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Projet • By Sepidar Architecture GroupAppartements

Pichak Apartment

Early human settlements met the most basic human needs, such as physical shelter, and so there was a very close coexistence between human shelter and nature. Human progress also led to fundamental changes in his dwellings, and metaphysical and psychological needs were added to these human desires, and humans also tried to achieve these desires along with nature. Caption With the advancement of science, the distance between nature and human homes has widened, and pollution and psychological damage to the nature of homes and residences have brought technology. Today, in modern cities, everyone is trying to bring at least part of nature back to their homes. Caption Therefore, in the formation of the initial ideas of this 7-storey b... En savoir plus

Projet • By ViraformAppartements

Frame in qom

Project Name: FRAME Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Firm Location: QOM, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN  Completion Year:2017 Gross Built Area:2500 square meter Project location: QOM  Lead Architects: REZA JAFARI Photo credits:   Ali Esmaeili                    Clients: Ghasem Rauofi In this project, the main challenge was visibility and privacy while providing adequate lighting for the spaces. Due to urban laws, the project land is in contact with the city only in one direction. To solve this problem for communication between outside and inside. We think to consider frame as space. Often each window has a frame. This frame is an opportunity to communicate between in and out. In... En savoir plus

Projet • By CO ArchitectsUniversités

The Student Services Building at Cal Poly Pomona

CO Architects a conçu le bâtiment des services aux étudiants (SSB) de 140 000 pieds carrés comme nouvelle porte d'entrée du campus de l'université polytechnique de l'État de Californie (Cal Poly) à Pomona, à environ 30 miles à l'est de Los Angeles.  Le SSB accueille les étudiants inscrits qui s'inscrivent à des cours et demandent une aide financière, les futurs étudiants et leurs familles qui se rencontrent sur le site pour des visites du campus, et les anciens étudiants qui participent activement à la communauté du campus.  Les architectes du CO ont coiffé la SSB d'un toit ondulé en aluminium à... En savoir plus

Projet • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsBureaux


Le SPEEHUIS est une maison et un bureau pour les architectes de Spee. Sa conception permet à la maison de s’intégrer dans la forêt environnante, grâce à son aspect naturel et à l’utilisation de matériaux naturels. De plus, la maison et le bureau sont neutres sur le plan énergétique et construits de manière innovante avec des matériaux circulaires et biosourcés. La façade de la SPEEHUIS, mais également le toit en pente sont finis avec des tasseaux en Bamboo X-treme®, installés sur un système Grad rendant l’installation invisible et démontable. Circulaire et biosourcéLa décision de const... En savoir plus

Projet • By Arquitectos AyalaBanques

New Financial Center and Headquarters BCC-CAJAMAR

Without a doubt, the privileged situation of the new headquarters will allow the future building to be the best showcase of the objectives and values of the Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo (BCC).    The offices adapt to the ground, fragmented into different volumes, using a strategy similar to that used by “The Alcazaba”, to dominate the city from the hill of San Cristobal.    The New Headquarters must also serve to introduce an architectural reference in the  Science and Technology Park as a whole, which is a great idea at the urban level, but which nevertheless poses an added difficulty when conceiving the building, which will be private of any close reference, or positive urban data to... En savoir plus

Projet • By Arquitectos AyalaBureaux

Banco Popular Luca de Tena

Two years after starting the Project for the Calle Abelias (stage I) we were commissioned to develop a proposal designed for a different financial situation, to execute the building in Calle Luca de Tena.   This 40,000 m2 office program also had to act as the bank’s representative headquarters, and contain the spaces dedicated to chairmanship and board of administration. The world economic crisis made it necessary to rethink various aspects: resource- and cost-effective optimizing per square meter and employee.   It is obvious that the easiest way of reducing costs in buildings is to separate the light from the perimeter by increasing the floorage. The less façade per square meter, the cheaper the building. The b... En savoir plus

Projet • By MVa - Marco Visconti architectBureaux

Zucchetti Office Tower

The project envisages the re-adaptation of the spaces for a new utilization as offices. From a compositional point of view the project is represented by a huge transparent facade sheathed in an external metallic shielding structure, designed in accordance with the protective requirements dictated by the various situations of exposure to the sun. The sustainability of the project idea is driven by a combined strategy of energy conservation and attention to the well-being of the users. In particular passive solutions have been adopted, such as, high thermal heat insulation, natural ventilation activated by a solar chimney, utilization of renewable energy, solar protection, diffusion of green areas inside and outside the building. The architec... En savoir plus

Projet • By Sustainable Materials, LLCBureaux

Google Office

Yet another Google office in Austin, Texas with Muratto.wall # cork installed. Google demands high standards of their building products and our #cork products deliver! www.sustainablematerials.com En savoir plus