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Projet • By Workshop—198Bureaux

Albion Aesthetic Dentistry

A young dentist was looking to renovate an existing dental practice located in a 1970’s era office tower in Denver, Colorado. The existing space was a corner unit and featured expansive views west toward the Rocky Mountains and downtown Denver. Due to the nature of the existing layout, these views were restricted to individual rooms along the perimeter of the space. The corner window of the unit was occupied by the dental lab, sterilization, and storage.  This was an area only accessible to staff and created inefficiencies with accessing supplies while seeing patients.  Justin Martin The focus when designing this space was to provide access to views and natural light throughout the office. It was also important to repo... En savoir plus

Projet • By Futuris ArchitectsHôpitaux

Dental Center

Modern style design project for a modern dental center.  We have created a clean, simple, quiet environment. En savoir plus

Projet • By Mutant Arch.MediaFoyers de soins

Kieferothopädie Dr. Glockengießer

The planning and furnishing of practice rooms is increasingly becoming an expression of individuality. The professional design of the practice rooms gives the treatment a face! It is the optics that "translates" the dental quality and effort into a language that everyone understands for the patient. Because while the patient is hardly able to grasp the professional skills of the practitioner and assess accordingly, he can still see and feel what is conveyed to him through the atmosphere created in a practice. And this is exactly where the central importance of the practice equipment lies. She “communicates” with the patient, creates a picture of the doctor and his team and lets him make decisions. For orthodontics Dr. Glockengi... En savoir plus

Projet • By assemblageSTUDIOBureaux

Acero Dental Office

The building houses two independant  dental facilites on seperate levels. The second level, occupied by the building owner, provides several exam rooms, restrooms, reception lobby, waiting lounge, equipment room, storage rooms, employee lounge, a priate outdoor gathering deck, and a private office.  The project is located within a heavily used arterial street in Henderson, NV. Surrounding office complexes are primarily medical, with a hospital in the immediate vicinity. Adjacent to the site is a fire station to serve the businesses. The site provides a distant view to the Las Vegas Strip and into the Black Mountains.  Sited prominently at the intersection, the faceted second level becomes the sign of the business. Differing... En savoir plus

Projet • By BÖWECentres de bien-être

Wara Hospital - Kuwait

An award-winning project - Wara Hospital hosts a state-of-the-art medical facility clinic - located in Sabah Al Salem, Kuwait. Spread over 14 floors covering 5,600 square meters and overlooking a breathtaking view on the Arabian Gulf Sea. The clinics include an inpatient pharmacy, a dental clinic, a physiotherapy clinic, an orthopedic clinic and more.The design philosophy was to create a wellness/hospitality sense to the place. Applying natural colors and finishes to create a comfortable, simple and luxury environment for the patients visiting the clinic.This was maintained by creating interiors with natural wood geometrical shapes on the flooring with a reflection of linear wooden panels on the ceiling that blends with pure white masses; a... En savoir plus

Projet • By Studio MohenjodaroHôpitaux

Dr. Sindhuja's Dental Clinic

The intrinsic link between spaces and the feelings they evoke takes on a new meaning when over time, certain spaces start being recognised by the emotions they inspire. The most common example would be a Dentist’s Clinic. The feeling associated with visiting the dentist is almost always that of fear.When Studio Mohenjodaro took on the project of designing the interiors for Dr. Sindhuja’s Dental Clinic, located in Mohali, they also took on the challenge of redefining the emotions inspired by the space. Minimal, pristine and clean, the design for the clinic interiors required an approach that would not only enhance a sense of calm, but also keep intact the ‘clinical’ quality of the space for the patients to feel re-assured yet comfortable.Ano... En savoir plus

Projet • By Ballina Group, LLCBureaux

East View Dental

This 8,400 sf dental office is nestled in Albany, NY. It features a welcoming entrance with rocking chairs on the front porch area. Upon entering guests are greeted with a reception desk that is ADA complainant as well as a waiting area that features a beverage area. Each dental exam room is private and welcoming to make patients feel comfortable. East View Dental also operates as a learning center for dental students so there is a large lecture style room with a private office for educating the future doctors. Overall, the office boasts a clean, welcoming atmosphere that makes going to the dentist enjoyable! En savoir plus

Projet • By Ballina Group, LLCBureaux

Smiles by Garcia

This 3,400 sf dental office is located in Austin, TX. Upon entering, patients are welcomed by a waiting area that is comfortable and cozy with multiple seat options to choose from as well as a fireplace that truly makes it feel like a home living room. In the waiting area there is a beverage station for patients to enjoy while they wait. The reception desk features natural wood back-lit with LEDs to create a modern feel. The hallway leading to the exam rooms and offices is light and area featuring barn door style sliding doors. A pale blue and white color palette also contributes to the bright and airy feeling. En savoir plus

Projet • By Ballina Group, LLCBureaux

Mason Dental

This 6,400 SF dental office located outside of Dallas, TX has all the country charm and comfort. Large doors welcome guests as they enter the cozy waiting area that features exposed beams, stone work and a fireplace. Wood arches guide patients to the exam rooms that have state of the technology but don't lack the charm that the rest of the building offers. Barn doors were used as a privacy feature for some patient rooms. Even the sterilization area features wood cabinetry to blend in with the rest of the space. En savoir plus

Projet • By Ballina Group, LLCBureaux

Lukin Family Dental

This 3,394 SF, modern dental facility featuring high end design solutions for both patients and staff experience. It features exposed beams and sleek finishes like mosaic tile on the walls and wood grain LVT. En savoir plus
View of Lobby from Second Floor

Projet • By Ballina Group, LLCBureaux

VSP Dental

VSP DentalCompleted in 201712,000 SF two story, state of the art dental facility featuring high end design solutions for both patients and staff experience including an interior "live wall" and employee fitness center.This steel framed building boasts modern aesthetic fiber cement panel cladding, foam insulation, solar panels and much more for maximum efficiency at low operating costs. En savoir plus

Projet • By Pei Cobb Freed & PartnersUniversités

Center for Precision Dental Medicine, Columbia U.

The renovation of the 5th floor of the Vanderbilt Clinic of Columbia University’s School of Dental Medicine is part of a masterplan that envisages the complete restructuring of dental education, research and practice at Columbia. This project is the prototype for CDM’s new technology-driven and collaboration-oriented curriculum and the lessons learned will be applied to the subsequent renovation of other floors of the Vanderbilt Clinic. The new clinical environment implemented on VC5 has substantial implications for dental education in general and the practice of dental medicine worldwide, with the creation of an environment that integrates dental practice and the larger public health enterprise.  The two wings of the Vanderb... En savoir plus

Projet • By Mutant Arch.MediaHôpitaux

Dental Dr. Wiener

INTO THE WHITE. "For patients, a well-being practice is a combination of medical competence, friendliness of the practice staff and an aesthetically high-quality architectural practice." This holistic approach prescribed the space, the treatment and the sense of well being as a unit, was developed in collaboration with the architectural office Mutant Arch.Media a modern dental practice. An intensive analysis, questioning, solution approaches, discarding and optimizing played an indispensable role in the individual, interior-architectural design of the medical facility in order to enable patients and practitioners to create an environment that meets all aesthetic and functional requirements. The design concept has already placed gre... En savoir plus