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Minyama House

With such a beautiful outlook, the design of this home called for expansive areas of glazing and for a natural material palette that allowed it to merge with the landscape. The clients requested the use of natural timber throughout the home, and Abodo was suggested to architects Morriarchi Architecture by contractors Gray Construction Group, who had worked with the eco-timber products on a previous project. Caption On the exterior walls, the Abodo Vulcan weatherboards are finished with Protector Oil Teak, chosen for both longevity and visual warmth. This material is also used for the entry door, gatehouse door and master bedroom balcony hood, creating a sense of consistency throughout the property.All interior spaces have barn-style d... En savoir plus

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Omaha House

Completed in 2018, the Omaha house overlooks the estuary facing west. An awkward shaped site and the desire to connect the occupants with the stunning water surrounds led to a three-formed or winged structure connected with glazed hallways. Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding with Sioo:x finish gives the humble “board + batten” cladding a longer-lasting and low-maintenance finish and fits in sympathetically with the coastal environment. Vulcan Cladding is made from thermally modified timber, a process which uses heat and steam rather than chemicals, and results in a highly stable, durable timber. Sioo:x is a reactive coating, which weathers evenly to a beautiful silver grey after exposure to the elements. This process accelerates t... En savoir plus

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Salty Cabins

Based near Byron Bay, Salty Builds and Salty Stays is run by an energetic trio who make every decision based on how it will affect the Earth. This ethos led them to choose Abodo’s FSC®-certified Vulcan timber for the cabins at their eco retreat. Armed with this solution, Salty Stays created The Cabin, an off-grid, self contained and very Instagrammable escape on the hilltop, built using Abodo Vulcan timber battens with a Sioo:x finish. Sioo:x is a silicate-based wood finish that is designed to silver off over time, meaning it requires very little maintenance and can last up to ten years before needing to be reapplied. Created using FSC certified New Zealand timber, Abodo Vulcan is locally made and thermally modified for increase... En savoir plus

Produit • By LunawoodTerrasse

Lunawood Decking

Grâce à stabilité et à sa durabilité, Lunawood ThermoWood constitue un excellent choix pour les terrasses. Les clips de fixation invisibles Profix de Lunawood facilitent et accélèrent l´installation de la terasse, avec un rendu élégant, sans vis visible. Nos lames de terrasses sont également disponibles avec un traitement de surface industriel. En savoir plus

Produit • By LunawoodProduits d´intérieur

Lunawood Interior

Non toxique, Lunawood Thermowood convient parfaitement aux lambris et aux cloisons pour créer une atmosphère accueillante. La surface poreuse du bois ne répercute pas les sons comme les matières artificielles rigides, ce qui fait de Lunawood un excellent choix pous les espaces publics. Thermowood est l´un des matériaux les plus utilisés dans les saunas et il est idéal pour les intérieurs de spas grâce à sa faible conductivité thermique, à sa très bonne stabilité et à son absence de résine. En savoir plus

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Te Toka

Designed to withstand the elements including all manner of natural disaster, Te Toka in Queenstown provides a safe and resilient bolthole for its overseas owner. With Abodo Vulcan timber screening in Silicate finish, the house maintains an understated aesthetic that contributes to its desired longevity. The natural Silicate timber finish ages gracefully with exposure to the elements, providing a low-profile and understated silvered look that requires only very minimal refinishing. Read more about this project here. Caption Caption Caption   En savoir plus

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SRG House

Many architects have contributed to the history of this Sydney home, from its original owner and namesake Sir Roy Grounds to the architect who conceived of it in 1972, Stuart Whitelaw, and finally current homeowner and architect Conrad Johnston of Fox Johnston, who has given the home a new lease on life using Abodo eco timbers and an extended floor plan. Choosing Abodo Vulcan WB10 145x20 vertical boards with a Protector Oil Walnut stain in the place of cedar meant creating a similar look to the original cladding but without the pitfalls of stability issues and frequent maintenance. Vulcan Cladding is created using thermally modified New Zealand-grown timber, which along with its patented vertical grain construction gives an enhanced level... En savoir plus

Produit • By LunawoodLunawood Cladding

Lunawood Cladding

Lunawood is an unrivaled material for facades thanks to its dimensional stability, weather resistance, durability and beautiful appearance - all achieved without chemicals naturally through thermal modification. Lunawood Thermowood does not require surface coatings even in the most challenging climate conditions which makes it a truly sustainable choice throughout its life cycle.  This allows your project to have that naturally grayed exterior cladding, if desired.  The raw material for our products comes from a renewable and certified Scandinavian forest. En savoir plus

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Westmere House

With the extension and renovation of a 1940s brick bungalow in Westmere, Jon Smith and the team at Matter Architects have created a low-maintenance, light-filled and spacious home for a family of five. The resulting home fronts the street at three levels with the exterior clad in Abodo Vulcan Cladding in a deep black (Nero finish), creating a contemporary aesthetic that is strikingly juxtaposed against its more traditionally styled neighbours. Abodo Vulcan Screening adds to the clean lines of the home while also ensuring privacy. Read more about this project here. En savoir plus

Projet • By AbodoÉcoles secondaires

Christchurch Boys’ High School

Addressing an educational brief of ‘A modern school with a rich past’, Christchurch Boys’ High School wished to incorporate modern educational developments into its new buildings while still maintaining its heritage listing. To seamlessly marry historic with contemporary, Athfield Architects specified Abodo timber pductsrofor internal and external cladding of the newly opened Caddick Block. Materiality references the surrounding structures, while the building itself takes on a contemporary look, with Abodo timber battens on the upper levels for sun screening and a dynamic aesthetic. Read more about this project here. En savoir plus

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Noir by Zephyr Industries

Nestled into a hill in Hamilton, Brisbane, Zephyr Industries have realised a high-end, entertainer's paradise. Set on a steep 18 metre site stretching from Prospect Terrace (top) to Gray Street (bottom) the bold but humble form of Noir cuts a silhouette of the Brisbane city skyline - through it’s blackened split triangular forms, realised with Nero Protector Oil on Vulcan timber. Moving away from the traditional Hamilton urban fabric, Noir uses a dark and textured aesthetic of; Vulcan timber cladding with Nero Protector Oil, blackened off form concrete, metal sheeting, glass and vegetation, transitioning in form, materiality and programme as it terraces down the hill. Read more about this project here. En savoir plus

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Tutukaka Rammed Earth Eco Home

A spectacular setting on New Zealand's Tutukaka Coast, nestled amongst the flax with breathtaking views, required a home design that was beautiful in its own right and respectful of the landscape. Alison and Mark felt that their house must fit in with its natural surroundings, whilst providing them with a modern home, small in footprint, but big in features for easy entertaining. In homage to the coastal setting, Alison and Mark chose Vulcan timber cladding in a vertical shiplap profile, finished with stunning Sioo:x coating for a natural, weathered look. Sioo:x is a non-toxic coating based on nature, providing an accelerated weathered look and a low maintenance finish that will stand up to the harsh coastal conditions. Vulcan timber is m... En savoir plus

Projet • By NarrativA architectenMaisons privées

Eco, biobased villa near Amsterdam, Netherlands

The house has been designed according to the sustainable principles of biobased, ecological construction. In the design and construction of this house, we carefully looked at the orientation, the sun and the usual wind direction (for example, for the possibilities for night ventilation). The sun has a lot of influence on the shape and the layout. The house is constructed from a vapour permeable timber frame construction system, delivered on site as prefabricated elements. All the insulation materials above the ground are natural. Martijn Heil The plots are relative small in this project. The neighbouring home is relative close by and provide much shade in winter. The clients have therefore chosen not to create a roof overhang on... En savoir plus

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Clifton Hill

This clifftop home, embracing the elevated outlook over the harbour, features an exterior in Abodo's Vulcan Charred Cladding. The Vulcan Charred not only provides a remarkable first impression and hard to beat street appeal, but also ensures there is no need to worry about regular ongoing maintenance.  Charred timber, also known as Shou Sugi Ban, will outlast traditional black wood finishes. Which will stand this home in good stead, with Christchurch’s hot summers and the property’s coastal location in mind. Read more about this project here. En savoir plus

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Cottesloe House

Two stories of luxury showcase timber in exceptional style, featuring Vulcan timber fins and cladding. Vulcan timber fins  feature on the upper level and on the pool-side cabana wall, while the garage door and lower level entry facade - and even the window trims - feature Vulcan Cladding. All Vulcan timber was coated with two coats of Straw Protector Oil, and one coat of Teak Protector Oil as the finishing touch. The rich warmth of these finishes forms a natural connection throughout, bringing together the grounds, pool and luxury design of the home. Behind the luxury design (by John Lewis Architects) - and clever layout of indoor and outdoor areas - is an equally impressive commitment to installation details (by Time Builders). R... En savoir plus