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Projet • By Atelier Bruno MartinsHôtels

Pestana Casino Studios

In order to talk about the last hotel built by the Pestana group, I first have to talk about how this building was built, and how it didn't take more than 8 months to be finished. But how, when we know that a hotel with 3,500m2 and 75 rooms would have to have a construction time of at least twice as much? Caption It is in 2013, when I was looking into construction technologies and their role in architecture, housing and other programs, that my research into modular construction begins.  Caption While the exhaustive repetition of modular systems can make the architecture less significant, it is no less true that we will not be able to solve the housing problem without being more inventive. And without first taking care to be... En savoir plus

Projet • By C28 srl -collaboratorio di progettazioneAppartements

Can2021 _ ModularSystem

Speed, compatibility, eco-sustainability and safety are some of the key words that orbit around this project, which was born out of the government's need to accommodate a large number of athletes and visitors during the upcoming CAN2021 African Cup of Nations football event. Caption The modular concept is the basis for the construction of the entire project. It allows for variability in the overall distribution and also for speed and efficiency during the transport and assembly phases. Caption From the first idea, it is clear how easy the adaptable system is. The arrangement of the modules is intended solely to ensure privacy, but at the same time to optimise the connection to the water, electricity and sewage networks. In fact,... En savoir plus

Projet • By Look CompositesSupermarchés


Manufacture of two pieces of design in GRP, prefabricated for incorporation into a modular construction installed on the Benicarló beach. One of the pieces has the function of a porch between the two modules, the other is an exterior wall, both provide a marked identity to the whole. The finish of the pieces is the same as the rest of the materials used, in this way there are no material changes. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT- Three-dimensional shapes in two pieces made to measure.- Prefabricate the pieces for a quick installation adapted to the rest of the set.- Good behavior outdoors and near the sea.- Lightness and rigidity for the roof that must also withstand the rain.FINAL SCOREThe prefabricated pieces in GRP are the pieces that gi... En savoir plus

Produit • By Firestone Building Products EMEAFirestone UltraPly™ TPO


Le système d'étanchéité de toitures UltraPly TPO : la solution d'étanchéité de couleur claire L'engagement de Firestone à offrir une ligne complète de solutions d'étanchéité haute performance a donné lieu au développement de la membrane Firestone UltraPly TPO. Cette membrane d'étanchéité thermoplastique enregistre la croissance la plus rapide des produits d'étanchéité commerciaux. Grâce à ses nombreux caractéristiques et avantages, tant en termes de performance que de mise en œuvre, cette membrane est aujourd'hui très fréquemment utilisée sur des toitures... En savoir plus

Produit • By Firestone Building Products EMEAFirestone RubberGard™ EPDM


Une solution d’étanchéité EPDM pour un résultat optimal Les membranes d’étanchéité de toiture monocouches synthétiques gagnent du marché depuis quelques années. La durabilité du produit, sa facilité de mise en œuvre et la possibilité d’optimiser l’efficacité énergétique des bâtiments tout en minimisant leur impact environnemental sont des facteurs clés de cette tendance. La membrane d’étanchéité RubberGard EPDM de Firestone répond à toutes ces caractéristiques.   RubberGard EPDM est une membrane d’étanchéité... En savoir plus