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Projet • By Steven Leach GroupBureaux

Office Design - Asahi Group

As the Platinum Winner of Muse Awards, Asahi Group was aiming to establish a main hub for their business activities in Asia Pacific. Asahi Group Hong Kong office is a brand new Design and Build office project that occupies a total of 5,047 square feet across the bustling metropolitan area in Hong Kong. The main design theme was to showcase Asahi Group’s strong branding identity across the office space. By incorporating detailed observations and approaches, this office design allowed concepts to be pushed and new design ideas to become a reality.  Steven Ko One remarkable feature of the office would be the World Map at the reception area of the office. Steven Ko Steven Ko The World Map was composed of hundreds of... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 18 nov. 2021

Roche Multifunctional Workspace presents a compelling transition of industrial space to a human-centred workplace

A simple cube built from prefabricated, locally sourced concrete elements, Roche Multifunctional Workspace by Christ & Gantenbein demonstrates how the company culture has transitioned from functional industrial space to a human-centred workplace that places interaction and teamwork within a rational and industrial framework.  Walter Mair Located on a campus site in Genzach-Whylen, Germany, the new building responds to its context and its interstitial spaces with a series of plazas and a highly rational architectural vocabulary. Evoking an ‘industrial palazzo’ the façade comprises horizontal bands of aluminium panels, mullions, and ribbon windows that permit multiple visual connections.  Walter Mair... En savoir plus

Projet • By SpaceInvaderBureaux

One Victoria Street

Leading Manchester-based interior designers SpaceInvader have created a stunning series of elegant, nature-inspired spaces at One Victoria Street in Windsor for client Legal & General. The new, 43,000 sq ft, five-storey development - by Rolfe Judd architects - offers tenants a range of floorplate sizes and terraces and is the first new Grade A development in Windsor for 20 years. SpaceInvader were responsible for the scheme’s Cat A interiors and wayfinding, with a remit that encompassed the design of the reception and ground floor business lounge, the circulation area lift lobbies, all public area signage and two roof terrace areas on the building’s 3rd and 4th floors, plus wellbeing facilities including an internal garden,... En savoir plus

Projet • By Sachi DesignBureaux

Walk in the park

Curate a sustainable and green-conscious office space as the designers and the client are driven to create an image that correlates to the green energy environment which is one of the company's vision. The design inspiration came from a walk in the park concept whereby we were motivated to simulate a park-like environment bringing it into the workspace. By doing so, the users will be able to experience being connected to the outdoors with a sense of open environment with the access to fresh air and spacious grounds. In that way, users won’t feel that they are constrained by typical workspace environment that consists of plain partitions and thus this will be a positive way to encourage productivity and a motivation manner to strike a... En savoir plus

Projet • By M Moser AssociatesBureaux

Kids2 Shanghai office

Avec pour objectif de faciliter la vie des parents, "une petite victoire à la fois", Kids2 invente des produits pour bébés depuis plus de 50 ans. En développant ses opérations en Chine pour attirer des professionnels de classe mondiale dans chaque département et s'engager avec divers partenaires au sein de son écosystème, Kids2 avait besoin d'un espace de haute performance pour non seulement rassembler le personnel mais aussi créer un environnement qui alimente l'innovation, la créativité et les idées transfigurantes au sein de ses équipes et avec ses partenaires.   Il était également important pour Kids2 de créer un espace... En savoir plus

Projet • By SpaceInvaderBureaux

Boutique office for Tosca Debt Capital

SpaceInvader has completed a boutique, 2,000 sq ft workspace for Manchester-based Tosca Debt Capital on the 5th floor of the Helical-owned Trinity Building on the city’s John Dalton Street. Not only was this a fast turnaround scheme, commissioned in July 2020, but it was designed and delivered by the SpaceInvader and wider installation team during lockdown and semi-lockdown, proving what could still be achieved under such exacting pandemic conditions. Tosca Debt Capital is a financial services company that brings additional, complementary debt funding options to regional markets, giving SMEs – particularly those across the Northern Powerhouse - access to institutional capital to help drive entrepreneurial ambitions. The strong... En savoir plus

Projet • By LOM architecture and designBureaux

The Bunker office

L'architecture et le design de LOM ont transformé un ancien parking en sous-sol de bureaux et une installation de stockage dans le nord de Londres en un nouvel espace de travail pour les développeurs de technologies, connu sous le nom de The Bunker.   L'espace de 620 mètres carrés a été ramené à la dalle de béton des années 1980 et les remplissages de la façade ont été enlevés pour créer une nouvelle fenestration qui inonde le bâtiment de lumière naturelle. Le béton et la brique apparents fournissent une toile de fond industrielle à l'espace qui est animé par des graphiques audacieux, des plantes... En savoir plus

Projet • By Foster + PartnersBureaux

Hankook Technoplex

Building on the successful partnership developed during the Hankook Technodome project – the company’s integrated R&D centre in Daejeon – Foster + Partners has designed Hankook’s new headquarters in Pangyo, on the outskirts of Seoul. The new building embraces several themes that are symbolic of Hankook’s desire to create a dynamic office environment that supports flexible working styles, as the company looks towards the future. The building serves as a catalyst for change for the company’s ongoing efforts to inculcate a progressive corporate culture.   David Nelson, Head of Design, Foster + Partners, said: “We wanted to design a workplace that was tailored to Hankook’s needs and the... En savoir plus

Projet • By ONG&ONGBanques

Taipei Fubon Bank Singapore

The pioneering project that kicked off all the offices’ transformations, the Singapore office inspires a sense of progressiveness. The interiors were designed to capture the connections between colleagues, breaking down barriers to allow the team to tackle challenges cohesively.   The office combines formal and informal meeting areas, creating a hive for creativity amidst the working environment. Engaging breakout areas were introduced at the front of the house, followed by a lounge space that can be repurposed as a learning area.   State-of-the-art technology augments the Treasury Trading room and the rest of the office, creating a modern and flexible workspace. En savoir plus

Projet • By EGM architectsHôtels de ville

City hall Hengelo

The new Hengelo City Hall took shape in the vibrant heart of Hengelo. This contemporary and sustainable ensemble consists of the new municipal offices and the existing monumental city hall. Standing side by side and connected to each other, the two buildings form a single functional entity, but each has an ambience of its own. The historical monument is open in character, containing atmospheric workspaces and a central hall with striking and restored materials. Beside it is the new volume with its dynamic character, extraordinary spaciousness, copious daylight, sustainable innovations and local craft techniques.   Technique and traditionThe existing city hall is part of the collective memory of local people and vital element of city... En savoir plus

Projet • By hcreatesBureaux

Mailman Office Shanghai

Mailman is an innovative brand working with the biggest names in sport, for the new office they wanted to portray a professional and edgy image to their clients and partners Mailman also has a unique working style akin to a Californian tech giant or New York agency. Mailman places a huge amount of importance on ensuring their colleagues enjoy coming to the office and enjoy working together.There were several functional elements included in the brief, such as an area large enough to host the weekly 50 person standing meetings. Private office spaces for senior managers, general open seating plan that also allowed for privacy and accommodated the fact that the teams were very cross functional throughout the day as they collaborated on differen... En savoir plus

Projet • By Feldman ArchitectureCentres sportifs


A relationship that began in 2016, Feldman Architecture originally connected with Playworks via the website OnePlus, an online platform connecting nonprofits to relevant design professionals providing pro-bono services. Playworks, an organization dedicated to providing ‘better recess’ to schools across the country, wanted an office to reflect the fun philosophy of their company and the dynamic ways in which they engage with not only the Oakland community, but also represent their larger organization as the national headquarters.   Feldman Architecture first engaged with the Playworks team by working with their leadership to identify long term company goals and revamping their original office space. After conducting feasib... En savoir plus

Projet • By Alric GalindezBureaux

Alric Galindez Studio

The office is located in a corner in the Martinez neighborhood in Buenos Aires Argentina. This area is currently undergoing a period of renovation in which old horse studs are being substituted for new office and restaurant developments, consolidating a new central area in the city of San Isidro. Due to its situation as a corner site, it was determined that a white metal sheet volume would act accordingly, generating through numerous displacements, new situations both horizontally and vertically. This way, the roof elevates creating a light entrance, the upper level tensions towards the corner, and in the lower one, a patio is generated. It was determined to work with metal sheets as an expressive material, looking to give the building a fa... En savoir plus

Projet • By LOM architecture and designBureaux

The Living Rooms

The Living Rooms est un nouvel espace de travail flexible au centre du siège londonien d’une grande institution financière.   Inspiré du coworking, le projet a transformé un espace sous-utilisé pour créer un paysage de travail flexible permettant au personnel mobile et travaillant à domicile de se poser, de se rencontrer et de travailler sans avoir à occuper des bureaux fixes.   L'espace est conçu pour refléter le mouvement du soleil tout au long de la journée, avec trois zones de travail de l'aube, du jour et du crépuscule entourant un jardin et un café en atrium partagés, ce qui crée un nouveau cœur pour le b&... En savoir plus

Projet • By BDG architecture + designBureaux

Money Supermarket

BDG architecture + design Transform MoneySupermarket Group’s New HomeBDG architecture + design was appointed by MoneySupermarket Group to create a transformative scheme at its new 34,000 sq ft London office. The space, now home to approximately 250 employees, is a collaborative, smart, people-centric space with a focus on employee interaction. The lack of social areas in its previous office was identified as an issue for MoneySupermarket Group, who expressed a desire to create a more flexible workspace in order to promote productive social interaction between co-workers. A major design feature of the new workplace were new stairs with designated ‘stopping points’ between the three floors, to encourage healthy movement arou... En savoir plus