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Projet • By LINVISIBILEMaisons privées

Sanctuary House

A marvelous project which is furnished with Linvisibile’s all-time classic invisible doors: Sanctuary House by Barc Architects. Realized in contemporary design by adapting it to the client’s future needs, the architect’s aim is to create a sanctuary environment. Clients find a reflection of themselves as the building connects to the landscape in the midst of some great panoramic views. The visual perfection and the quality of the materials achieve 100% excellence.  This 600 sqm contemporary home overlooks panoramic estuary views to one side while remaining protected from a near-by road on the other. The interiors enjoy abundant natural light coming across generously sized windows. The fusion between art and buildin... En savoir plus

Produit • By LINVISIBILECurved Hinged door

Curved Hinged door

Linvisibile's Hinged door is available also in Curved leaf version. It is distinguished by the use of adjustable concealed hinges and the absence of door frames or jambs to achieve seamless continuity between wall and door. It can be painted in the same finish as the walls, becoming almost invisible. Or the door structure can be left visible, with only the panel forming part of the design continuum and the panel finish, to create special atmospheres, in a tasteful way. En savoir plus

Produit • By LINVISIBILEAltopiano by Giulio Cappellini

Altopiano by Giulio Cappellini

ALTOPIANO represents a refined solution, inspired by wood, suitable for any type of environment that, thanks to the thickness of its leaf, the physical nature of the wood and the wide range of finishes, allows it to be inserted in any architectural situation.   “Altopiano and Marechiaro are environment division systems suitable for both home and public spaces. These two products can assume a different image, more technical or warmer depending on the finishes. A system of sliding panels which can be positioned from floor to ceiling or in a fixed beam that acts as a support.   Altopiano is characterized by a wooden or lacquered panel of strong thickness with a dent of different dimensions covered in metal, that s... En savoir plus

Produit • By ECLISSE srlECLISSE Shodō Collection

ECLISSE Shodō Collection

ECLISSE SHODO is the first system that enables skirting board, jambs and architraves for hinged and sliding doors to be integrated in a unique profile that sits flush with the wall. SHODO runs along the surface of the wall without protruding like a continuous line with no thickness, becoming an innovative graphic mark free from interruptions. Includes: SHODO sliding, a frame for disappearing sliding doors with flush jambs and architraves (for single or double doors); SHODO hinged, a frame for flush hinged doors with flush jambs and architraves, SHODO skirting board, profile for flush skirting boards. If the wall is a sheet of paper, SHODO is the continuous line that writes the word design. En savoir plus