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NouvellesNouvelles • 29 avr. 2022

A fog inspired ring of canopies connects cultural center by Sou Fujimoto Architects to terraced landscape

Sou Fujimoto Architects were inspired by the site’s village landscape of terraced fields draped in fog. The architects proposed a floating lightweight canopy that hugs the landscape like a cloud. Shanghai Fengyuzhu The canopy starts from the main buildings and cascades downwards the terraced landscape to connect with the river. According to Sou Fujimoto Architects, the canopy ring provides a sense of continuity and allows the building to blend with its natural surroundings. Shanghai Fengyuzhu The canopy is made out of naturally woven lightweight materials and provides a soft boundary for the cultural center. The volume that punctures the canopy breaks with the village morphology and signals a public function. Shanghai F... En savoir plus

Projet • By Rapp+RappCentres communautaires

Merkem community centre and village centre renewal

Merkem is a village in West Flanders, counting 2,300 inhabitants. After having been completely destroyed in the First World War it was reconstructed in the 1920´s in a typical local building style, being a characteristic example of post-war reconstruction architecture. The village is situated along two main roads joining in a T-junction. Caption The assignment consisted of two parts: The renovation of the village centre and the construction of a community centre. The redesign of the public space included three squares, whose simple but high quality design corresponds with the sober character of the village. The community centre is located on the ‘Stationsplein’, a square measuring 150 x 40 metres flanked by two-story... En savoir plus

Projet • By Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & PlannersÉglises

National Presbyterian Church Addition & Renovation

Following BBB’s 2016 Master Plan for the National Presbyterian Church, the project is the first major alteration since the completion of the building, designed by Harold E. Wagoner, in 1967. The Church is listed on the DC Inventory of Historic Sites. BBB designed two additions which expand the Main Church building; in the first, new meeting rooms clad in salvaged limestone with large glass entrances open onto the new outdoor terrace and an expanded roof terrace above, overlooking an existing garden. A second addition of a new rear entry seamlessly integrates with the historic fabric and welcomes visitors and members into the heart of the Church campus, with two new elevators serving all three levels of the Church. Within the main Chu... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 19 nov. 2021

Steven Holl Architects embrace an architecture of spatial energy and openness at the Shanghai Cofco Cultural & Health Center

Embracing an architecture of spatial energy and openness, the Shanghai Cofco Cultural & Health Center by Steven Holl Architects in collaboration with East China Architectural Design aims to foster community among the residents of the surrounding housing blocks by offering a public space and park along the canal as well as community and recreational programs within two new buildings. Courtesy Aogvision Two new public buildings and the landscape are united through a concept of ‘clocks and clouds.’ The buildings represent clouds with the porosity and sense of openness while the landscape is organized around in clocklike circles that create a central public space. Courtesy Aogvision The first building of the two buil... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 20 mai 2021

MAD Architects proposes answer to heritage during rapid urbanization in China with large dome over historical village

For three decades China has experienced rapid urbanization leading to homogenetic large scale cities and erasure of old cities and villages. In their design for the Zhuhai Cultural Arts Center MAD Architects attempts to create a contemporary answer to this question. Yinkeng Village, within China’s Pearl River Delta, dates back more than a century to the Northern Song Dynasty. Before the competition for the cultural center began, the Zhuhai municipal government almost entirely demolished and relocated the village to make way for the new building. MAD Architects proposes to respect and keep the original layout of Yinkeng Village and place a large dome over it. “Urban renewal in China, especially in historic districts, shou... En savoir plus

Projet • By GKD Metal FabricsSalles de concert

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

Composed of stainless-steel mesh with a bronze cross wire, this metal mesh ceiling reflects a warm hue throughout this grand theatre space - Victoria. En savoir plus

Projet • By HQ ARCHITECTSEspaces verts urbains

Netanya Cultural Center

HQ Architects has been commissioned by the city of Netanya and the Netanya Development and Tourism Company to design the new Cultural Center in the city of Netanya, north Israel. The new Cultural Center will seat in a focal urban spot, located right next to Kvish Ha'hof – the main regional highway that crosses Netanya – and across the Netanya Stadium. The Netanya Cultural Center sits in a generous urban plot of 22,500 square meters, which was originally intended to hold a sports arena. Our winning proposal will feature a 10,000 square meters design, developing a round-shaped cultural concept that leaves a generous amount of external space intended for other peripheral uses and landscaping. The building will incorporate a wide r... En savoir plus

Projet • By GKD Metal FabricsMusées

National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne

Visitors to this impressive gallery space will find their eyes naturally drawn up to see the interplay of shape and materials. GKD Baltic provides a sleek covering for the dramatically curving, multi-level ceiling surfaces. En savoir plus

Projet • By AGRA Anzellini Garcia-Reyes ArquitectosAuditoriums

POLI_Polivalente “El Otoño“

In 2009, the Escuela Colombiana de Ingenería Julio Garavito (an Engineering School), whose campus is located in the northern outskirts of Bogotá, identifies the need to build a multipurpose building to offer students and faculty members a space for cultural events as well as a sports center. The building, named “El Otoño” (in English, The Autumn) is a versatile design and responds to the premise that the School – which seeks to offer an integral education – requires a building that is in accordance with the wide range of activities for this particular university community.In order to achieve the previous principle, AGRA conceives this project as a dual environment, where different technical and s... En savoir plus

Projet • By OFFTECAuditoriums

Agorà Conference Hall

Honorable Mention LONDONCALL - ARCHICONTEST  En savoir plus

Projet • By AshariArchitectsSalles de concert

HonarShahre Aftab Cineplex & Cultural Center

One of the main goals in designing the complex as a social hub is the human interactions and celebrating the artistic and cultural events. The intent is to create a cultural gathering place that can facilitate communication between the whole part of society which led to more citizens’-cultural conversation.  The lobby is the connecting element of the halls serving as the focal point of the complex.  It has the ability to play variety of roles, including concerts, artistic and cultural events. The multifunctionality of this large space has been enhanced by adding two elements which are a bridge and a communal seating. The proposed bridge not only balance the scale of the space but also perform as a spine which various space... En savoir plus

Projet • By Tanya Karim NR Khan & AssociatesCentres culturels

Bangla Academy Complex

Bangla Academy Complex (National competition, 1st prize winner, IAB)   In today's day and age, when there seems to be an inclination to use technology and complex design strategies to achieve a "green" solution in building design. One must not forget that one of the most sensible ways to create an "environment friendly" architecture is to use the "environment" itself. The site, the surrounding and the climate should become primary forces and a successful "green" architecture can be achieved through "passive" means.   The Bangla Academy project approaches sustainability in many levels and does not just claim to be "environment friendly". In the first measure of sustainability the project addresses is that of "site". The project... En savoir plus

Projet • By QPROCentres d'exposition

Eltsin Centre

MFC “Eltsin Centre” – is a complex humanitarian cultural learning location formed by a museum, a library, a convention centre, a bookshop, a children`s scientific park and university etc. The construction of the building with a semi-transparent facade implies good illumination of the inner space. The rooms of MFC “Eltsin Centre” are full of air due to day-lighting in the building – so we had to maintain this perception of easiness with the help of light. Concert and Show Hall AgoraThis space is used as a multiservice one and the lighting concept was designed considering two alternatives: basic lighting – ambient steady light for dancing or cocktails. TV shooting – ambient steady light wi... En savoir plus

Projet • By QPROCentres d'exposition

Media Center in Zaryadye Park

Multifunctionality and futuristic interior of the pavilion dictated a comprehensive approach to lighting. The main task was to create comfortable environment for visitors of the Center, which would harmoniously combine the uniformity of general lighting and various visual effects, dynamic and smooth light transitions throughout the space.   The use of luminaires with asymmetric optics provided a soft uniform filling of the walls, drawing the attention of visitors to the complex ceiling of "hair". To emphasize the uniqueness of its design with the help of specially selected optics lamps and their wave arrangement there was created the effect of "flowing light".Thanks to different brightness of lighting in the spaces of the pavilion, t... En savoir plus

Projet • By MVa - Marco Visconti architectCentres culturels

Unesco Competition Cultural Center

The proposal provides state of the art facilities for exhibition space, conference and performance hall, workshop studios, research and administrative offices, library. The building sits at the edge of a cliff and it is mainly surrounded by uncultivated ground. Design challenge is to provide peculiar spaces for the new functions within a one level system covered by a natural roof while the curving glass of the facade helps the building to recede visually. A full-height atrium forms the focus of the building. It links the different levels visually, creating a feeling of spaciousness. Natural lighting is used to dramatic effect the exhibition space, hall classrooms and offices. En savoir plus