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Projet • By Alcove Design ConsultantsBureaux

Sterlite Power, Gurgaon

Client Brief and Expectations:  Sterlite Energy Limited (SEL) is an energy company focused on development and operation of power plants in India. SEL is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources PLC. It is headquartered in India and wanted their new facility to communicate a clear sense of reliability for the country within a co-existential environment which they believe is a key to sustainable tomorrow. One of the key client briefs was to communicate this transparent sense of reliability which strengthens their systems and helps preserve diversities within the organization. Anand Photography Challenges: To connect a massive floor plate and provide uninterrupted vistas, across the floor allowing fluid and yet strong constantly strength... En savoir plus

Produit • By MILTMiltDesign 2.0

MiltDesign 2.0

MiltDesign 2.0 glass partitions represent the latest trend in elegant space division. Current interior design is increasingly using just glazed walls as partitions. They are a clean, timeless solution and protect against unwanted noise. En savoir plus

Projet • By ArqeseBureaux

Hercar group offices

This was made to be an extension to their current offices en another floor, where they needed the more public spaces, meeting rooms, reception, so they can recieve clientes and visitors properly, since the other floor is more operational. Caption Since the idea is a very semi-public space we decided to create a free circulation space, where the only wall dividing, where the logo is becomes the center, so the waiting room with cafeteria becomes the main space where you have to cross to go anywhere. Caption Caption The spaces where planned according to out clients plans for expansion, their first need were two meeting rooms wich they also plan to rent, second a call center, for their operation, and last a new enterprise, a pr... En savoir plus

Projet • By Alcove Design ConsultantsBureaux


Premier fonds d'investissement en infrastructures du secteur de l'électricité coté en bourse en Inde. Il a été créé pour posséder et exploiter des actifs de transport d'électricité et d'énergie renouvelable en Inde.    Briefing du client : Concevoir un bureau pour cette jeune entreprise qui réponde à ses besoins actuels et futurs et qui dégage son image de manière appropriée à son équipe interne et au monde extérieur. Yamini Krishna Photography Yamini Krishna Photography Attentes du client : Un design brut, rustique et pourtant élégant, avec une allusion claire aux v&eacu... En savoir plus

Projet • By Alcove Design ConsultantsBureaux

IIFL Business Centre

All companies aspire towards creating an impactful space where one can host their client’s or anyone who visits the company but has no reason to be on the work floor, and in the process experiences the ethos of the company with an impact that has extreme recall value.IIFL having their own building in the most sort after localities in the city of Mumbai had the privilege of seeking this opportunity while renovating their premise. IIFL Business centre is a result of that thought process.  Caption Entire space got designed as an elite art gallery, wherein wide corridors and quiet waiting lounges with many enclosed rooms formed the structure of the floor. As soon as one got out of the elevator, they would be greeted with a meet... En savoir plus

Projet • By Alcove Design ConsultantsBureaux

IIFL Mumbai Office

IIFL office in Mumbai was designed as a single unit building which houses hundreds of its employees within one space and brings out a sense of pride of associating with a company that breathes and exhales uniqueness.  Caption Design of the interiors not only provides unique ideas in planning, it also provides unique approach in usage of material and engineering solutions that optimize the performance of the building as a whole. Caption As soon as one leaves the ground floor which is largely a public area and takes the floor up in the elevator, one opens up into an area which is a semi-public space that gives an opportunity of various casual gathering and collaboration on a community table and a barstool arrangement provided... En savoir plus

Projet • By Alcove Design ConsultantsBureaux

Horizon Packs

Client Brief and Expectations: Horizon Packs is a family owned manufacturing company for packaging material, essentially cardboard boxes etc . Their brief to us was to upgrade the working style of a firm that has long been used to an orthodox working environment.  ChallengesConcept and Design Approach:Solution – The space has been planned with a mix of closed cabins for the directors, enclosed cubicles and few workstations in the open office. Use of glass has been maximised for visual connectivity & penetration of sunlight into the space. The reception area has wooden rafter ceiling & wall panelling evocative of the corrugated material of cardboard boxes. The furniture is simple with clean line, with little pops of... En savoir plus

Projet • By Partner DesignBureaux


Partner Design has designed interior project of Novus office, located in Kyiv, Ukraine Caption Caption Novus Ukraine is a chain of grocery supermarkets and shopping centers with a wide range of exclusive products of its own import, operating throughout the country. Central office located in Retrovill business centre and takes five floors The Partner Design team’s goal was to create a comfortable, solid, and representable office for big team. Caption Caption In interior was used a lot of materials such as wood texture and natural veneer. The office covers all the needs of the company - open spaces, manager's offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, coffee points and lounge zones. Caption Capti... En savoir plus

Projet • By M Moser AssociatesBureaux

Kids2 Shanghai office

Avec pour objectif de faciliter la vie des parents, "une petite victoire à la fois", Kids2 invente des produits pour bébés depuis plus de 50 ans. En développant ses opérations en Chine pour attirer des professionnels de classe mondiale dans chaque département et s'engager avec divers partenaires au sein de son écosystème, Kids2 avait besoin d'un espace de haute performance pour non seulement rassembler le personnel mais aussi créer un environnement qui alimente l'innovation, la créativité et les idées transfigurantes au sein de ses équipes et avec ses partenaires.   Il était également important pour Kids2 de créer un espace... En savoir plus

Projet • By Space MatrixBureaux

[β] Lab (Beta Lab)

Those driving down Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road might slow down at seeing a gorgeous piazza-like forecourt of an eye-catching entrance, done up with greenery, artefacts and featuring a massive rustic double height door. If you’re headed to the Space Matrix [β] Lab (Beta Lab), you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.   [β] Lab — The Genesis [β] Lab is not just a design studio or a workspace — it is an amalgamation of various work environments that function as a testing ground, both for us and our clients. One might say it’s a real-time workshop that brings together the art and science of design, essentially in permanent beta mode. Over the last few years, work has ste... En savoir plus

Projet • By Bean BuroBureaux

Charterhouse Asia / Red Ribbon

“Inspired by the joy of schooling and the stimulating experience of ‘the first day of school’, we created a design that is simulating yet elegant for this workplace environment” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro   “The red ribbon-like element was an architectural strategy to organise and connect the different functions of the workplace cohesively.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro   Bean Buro was tasked to design a new workplace for the Asia office of Charterhouse - one of UK’s leading independent boarding schools since 1611. The Asia office manages a family of Charterhouse schools in East and South East Asia. The brief was to create a collaborative working e... En savoir plus

Projet • By GKD Metal FabricsBureaux

Easton Street

Ibbotson Architects was looking for fall protection for its Easton Street office project that kept light moving within stairwells. Coated panels of GKD Omega 1520 and Omega 1520 PC provided the safety and security factor while allowing light to permeate the space. En savoir plus

Projet • By GKD Metal FabricsBureaux

Commercial Group

Atlantic metal mesh was used for the acoustic ceiling of the Commercial Group's conference room in Baltimore.The acoustic ceiling combines functionality with individual ceiling design: the shimmering metallic stainless steel mesh underlines the puristic atmosphere of the conference room while also producing improved room acoustics through a sound absorption mat or an acoustic fleece. Moreover, the ceiling mesh impresses with its unlimited service life, a low degree of maintenance and the ease with which the ceiling panels can be modified.As a full-service provider, GKD USA assumed responsibility for the assembly of the custom-built ceiling system, which consists of twelve ceiling panels measuring a total of 65 square meters. The stainless s... En savoir plus

Projet • By Bean BuroBureaux

Klook Workplace / Travel Tech

KLOOK “Travel Tech”   “Fascinated by the joys of travelling, we took inspirations from beautiful aircraft structures to design the key features of this workplace for Klook.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro   “The materiality drew references to renowned artist Olafur Eliasson’s works in terms of colours and light; It simulates a sense of ‘sunsetting at an airport ground’ for this extraordinary and engaging workplace.” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro   “Please allow me to take this opportunity to express our appreciation; It has been an enjoyable experience to work with Bean Buro, the team has been accommodating and detail-minded! L... En savoir plus

Projet • By Bean BuroBureaux

AstraZeneca / Farm'Acy

“The design aesthetic referenced the works of artist Damien Hirst, such as his ‘Pill Cabinets’ and ‘Pill Sculptures’, based upon the minimalist aesthetic of the medicinal pill and human being’s relationship with  science and the pharmaceutical industry. This became an inspiration for the colourful pills like architectural volumes that performed a multitude of functions, a large pill shaped island table in the pantry, and the colourful carpets that intersect with each other to create juxtaposed boundary conditions.” - Lorène Faure & Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui   Bean Buro was tasked with designing a new workplace for one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, AstraZe... En savoir plus