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Projet • By Arquitectura en Movimiento WorkshopHôtels


Located in the city of Valladolid, the third most populated city in the state of Yucatan. Rafael Gamo Design premise: a broad urban analysis and a deep study of its inhabitants, culture and customs. Our conclusion was to discover the great activity, taste and devotion of the “Vallisoletanos” for community life through daily social coexistence in free, open spaces. Conceptualized as a master plan, to add to the city and the few existing public spaces (The Main Square and the Convent’s park), reinforcing the popular activities of the locals around culture, art and gastronomy. Rafael Gamo The hotel program only needed 30% of the space of the 40902.86ft² lot, located on one of the main avenues;  the archi... En savoir plus

Projet • By archi.smithMagasins

Money Cafe Pathum Pawn Shop

In Thailand, the public generally has a rather negative perception towards pawn shops as a financial last resort. Their appearance is also normally obscured and unwelcome. To challenge this, the Client has a vision to remodel his family’s pawn shop business into just another form of financial institution that can be widely accepted. Getting money from a pawn shop will be regarded as a lifestyle, no longer a necessity. DOF sky|ground The building is situated in Pathum Thani, about 30 minutes further up north of Bangkok. The site was a row of existing shophouses set further in away from the road, so the visibility was quite poor. To make it noticeable, gleaming aluminium sheet is selected as the main material of the façade... En savoir plus

Projet • By AB+PartnersCentres commerciaux

Oasis Mall Façade

Modern, subtle and innovative, the Oasis Mall façade is meant to become a new urban aesthetic core. With a regular geometry, in which we have created a succession of parallel straight lines, the Oasis Mall façade also creates a play of accents in relation to that of the residential complex. Oleg Bajura The minimalism approach in the design goes in line with the tendencies of a contemporary way of life. Located at the crossroads of important urban arteries, Oasis Mall becomes a concentration point of the urban flow, without additional details, without sumptuous and luxurious elements. Oleg Bajura Strictness and hardness of lines was chromatically ennobled. The basic structure in dark shades is completed with satin b... En savoir plus

Projet • By KAL ABureaux

DV Offices

During the first decade of 21st century and before the 2008 economic crisis, Madrid suburban areas were highly developed, and their residential capability were exploited to its maximum allowance. A strict urbanistic regulation forced new constructions to consider a percentage of ground floors to have only and exclusively commercial or office purposes, despite there was no interest or commercial activity at that time. Many commercial spaces located within residential blocks were never put in use and remained almost abandoned for more than a decade. Javier Bravo DV Offices is a project that aims to activate the existing urban layer with a hybrid program mostly dedicated to office equipment but providing a neutral configuration that allo... En savoir plus
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Projet • By The SharCentres d'exposition

car land

Car land theory section is based on the meaning of presentation and speed as a symbol of exhibition and cars. Façade is the final layer that shows the idea of whole building so we decided to keep the interior parts as a valuable object that is protected by curtain shaped shell. straight and curved lines of the façade, inspired by skid marks and wrinkled curtains, are having rhythmic presentation through outer views into interior spaces. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption   En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 16 juin 2021

The Modular by Bureau Fraai references an industrial past with a progressive façade design

With a robust building façade that echoes the billowing sails of ships dating back to the 17th century, ‘The Modular’ by Bureau Fraai is a new office building situated on a narrow corner plot on Amsterdam’s Island Oostenburg. Studio de Nooyer Currently in the midst of a transformation into a high-density, mixed-use neighbourhood, the neighbourhood’s masterplan called for contrasting buildings with strong identities and an industrial character that builds on the island’s industrial past. This history in particular includes the shipyards of the Dutch East India Company that were once located in the same location as well as the still existing Van Gendthallen, where until recently locomotives and machi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Enric Rojo ArquitecturaMaisons privées

Integral renovation RIV

The client required a parking space on the ground floor and the installation of an elevator that connected all the floors of the house. The defined strategy is to place the stairs along the dividing wall, freeing the floor and turning it into a single open and bright space. The bioclimatic strategy of this house is to achieve good cross ventilation in the living plants, as well as to guarantee good adaptive sun protection with the installation of adjustable slat blinds. It is committed to an air conditioning system with maximum energy efficiency, as well as solar and photovoltaic panels for the production of hot water and electricity. A bookcase stair makes the connection between plants much more than just a vertical connection. The desig... En savoir plus

Projet • By A&M ARCHITECTSBureaux

Grivalia Complex Properties

Grivalia Properties REIC is a leading Greek Real Estate Investment Company, amongst the 20 strongest companies in the Athens Stock Exchange. The A&M Group was invited to enter the closed competition among with other well established architectural firms. Under the umbrella of the A&M Group, A&M Architects, Petras Architecture, Doxiadis+ Landscape Architects joined their forces to enter the competition to design an energy conscious proposal, while esthetically and functionally upgrading the building and its surrounding landscape. This competition was a win story for our team! The Grivalia office complex is composed of 3 buildings, housing several international companies, surrounded by an urban garden also used for vehicular and p... En savoir plus

Projet • By Uniworks DesignsAppartements

Muralidhar Residence

Location   Palm Ridge, KondapurArea           3,200 SQFTStatus       CompletedScope        Design and PMCDesign BriefContemporary design which is relaxing to the eyes. Coming back to the home feels relaxing at the end of the tiring day. Wall textures and modern furniture designs completes the interiors. Color palette chosen for this design is of dark hues. En savoir plus

Projet • By Uniworks DesignsAppartements

Mohit Arora's Residence

Location : Sec 130, Noida Nature of project (Residential/Commercial): Residential Area : 5892 SQ FT ( G + 3) Construction Status : Completed  Scope of services provided: Facade & Interior Design Only  Design Brief :The facade of the building was to be redeveloped on modern lines, with materials that are easy to procure, and give an elegant look to the building. En savoir plus

Projet • By Re-a.d Architecture DesignAppartements

Millo Astoria Condominium

Millo’s is a boutique condominium that is well integrated into the neighborhood while displaying the signs of an intimate, contemporary living offering. The long facade introduces a rhythm of dark and light moments that activates the streetscape, exhibiting a village feel, making it the right fit for the neighborhood of astoria, queens.  By using contrast in the tones used and placing dark highlights on the balcony areas, a sense of depth is created within vertical pockets that defines the 3 segments of the building. moving from looking at the building within the streetscape to getting closer to the entrance is a dynamic experience. The resident gradually discovers new details that trigger an interest in discovering new features... En savoir plus

Projet • By GKD Metal FabricsStades

Ascot Racecourse

Architects at HOK created a homogeneous architectural style for the famed Berkshire racecourse using GKD metal fabric. Its flexible nature allowed the sweeping shape of the towers to be integrated into the façade design, while also acting as a windshield. En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 18 janv. 2021

Boutique condominium development in Washington DC engages the street with playful façade design

In the Columbia Heights neighbourhood of Washington, DC, Kozo is a boutique condominium development that playfully blends nature with the built environment. Kuhn Architect An urban infill project by P.T. Blooms Development and Jonathan Kuhn Architect, the eight-unit development offers the opportunity to live in a walkable neighbourhood close to many city amenities. And with a mind to engaging the urban realm, the building’s distinctive façade features playfully staggered, black-framed balconies that project from a white masonry façade, resulting in a clean and modern look with contrast in both colour and depth. The interplay of balconies versus void further provides visual interest and a sense of engagement with th... En savoir plus

Projet • By via.Magasins

La Maison Goutal

La Maison Goutal is the first Asia flagship store for GOUTAL - the iconic French perfume house founded by late founder, Annick Goutal.  En savoir plus
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Projet • By AIDIA STUDIOMusées

Seoul Photographic Art Museum

Concept. We depart from the basic idea that a Photographic Art Museum should be a celebration of light and how space and architecture can be crafted by the multiplicity of atmospheres and effects it is able to create when traveling through and into materials. Our proposal seeks to provide an inspiring journey through different light atmospheres which are in tune with the specific purpose of each space. Form. After studying the tension between the deconstructed orthogonal forms of the 50 Plus Campus and the futuristic shape of the RSM, we opted for a more nuanced approach and settled with a cubical shaped building. This cube is then lifted on the corners welcoming visitors into a triangulated shaped lobby. The journey through the building... En savoir plus