is surrounded by a high-quality waterfront environment including a rare, native mangrove forest, all in close proximity to the CBD. The overall strategy for the open space planning within Zhuhai was to create an iconic environment that builds upon the site's unique context, forming a CBD that looks outwardly to its waterfront and harbour. Active connections were proposed across the island, linking the business district to a variet... En savoir plus

Projet • By Gabriels WebbRestaurants

The vertical city

The proposal for a high rise/high density complex in Amsterdam takes the typical spatial relationship between street and dwellings and repeats them vertically and horizontally creating a network of vertical neighbourhoods linked by horizontal platforms. Although the size of the structure may increase the actual scale of the vertical neighbourhoods remains constant. A vertical neighbourhood is a group of approximately 16 apartments arranged around a vertical stoep. En savoir plus

Projet • By UNStudioPlans directeurs


The re-development of Port-City in Las Palmas is designed to establish synergy between Port and City and create a lively, urban environment for residents and tourists by presenting a contemporary face and providing a new space for public events. The waterfront is turned into an integral part of urban life, using design to interpret and redirect the complex natural and cultural identity of the location. The design transforms the area from an industrial non-place into a metropolitan hotspot. Improved connections and a direct relationship with the waterfront form the core of the project. For the Port-City a carefully balanced program, a sustainable and mixed-use development is proposed. Deploying the latest technologies for water treatment and... En savoir plus

Projet • By Klingmann Architects + Brand ConsultantsPlans directeurs

Mixed Use Community

This sustainable mixed-use community combines office and residential; hotel, retail and entertainment space, creating an urban network readily responsive to people's needs. Nine experiential zones lead to various water features, urban attractions, and green elements. En savoir plus

Projet • By jvantspijkerVilles

Desert City Framework Masterplan

A desert town of around 30.000 inhabitants is expected to roughly double its size in the coming years. An integrated framework masterplan was developed to accommodate the growth and to develop a new clear identity for the town. The central themes in the redevelopment across the scales were: 1 city, 3 identities, 4 avenues and 5 key places. Along these themes the plan was developed into great detail, providing a strong framework for growth as well as a number of strong and characteristic public spaces that will put the city on the mental map. En savoir plus

Projet • By jvantspijkerVilles

Kaohsiung Waterfront

The Kaohsiung Waterfront is being made accessible to the city and its inhabitants due to the departure of navy and industrial functions. The project proposes a strategy for waterfront redevelopment by integrating the natural beauty of the adjacent forested mountain, a low density residential/leisure oriented program and heavy central business district program in balance. By developing two banks of the central Love river into very different atmospheres, one low key and low density and one high density with high rise, the two opposites will reinforce each other. Around the central Love Bay an attractive public program will link the two areas around a central water square. The natural landscape rolls down the mountain to form a waterfront park... En savoir plus

Projet • By LED architecturestudioVilles


Efficient Living Machine is not just a propos al to revise the city, but also and above all an attempt to imagine what could take place in another way, human life on this earth. No longer the home, the workplace, office, supermarket, bar rooted to the ground, but always in constant motion. The new urban space can be imagined as a space where the functions are in a perpetual search of new configurations that follow the socio-political dynamics of a metropolis in constant mutamento.Un place, where to go from his residence or office in a park or in the open countryside will not need to take machine, they will be outside your window. A skyscraper can change the lifestyle of a metropolis? A building which in turn becomes an infrastruc... En savoir plus

Projet • By hiddenofficeVilles

Efficent Living Machine

Efficient Living Machine is not just a proposal to revise the city, but also and above all an attempt to imagine what could take place in another way, human life on this earth. No longer the home, workplace, office, supermarket or bar rooted to the ground, but spaces in constant motion. The new urbanity can be imagined as spaces where the functions are in a perpetual search of new configurations, following the socio-political dynamics of a metropolis in constant change. The concept proposes a building able to function as a base infrastructure to improve and expand the lifestyle of the metropolis, improving the liveability of its users and capable of energy self-sufficiency. The resulting skyscraper proposal is derives from a system of over... En savoir plus