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Produit • By European HomeErgofocus Outdoor Suspended Fireplace

Ergofocus Outdoor Suspended Fireplace

SUSPENDED, OPEN-FACED, OUTDOOR FIREPLACE   The elegant form of the Ergofocus will bring beauty and warmth to any outdoor space. Not only is this floating, natural vent fireplace perfectly proportioned, but it also maximizes heat efficiency by allowing you to rotate the fire 360 degrees.  The blend of function and form makes the Ergofocus one of the most popular of Focus’ suspended outdoor fireplaces. En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomeErgofocus Indoor Suspended Fireplace

Ergofocus Indoor Suspended Fireplace

FLOATING OPEN-FACED FIREPLACE   ‘Why should fire be fixed to the ground?’ asks designer Dominique Imbert. ‘I wanted my fireplaces to hang from the sky.’   This suspended and rotating natural vent fireplace is a response to this wish. Its pure, elegant shape is not only perfectly proportioned but maximizes heat efficiency. The blend of function and form makes the Ergofocus one of the most popular of Focus’ suspended models. En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomeLinnea Electric Fieplace

Linnea Electric Fieplace

The Linnea Single-Sided has a long and stunning viewable opening of 59 1/4” high by 13” tall making it an impressive feature in any home, condo, or even business.   Halo models come with a choice of 6 unique & vibrant flame displays to select from, giving users the opportunity to select their desired flame effect to suit the mood or occasion. The Halo range also incorporates a clear fuel bed design, allowing underbed illumination to complement the bespoke log set and stunning glass chipping decoration.   Fireplace features– Simple setup process that pairs your fireplace to your home router– Choice of 6 pre-set flame displays– Control brightness, flame speed, and temperature– SCHOTT CONTU... En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomeTyrell Electric Fireplace

Tyrell Electric Fireplace

The Single-Sided Tyrell’s large size, 23” high by 32” wide, gives the look of a standard-sized fireplace. But it has a little extra as this fireplace can be paired with an App and even Amazon Alexa.   Featuring the latest varicolored LED technology, our Halo models come with a choice of 6 unique & vibrant flame displays to select from, giving users the opportunity to select their desired flame effect to suit the mood or occasion. By utilizing the e-smart app, you can also adjust temperature settings, turn your feature lighting off or on, and even choose the desired speed of your lighting effect all at the touch of a button.   Fireplace features– Simple setup process that pairs your fireplace to your... En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomeBubble Fire Pit

Bubble Fire Pit

The Bubble is a contemporary wood-burning fire bowl that brings its stylish originality to any outdoor space. Its open fire provides the perfect centerpiece to extend long summer nights or take the chill off autumn evenings. The brazier’s simplicity and sophistication, a hallmark of Focus design, as well as its performance make it suitable for a wide range of exterior settings, from gardens to roof terraces to patios. Measuring 27 1/2” in diameter, this wood burning fire pit is equipped with two rear caster wheels so it can be easily moved on a flat surface. The basin can be removed for maintenance and cleaning. The model’s anti-corrosion finish is designed to withstand outdoor conditions so it will keep its eye-catching l... En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomeDiagofocus Barbecue

Diagofocus Barbecue

Introducing the multi-talented Diagofocus – thanks to its wheels, it can turn its back to the wind, or be guided to the ideal location to avoid the eccentricities of the winds and the seasons. This attractive barbecue and welcoming outdoor fireplace is also generous, protecting hosts and guests from smoke, as well as guarding against the flames the food that has been entrusted to it for grilling En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomeSigmafocus Wall Barbecue

Sigmafocus Wall Barbecue

This steel wall barbecue folds up so that when closed it takes up limited space. Attractive in both open and closed positions, the Sigmafocus offers a range of cooking heights. It is easy to attach to any wall (there are only two fixation points).   The generous ash pan allows the barbecue to be used a number of times without having to empty it out. The disc that attaches to the wall protects the wall from smoke. En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomeSunfocus Outdoor Fireplace

Sunfocus Outdoor Fireplace

This wall-mounted brazier serves up its flames like an enthusiastic waiter.Its elegance, simplicity, and panache make the Sunfocus radiate style.It can also be used as a barbecue. En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomeSummum 70 Gas Fireplace

Summum 70 Gas Fireplace

Understated and elegant.  Don’t be fooled by its modest size.  The Summum 70 gas fireplace is big on style and innovative design features.  This highly efficient direct-vent fireplace will bring warmth and a calming sense of intrigue to your home for years to come. The Summum 70 Single-Sided, Corner Style and 3-Sided gas fireplace series come standard with the Real Flame Burner System.  This innovative burner solution creates the most realistic flame patterns available today as the burners are specially designed to wrap your flames around a detailed log set, just as you would see in a real wood-burning fire. In addition, this fireplace delivers exactly the right ambiance as the flame height, temperature and an LE... En savoir plus
Limelight Ketchum Hotel (Ketchum, ID)
Sarah Broughton: Architect, designer and co-owner of Rowland + Broughton
The moment you walk into the door of the one of these Limelight condos you are greeted with a warm palette and clean, modern lines.
Living Among Natural Splendor: In Sarah’s own words, “I think one of the best things you can do for sustainability is build something that will last.”
Floor to ceiling windows illuminate an open floor plan and a humble, but thoughtfully designed, kitchen

Projet • By European HomeEspaces verts urbains

Limelight Hotel

  Situated adjacent to the Sun Valley, Ketchum, Idaho is a small mountain town that’s big on natural splendor.  The best architectural design is informed by its surrounding environment so this place, more than most, is bound to have some gems.  Case in point, the Limelight Hotel in Ketchum.   We had the great pleasure of sitting down with Sarah Broughton of Rowland + Broughton Architects to talk about the condominiums she and her team designed for the Limelight.  When you view photographs of this space you might see a warm and inviting place, with clean modern lines and a gorgeous fireplace in the center.   Sarah sees these things too, but she also sees so much more.  She sees how the color palette talks to the natural creams and browns out... En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomeE72 72" Electric Fireplace

E72 72" Electric Fireplace

Purchase HereAt a stunning 6 feet long, this modern electric fireplace commands attention. It provides the perfect combination of cozy ambiance and smart fireplace technology. Featuring Evoflame, these flame effects are incredibly natural and powered by eco-friendly LED lights. Available in Single-Sided, 3-Sided and Corner Style, install with any number of clean modern finishes and in nearly any space since there is no need to worry about venting. Controlled via an intuitive app, this gorgeous centerpiece can become a part of your modern living space. En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomeBidore 95 Corner Style Gas Fireplace

Bidore 95 Corner Style Gas Fireplace

A stunning, frameless, linear right or left corner fireplace, the Bidore 95 features a clean contemporary design. All glass corners allow an unobstructed view of this modern gas fireplace. En savoir plus

Projet • By European HomeMagasins

A Modern Prefab in CA Wine County You'll Love

I don’t think we have to persuade you very hard to visit Sonoma County, California. The place really makes a case for itself. Situated just 45 minutes north of San Francisco, Sonoma County is in the heart of wine country and features some 425 distinct wineries and plenty of local gastronomical delights to pair nicely with your beverage of choice!However, wine, food and natural vistas are not the only draw. After a day of eating and enjoying great wine you’re going to need a place to rest your head. We recently sat down with Christy Beaver, the in-house Interior Designer for Method Homes (a luxury modern prefab home builder) and she talked to us about a recent project in Sonoma County they are affectionately cal... En savoir plus

Projet • By European HomePaysage résidentiel

Renovating Early Modernism: An Interview with Arch

Walter Gropius gets all the acclaim in Massachusetts. Perhaps it’s because he taught at Harvard and his Gropius House in Lincoln, MA, looms large as a pillar of early modernist American architecture. However, he wasn’t alone, and he wasn’t the first to introduce the international modern style to the United States. Edwin B. Goodell Jr. (an MIT man just drive home the rivalry) was a member of a group of lesser-known architects that would later be called the “Invisible Modernists.” By the time Gropius and others came to the U.S. from Europe, Goodell had already designed and built a number of homes inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetic.One of Goodell’s early homes still sits on a rocky New England hillside in... En savoir plus

Produit • By European HomePaxfocus Outdoor Wood or Gas Fireplace

Paxfocus Outdoor Wood or Gas Fireplace

Get more information on this product on the European Home website.WALL MOUNTED FIREPLACEThe classy and space-saving design of the Paxfocus outdoor fireplace is a perfect fit for any patio. The wood-burning, natural vent hearth allows warmth to be radiated throughout your space. With clean lines, and a modern finish this fireplace adds not only function, but beautiful aesthetics to your patio too.Shown here with optional Hematite Rust finish.The Paxfocus is produced by Focus Fires, the award winning fireplace manufacturer from France, and is imported and distributed by European Home for installations in North America. En savoir plus