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Projet • By All Design StudioMagasins

luxēmporium Hang Zhou

scientific  scene Yuuuunstudio After intending to arrive in the future world, everything in ancient architecture will be transformed into a utopian world. Yuuuunstudio The design of the entrance is inspired by the ancient Chinese architecture of Suzhou and Hangzhou and the elements of Hangzhou West Lake.   former aesthetics Yuuuunstudio Yuuuunstudio To simplify the Chinese architecture and use transparent, pure white and lightweight modern materials to build an immersive future scientific scene in the store. Yuuuunstudio The entrance is revealed by the inspiration of the West Lake and the blue brick wall. Yuuuunstudio The entrance uses a Chinese-style space to divide the space into a court... En savoir plus

Projet • By Just / Burgeff ArchitektenBureaux

Häuser der Mode

Just/BurgeffArchitekten a développé un nouveau concept de design pour le réaménagement de Häuser der Mode, situé à Eschborn près de Francfort/Main. Grâce à un concept de couleur et d'éclairage renouvelé, le bâtiment existant du siège de Häuser der Mode, créé en 1972, a été repensé et modernisé de manière créative. Le résultat est un centre de mode qui répond désormais aux exigences contemporaines et continue de se distinguer au sein de l'industrie de la mode. La bonne accessibilité au niveau régional et international confère à la maison de... En savoir plus


Yves Salomon Shanghai

BIENENSTEIN CONCEPTS was asked to envision the new YVES SALOMON store at the prestigious luxury shopping mall Plaza 66 in Shanghai, China.  While developing this new store concept for the more sportive clothing line that is part of the Yves Salomon brand, a dynamic curved wall line slicing through vertical planes became the core architectural gesture. The void that develops behind the bend allows for additional space for a fitting room, concealed cash desk area or back-of-house functions, depending on the actual available layout.Modern simplicity was key for the interior architects with the aim to create an open, airy backdrop for the diverse clothing collection. Rough, textured surfaces were superposed with more sophisticated and soft... En savoir plus

Projet • By ASA studio albaneseSalles d'exposition

Thom Browne Store Design District Miami

A new Thom Browne's store arise in the Design District of Miami and features details like signature grey subway tiles on the ceiling, floor, and walls, a distinctive layout with mobile display racks, and mid-century furniture by Pierre Jeanneret, Jacques Adnet, Maison Jansen, Paul McCobb, and Dunbar by Edward Wormley. A grey tile box conceived by Thom Browne itself and developed by ASA studio albanese.  Caption Caption En savoir plus

Projet • By EGM architectsMagasins


Gentlemen Mode is a fashion store in the historical centre of Oud-Beijerland. In 2002 EGM refurbished the entire store by connecting a number of properties together to create one bright, open space. Now the front section of the store was in need of a fresh new look. This retail area is very visible from the shopping street outside. The chance to give the store’s image a powerful boost both visually and tangibly was therefore seized. The client’s wish was to make the interior feel like a boutique with lots of possibilities for the changing collections. EGM interiors translated this wish into a layered layout that offers plenty of potential for an extensive and high-end presentation.   High-quality presentation Gentlemen M... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 7 juil. 2020

Poplar Works regeneration brings fashion back to East London

In East London, Poplar Works sees the transformation by Adams & Sutherland Architects of 100 disused garage spaces into vibrant creative studios, workshops, and manufacturing units for local fashion businesses, training, and community makers. The project aims to ‘bring back’ fashion to East London, which once made up a substantial part of its economy and culture. Anthony Coleman The refurbished garages accommodate ground-floor units with a new upper storey constructed in cross-laminated timber (CLT),  with a weight equivalent to the accumulated soil, trees, and shrubbery removed from the roofs of the original garages. Radu Malasincu The main building measures 170 m in length and 5.5. wide, with a cranked pla... En savoir plus

Projet • By Bora Dá DesignsMagasins

Reeti Arneja Boutique

Retail Design is visceral in nature. Apart from creating a good-looking store with aesthetically pleasing displays, retail store design is a well-thought-out strategy to set up a store in a way to optimize space and sales so that even if a salesman is unavailable, the store can engage its customers sell itself. The way a store is set up can help establish brand identity.Reeti Arneja is a designer boutique for well tailored women's apparels in Delhi. An artistic space that exuberates class and royalty with simple arches and minimal lighting. Dramatic arches with alluring floral chandelier in brass finish and beige colored walls make for a match made in heaven.All glass facade has been used to extract maximum daylight and blend indoor with ou... En savoir plus

Projet • By VISUAL DISPLAY - Interior / Identity / StoriesMagasins


Slowear18 est un concept store à l'identité fluide et inattendue, qui offre une intégration complète entre un bar & café mixologique et un magasin de vêtements - qui comprend les collections hommes et femmes de la marque - où les deux activités se complètent et s'intègrent l'une à l'autre avec une synergie globale.   Les deux esprits du magasin cohabitent pendant la journée tandis que le soir, le mobilier se transforme littéralement : tous les jours de 19h à 21h30, l'espace se transforme en un bar mixologique qui propose une sélection minutieuse de spiritueux et de boissons mélangés dans une proposition de menu at... En savoir plus
Photo: Niki Dinov
Photo: Niki Dinov
Photo: Niki Dinov
Photo: Niki Dinov
Photo: Niki Dinov

Projet • By Think ForwardMagasins


NuXta by Think Forward is a design project for the first boutique of an emerging fashion brand liberating and celebrating women. The design creates a signature visual identity by interpreting the brand name - NuXta /the ancient Goddess of the Night/. The mysticism of the night is embodied by the use of hidden light, dark colours, and materials such as black marble, black leather, delicate silver-gold metal elements. The metal furniture inspired be Nuxta harness frame the space symmetrically, following the ancient architecture principle. Their design is mobile allowing different configurations of clothing items. The back wall of the boutique consists of three sections – glass shelves for sunglasses, a metal stand for scarfs, and a mid... En savoir plus

Projet • By Archi-TectonicsMagasins


Our 5,700 sf Ports 1961 store resides on the prestigious Rue St Honore in Paris, France, occupying three-stories next to the Mandarin Hotel. The retail ground floor features delicate Venetian plaster walls with 3D patterns, which transition to the upper VIP floor in a warmer, gold tone. The upper floor also features grey, mat Siberian hardwood, while the ground floor patterns limestone. Sculpted stairs connect the upper and lower levels, and other architectural additions include mirror columns, recessed lighting, and custom fixtures in polished chrome— all of which glow on adjacent clothing and surfaces. To fluidly connect the retail level and VIP room above, we cut a large atrium into the existing concrete slab. The newly formed vo... En savoir plus

Projet • By Archi-TectonicsMagasins

PORTS1961 Shanghai: Flagship

A retail experience that embraces the history of The Bund as an important port and art-deco district. CHALLENGEFor this project, we were tasked with designing a flagship retail experience in Shanghai for fashion brand Ports 1961. The design had to embrace the history and character of The Bund, a downtown cultural district known for its art-deco style and—history as one of China’s most important ports—while creating a signature brand system that could be applied in locations around the world. INNOVATIONWe recycled the materials from a recently-demolished historic Chinese house, CNC-milling the wood to create a fluid system reminiscent of a ship’s hull that displays the fashion collection. This reduces the environmen... En savoir plus

Projet • By Pistache GanacheMagasins

The Garden Above

Located in São Paulo, the first permanent ê. flagship store was designed by the Brazilian duo Pistache Ganache. The shop was drawn to create a retail interior that architecturally reflects the young and exquisite spirit of the brand. The main concept, an abandoned pool taken by nature, came from the desire to extend the mall's garden towards a large window facing the city from inside store. The design process was an exercise of thinking how the mall would be in 100 years from now, possibly becoming a abandoned itself. The idea of a ruin built on the present. The garden, central element of the store, was inspired by the concept of garden in motion from the French gardener Gilles Clement, in which. Most of the chosen species are... En savoir plus
For the premium men’s fashion brand WAHTS we have created a concept and interior design for their Brand Store in Amsterdam.   #brandstore #Amsterdam #retail #VisualMerchandising #interior #window #design #styling #fashion #luxury #
For the premium men’s fashion brand WAHTS we have created a concept and interior design for their Brand Store in Amsterdam.   #brandstore #Amsterdam #retail #VisualMerchandising #interior #window #design #styling #fashion #luxury #
For the premium men’s fashion brand WAHTS we have created a concept and interior design for their Brand Store in Amsterdam.   #brandstore #Amsterdam #retail #VisualMerchandising #interior #window #design #styling #fashion #luxury #
For the premium men’s fashion brand WAHTS we have created a concept and interior design for their Brand Store in Amsterdam.   #brandstore #Amsterdam #retail #VisualMerchandising #interior #window #design #styling #fashion #luxury #
For the premium men’s fashion brand WAHTS we have created a concept and interior design for their Brand Store in Amsterdam.   #brandstore #Amsterdam #retail #VisualMerchandising #interior #window #design #styling #fashion #luxury #

Projet • By C&W Design + BuildMagasins

WAHTS Brand Store

For the premium men’s fashion brand WAHTS we have created a concept and interior design for their Brand Store in Amsterdam. WAHTS stands for We Are Here To Stay so the design might be quite iconic. So far the clothing has only been sold online, now the time was right for a real store that would support the concept.The clothing of WAHTS follow the rules of comfort and style and merge luxury menswear and contemporary sportswear into comfortable men’s fashion. The interior should support this image. By keeping the layout spacious and well-arranged, clothing and accessories receive all the attention they need. With a sober use of white, gray and black colors, it all became an unit with graphical elements which give podium to all the WAHTS items... En savoir plus

Projet • By Oron Milshtein Interior DesignMagasins

Gold Elements

cosmetic brand120 sqm 3 floors | 2016 A store of quality and prestigious cosmetics products located on a central commercial street in Koln, Germany. The special products sold in the store are based on golden leaves, from which the design concept appeared, which combines the purity of gold with black and white shades, as a European classic inspired by the world of fashion.The store extends over three floors and includes display as well as make-up and grooming positions that their stationed manner creates a unique and exclusive experience. A black and white geometric design combined with glass, metals and shiny materials, while creating an intriguing and shiny look. Black and white graphical flooring placed askew provides a dynamic dimen... En savoir plus

Projet • By VIGUIERMagasins

Maison de Haute Couture

À Paris, la rue Cambon est l’un des centres historiques de la Haute Couture française. Depuis le n° 19, se succèdent dans la rue Saint-Honoré puis la rue Duphot, trois maisons indépendantes protégées par le plan local d’urbanisme de Paris et construites respectivement au milieu du XVIIe, au XVIIIe et au cours du premier tiers du XIXe siècles. Pour l’agence Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés, la réhabilitation et la restructuration de l’existant a consisté à conserver l’identité de ces maisons tout en créant un seul volume à l’usage de la Maison de Haute Couture. Le principe : s’appuyer sur l’existant, quelle qu’en soit l’échelle, pour en tirer parti.Il s’est agi de retrouver l’ordonnance d’écriture liant la rue Cambon, la rue Saint-Honoré et la... En savoir plus