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Projet • By Cartelle DesignBureaux

Coworking DELO

Modern comfortable interior - lots of light, natural materials, timeless solutions. We tried to create a project with a modern interpretation of the Dagestan identity. To create a fusion of contemporary design, technological solutions and local culture. Office for young professionals who have gained freedom thanks to information technology Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption En savoir plus

Projet • By mode:lina™Bureaux

BE Czackiego

After the success of innumerably awarded Brain Embassy Amphitheater project, the next step in mode:lina™ and Adgar Poland cooperation was an reactivation of socmodern office building in the center of Warsaw and release it into the hands of residents. Postwar building underwent revitalization that breathed new life into it, which in turn caused it to positively affect the surroundings. Patryk Lewiński Patryk Lewiński Majestic building being the example of Warsaw’s socmodernism, apart from serving as an office space inside of its walls, it hosted a cult like Teatr Kwadrat. Designers did not indifferently skip this fact and merged DNA Brain Embassy with a broad spectrum of theatrical inspirations and various forms of cre... En savoir plus

Projet • By TwodesignersBureaux

La Grand Poste

In 2018 we were commissioned to take care of the interior design of a pharaonic project, the Liège institution, formerly the Hôtel des Postes: La Grand Poste. Caption The epicenter of a sparkling creative hub, this place is a preserved and modernized setting that promises exciting Liège and international initiatives. Space is divided into several poles. In its center, there is a coworking space. Caption The central hall is open and welcoming, the large restored glass roofs bathe the place in warm light. We have designed removable benches that allow the space to be structured, and to go from reception area to conference area. Caption We have opted for contemporary furniture as well as a sober and refined... En savoir plus

Projet • By co.archBureaux


Project of a coworking on the mezzanine floor of an eighteenth-century building in the center of Verona. Diambra Mariani We are located right in front of Juliet's House in via Cappello in Verona. The building, Palazzo Negri is a beautiful eighteenth-century building in the heart of the city, the coworking space is on the mezzanine floor and overlooks the internal courtyard. Diambra Mariani The customers' request was to convert the space into a coworking: both with shared desks and with some private offices and a meeting room with an informal and simple style. Diambra Mariani The space was unfinished, without implants. The interior features large wooden faces and beams. The openings are large glazed arches and overlook the... En savoir plus

Projet • By ATÖLYEBureaux

Dubai Future Foundation Accelerators Space

The Dubai Future Foundation’s “Accelerator Space” sought to create a holistic brand experience across the Area 2071 technology hub to create a vibrant and productive space. The main purpose of the space is to host emerging technology start-ups that participate in accelerator programs in cooperation with the government and also private sector entities. Caption ATÖLYE’s goal was to design a scenario-based layout system to enable different modes of interactions and different acts of working. Our research showed that, in order to build a holistic experience and establish Area 2071 as a leading innovation platform on a global scale, effective interventions needed to be made.  Caption After 80 hours o... En savoir plus

Projet • By Squire & PartnersBureaux

The Department Store Studios

Squire & Partners have developed The Department Store Studios, a new four-storey contemporary workspace building adjacent to their award-winning offices at The Department Store in Brixton, London. The new development creates a platform for growing businesses with flexible workspaces – from individual desks to private studios – and a host of serviced social and meeting areas. The Studios is also home to a neighbourhood bar, restaurant and screening room.  Jack Hobhouse The crafted red brick building replaces a series of derelict annex structures from the 1970s, taking inspiration from the robust Edwardian aesthetic of The Department Store. Textured, snapped brickwork is offset by smooth concrete lintels that frame... En savoir plus

Projet • By GenproBureaux

Workki — Coworking Center

Workki Coworking Center is a new business-class space in Moscow for work, business meetings and events, the largest separate building of similar format in Russia. The reconstructed building is rectangular in terms of structure, with radial curvature of the end facades inscribed in the elongated rectangle. Caption The reconstructed building is located in a knot at the intersection of transport routes, which became the basis for the  architectural image and a facade solution creation. The idea was to create a visual perception of the object in motion. The composition of the facade by architectural bureau SPEECH is formed by a rhythmic alternation of horizontal color strips of warm tones, supplemented by plastic volume and larg... En savoir plus

Projet • By CJ STUDIOBureaux


"AVENUE WORK +SPACE" was a realization of a co-working space proposed by CJ Studio with a new spatial strategy. A traditional office is a private field where all activities visitors and employees engaged are governed by one centralized body. On the contrary, a micro-enterprise office's ownership is virtual and shared by all the collective members. Not integrated under one employer, activities are thus more dynamic and space more public. A "Micro-City" thus became an initial concept for designing the co-working space. Office rooms were treated as city blocks, and the public space was designed from an urban perspective.Through a series of public spaces acting like urban squares in interior scale, a hierarchical space was provided. These urban... En savoir plus

Projet • By FLOAT StudioBureaux

Meet in Place

Clean and bright without the blandness that usually comes with designing for a wide audience, Meet in Place’s Nassau St. location provides spaces for an endless array of meeting styles and types, across industries. En savoir plus

Projet • By FLOAT StudioBureaux

Very Great

For this creative incubator, we developed a space where an ever-evolving stable of brands would feel at home and supported, featuring a variety of meeting spaces, a sleek kitchen, and an in-house photo studio. En savoir plus

Projet • By Metaphor Interior ArchitectureBureaux

GoWork Central Park

The coworking space has become one of the hottest trends these days. It offers flexibility, freedom, and cheaper rent fee, which is perfect for business. You can find many providers for this shared space service. One of them is GoWork. The new space from this company has been completed. Designed by one well-known interior design Jakarta, Metaphor Interior. Space is located in Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. So, what kind of amazing thing that gowork offers with this new space?   Cozy Atmosphere The atmosphere is different from the other GoWork spaces. The other location offers a green and natural theme, which is perfect for escaping from the city scenery. However, the space design for this location integrates with its location, whi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Richporter LightingBureaux

At Workbase

Nous avons travaillé en étroite collaboration avec la firme de Design intérieur Inside Studio et la propriétaire de At Workbase pour faire de leur vision de l’espace une réalité. De nombreux modèles et styles de luminaires différents ont été sélectionnés pour éclairer et définir leur espace. Des appareils décoratifs aux couleurs vives et formes uniques ont été fabriqués sur mesure pour ce projet afin de réussir un esthétique familial.  Richporter Lighting a su accomplir avec aisance tout le processus de commande et coordination des très nombreux manufacturiers impliqués dans l... En savoir plus

Projet • By LOM architecture and designBureaux

The Living Rooms

The Living Rooms est un nouvel espace de travail flexible au centre du siège londonien d’une grande institution financière.   Inspiré du coworking, le projet a transformé un espace sous-utilisé pour créer un paysage de travail flexible permettant au personnel mobile et travaillant à domicile de se poser, de se rencontrer et de travailler sans avoir à occuper des bureaux fixes.   L'espace est conçu pour refléter le mouvement du soleil tout au long de la journée, avec trois zones de travail de l'aube, du jour et du crépuscule entourant un jardin et un café en atrium partagés, ce qui crée un nouveau cœur pour le b&... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 16 juil. 2020

MVRDV transforms 19th century Polish building into transparent coworking hotspot

MVRDV renovated a 19th century heritage building in Wrocław, Poland, and added an extension respectful of the existing building by continuing the same roofline and facade rhythm. The 4500 m2 coworking hotspot includes an event venue, a food hall, a café, and a rooftop terrace.  © Juliusz Sokołowski The entrances on each end of the building have a triple-height stepped void. The old building is interpreted as the formal side and the newly added extension as the informal side. Both sides have a triple-height stepped void at the entrance. © Juliusz Sokołowski The formal entrance houses a café with exposed brick walls from the original building. © Juliusz Sokołowski The informal entrance has a... En savoir plus