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Projet • By ExpolightParcs/jardins

Boulevard of Arts by Expolight

Boulevard of Arts - a location in the city center, adjacent to theaters and art objects, which has become a new creative cluster. The task was to maximize the creativity of the space using light techniques. In this concept, we have combined caustic waves that fill the entire boulevard, themed projections, craft lamps and an interactive media screen. En savoir plus

Projet • By ExpolightRestaurants


NON  is a modern restaurant of Uzbek cuisine in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  Cotton is one of the historical symbols of Uzbekistan. That’s why we used it as a part of the design for individual pendant and table lamps, which have become a strong focus of the interior.  Lamps are hand-made with individual designs.  Cotton and glass are very tactile natural materials with diametrically different properties. We placed the cotton twigs in glass bulbs and integrated light into these bulbs. The softness and lightness of cotton create a harmonic contrast with transparent, hard, and smooth glass.  Each glass bulb has a unique shape and relief. The luminaire structure is made of craft glass and brass.  The shape of glass fla... En savoir plus

Projet • By ExpolightEspaces verts urbains

Lighting for a Yavornytsky Boulevard in Dnipro

The boulevard is located in the city's historical area, so it was essential to take this context into account in the lighting project solutions. The boulevard is lit with static warm white light and filled with various light and shadow effects. A special design of luminaires was developed, with three types of adjustable cylinders that create different lighting effects.   The first ones provide light coming through the branches, creating contrasting shadows that imitate the effect of a forest. The second type of lamps applies special craft glass lenses to recreate the effect of sun glare from the water. The third type of luminaires provides contrasting white light in some places with catchy spots to emphasize the architectural deta... En savoir plus

Projet • By ExpolightPaysages urbains

Interactive Media Sculpture The Cube

Interactive Media Sculpture The Cube on the facade of Chicago Central House has became the first massive media sculpture in Ukraine and Europe that are show the invisible rhythm of the city on its screen using digital content. We live in an era when borders between reality and the digital world are less and less visible. Building materials evolved from wood, stone, concrete, glass, and aluminum to digital materials. That, in particular, have help us create a dynamic sculpture that displays the city life in all its diversity. The sculpture itself is a 5x5 meter cube placed into a glass shell.  Each hour, shapes are generated in six materials. Five of them are demonstrate more traditional textures: wood, stone, concrete, glass, and stee... En savoir plus