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Projet • By NOKE ArchitectsCentres de bien-être

Hair salon interiors inspired by desert landscape

When designing the hair salon, we were mainly inspired by an image of a desert after a storm – We were inspired by the variety of shapes formed by the wind, the effects of weathering or erosion and the fascinating ways nature shapes caves and chisels rocks to create amazing forms. We wanted the interior of the salon to reflect this mood. The salon comprises: 2 floors, 15 hairdressing stations, 2 barber stations, manicure and pedicure stations and a VIP room. NOKE designers gave all walls, reception desk and staircase a curvy look, so that they bring desert shapes to mind. Thanks to large shop windows facing the street there is an abundance of daylight inside. Designers used special programs for designing impossible figures, hence the... En savoir plus

Projet • By DITTEL ARCHITEKTEN GMBHCentres commerciaux

Breuninger Department Store

With the opening of the Department Store Ludwigsburg, DIA – Dittel Architekten has brought to life an exciting shopping experience that covers over 11,000 square meters for the fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger. The architectural redesign seizes upon everything that consumers expect from modern stationary retail: Exclusivity, emotionalization, personalization and a unique quality experience. The aim of the new concept is to offer an exciting and interactive shopping experience. Caption Caption Online shopping is becoming increasingly competitive with the offline world and pushing traditional retailers to reinvent themselves: Consumers are looking for a unique and individual experience when shopping offline. For this... En savoir plus

Projet • By TRA StudioMagasins

Pearl River at Chelsea Market

Pearl River Mart started almost fifty years ago, when the relationships between the US and China, were non-existent, it was since the beginning a symbol of friendship between the two countries, an attitude which, during the years, evolved into a beloved neighborhood Institution. TRA studio TRA studio has worked with PRM since 2001, when we were approached to design a vast 20,000 square feet space in SoHo, followed in 2008 by the 10,000 square feet Pearl Home, to house the vast Emporium that constitutes the Pearl River Mart’s diversified merchandise, encompassing over 15,000 products, ranging from inexpensive home goods to the most curious and expensive. The SoHo store already incorporated some of the support spaces that are now... En savoir plus
James Royce Rug Gallery
James Royce Rug Gallery
James Royce Rug Gallery
James Royce Rug Gallery

Projet • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsSalles d'exposition

James Royce Rug Gallery

Despite innumerable challenges and an ever-changing retail landscape, some entrepreneurs have managed to find hard-earned success. When small business owner James Mohaber decided to renovate his rug shop in a bustling Californian metro area, he wanted to create an image that reflected that triumph. He envisioned a storefront that demanded to be noticed, and ALPOLIC metal composite materials (MCM) helped him bring his vision to life.   Caption The original storefront of James Royce Rug Gallery did little to stand out among the neighborhood boutiques. The simple, gabled house design of the showroom appeared too washed out in the busy West Hollywood district. Shops along La Cienega Boulevard benefit from a consistently high volume o... En savoir plus

Projet • By Urban Soul ProjectCentres commerciaux

Ergon Agora East

ERGON Agora East is located in Pylaia, a few kilometers outside the city of Thessaloniki, and re-uses an old industrial shell of 1970s, of 2500 sq.m. Redefining the supermarket experience, ERGON Agora East is organized in such a way that many different activities take place at the same time. The supermarket offers an extensive variety of fresh products, refrigerated and on shelves, and also has a wine cellar, a coffee roastery, and co-exists with the restaurant, the bakery and the patisserie. The unique element of the surrounding space with a total area of ​​6000 sq.m. that reaches the sea, gives the opportunity to expand the experience outside, with a new type of vegetable garden, where among others there are canteens, a beach bar, a play... En savoir plus

Projet • By KokaistudiosMagasins

IEW.H Shanghai Flagship

Incorporating a futuristic theme with objects that seemingly defy gravity, as well as a playful approach to volume and shape, IEW.H’s flagship store makes for an attention-grabbing addition to one of Shanghai’s primary shopping streets. Through contrasting materials and a cool, modern palette the shop delivers a unique shopping experience that has been designed for maximum impact.  experience entering the space Challenged with creating an out-of-this-world retail space in the heart of Shanghai, Kokaistudios transformed fashion label IEW.H’s futuristic brand concept into playful design elements for its 259 sqm flagship store. A striking frontage incorporating unexpected materials draws shoppers into a space that... En savoir plus

Projet • By External ReferenceMagasins

Presentedby Dubai

A unique experience The new store is conceived more as an experiential space rather than a shop, being unique in the world of retail and featuring the latest 3D printing fabrication and audiovisual technologies. It is conceived as an interactive exhibition space where digital dimension informs the physical and viceversa. The Presentedby shop is located at the ground floor of Level Shoes, world's largest luxury shoe store spanning over 96,000 square feet within The Dubai Mall. Even before going in, the customer is captured by a double funnel-shaped entrance covered with screens that uses outstanding projections images starting right away the fully immersive experience. Presentedby features interactive and dynamic projections on the floor,... En savoir plus

Projet • By Chenin StudioMagasins


Microtel is an effort to create a flexible build that allows the user to present their different reading from the space. The spatial organization of the  project is based on the dual "visible" and "hidden" and the definition of different uses of the space in this dual is looking for an economic solution to reduce expenses and speed up the process of implementation. At the same time, the project tries to minimize its borders with the city (only one glass facade) and inform it’s user free of uproars, advertise and turbulence the urban walls. The project has a quiet presence on the urban wall and presents itself to the city only with a brief sign that extends from the roof to cover the installation parts. In this duality, the stor... En savoir plus

Projet • By JATOMagasins

Jiuwu Culture City

Shenyang Jiuwu Culture City, a 24 hour “book mall” in Shenyang themed with the design concept of “Tree of Cultural”- a page on a book, a leaf on a tree. “Book-ladder culture” as the focal point of the project is meant to reflect the atmosphere of reading under the tree, where this area also served as a main event space to held seminars and autograph event. Lighting effect penetrating through origami like elements from walls and ceiling becomes a nostalgic element to show a new culture of the city with a growing lantern that never goes of. With its design and new way of operation, the cultural plaza has now become one of the major landmarks in Shenyang, demonstrating a revolution of bookshop and shopping e... En savoir plus

Projet • By Destudio ArquitecturaMagasins

Domani Valencia

Domani is a fashion store located in the city of Valencia and has more than 20 years of experience. Therefore, this project required special dedication and care as it was necessary to preserve its corporate image but at the same time risk and make a difference. The main objective we wanted to achieve was to give a much more modern, warm and careful image of the space. For this, the floors, counters and testers have been completely changed. To enter Domani Valencia, is to enter a space where elegance and good taste are breathed in every corner. Photography: Germán Cabo En savoir plus

Projet • By lamatildeBars


Guarini is a new food & wine spot on Via Guarini, in Turin. Inspired by the name of the street, its interiors pay homage to the iconic architect of the city’s baroque heritage – with flair and a touch of irony, especially in decor.Exposed brick walls frame a space defined by colors and materials: Guarini’s bar area is dominated by dark gray Viroc panels, with details in warm limba wood; the seating area reverses the formula, and lets the lighter tones of the wood take over. The showstopper here is the aluminum dome suspended above the tables that are closest to the windows: a 4-meter-wide installation that celebrates Guarini’s most famous masterpiece, the Chapel of the Holy Shroud. Guarini and his unique chapel... En savoir plus

Projet • By One WorksMagasins

The Market - Luxury Shopping Outlet

One Works was commissioned to design a new luxury outlet destination to support the local community and tourism from local towns.The project assumptions originate with the territorial context, in addition to the commercial objectives. Context is the interventions topography, which uses the hillside to create a "vertical" complex. Terraced parking lots follow the terrains natural profile and the interior pedestrian path winds following a slight slope diagonally across the hillside. An unusual solution for a commercial space, the design concept allows one to read the site topography and at the same time drastically reduces building footprint.Context is also the topological nature of the intervention, where space is generated and given form by... En savoir plus

Projet • By Charles Todd Helton Architect, Inc.Magasins

Camp Cho-Yeh Trading Post

This 4,400 square foot building is a retail/snack center at Camp Cho-Yeh, located in the wooded area of Livingston, Texas.  The Trading Post is meant to be the hang-out center at the camp, a place to eat, shop, play, connect, and relax.  It is situated on a sloped site in the middle of the camp ground, next to the new ropes course, surrounded by beautiful giant loblolly pines. En savoir plus

Projet • By Archi-TectonicsMagasins

PORTS1961 Shanghai: Flagship

A retail experience that embraces the history of The Bund as an important port and art-deco district. CHALLENGEFor this project, we were tasked with designing a flagship retail experience in Shanghai for fashion brand Ports 1961. The design had to embrace the history and character of The Bund, a downtown cultural district known for its art-deco style and—history as one of China’s most important ports—while creating a signature brand system that could be applied in locations around the world. INNOVATIONWe recycled the materials from a recently-demolished historic Chinese house, CNC-milling the wood to create a fluid system reminiscent of a ship’s hull that displays the fashion collection. This reduces the environmen... En savoir plus

Projet • By Archi-TectonicsMagasins

Inscape Meditation Studio

INSCAPE, a new meditation concept, opened in Manhattan 2016. Archi-Tectonics designed the Inscape concept not only as a one-off, but also for worldwide distribution. The first PROTO space in Chelsea occupies a large 6000sf ground floor. The space contains a set of large volumes; ellipsoid meditation spaces; a “Dome Room” and an “Alcove room”, an extensive retail space, as well as a lounge for guests. An important element of healthy living is found in lifestyle changes, meditation and ‘cleaner’ live-work environments. When developing the Inscape meditation concept, prefab construction, renewable materials, such as bamboo, linen and cardboard, became the driver of the spatial configueration.   Medita... En savoir plus