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Projet • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesBureaux

Carhartt Workshop

Located on the second and third floors of the Carhartt Detroit flagship store at 5800 Cass Avenue, the Carhartt Workshop is a collaborative community space conceived as part of the 132-year-old apparel company’s ongoing efforts to support and serve the hardworking and skilled tradespeople of its Detroit hometown.  Detroit-based McIntosh Poris Associates developed the design of the Workshop, which was directly informed by Carhartt’s core principles of integrity, perseverance, and hard work.  Authenticity is central to the design, which bolsters Carhartt’s present story, history, and future. Carhartt The second-floor program includes flexible meeting and gathering Community Rooms for workshops and local commu... En savoir plus

Projet • By BergmeyerMagasins


Do we like to partner with socially conscientious brands that are raising the bar in the retail industry? Yes, we do. Everlane, known for exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency, has begun to selectively open more brick-and-mortar locations. When invited to work with their team on several new retail stores, our response was, “when do we begin?” Caption Initially brought on as Architect of Record, we also collaborated with Everlane on design decisions, executing their brand identity and aesthetic at new locations in Seattle and Georgetown. While there is recognizable brand consistency at every store, aspects of each location are also woven into the experiences. Both stores, for instance, were uniqu... En savoir plus
Downtown Summerlin
Downtown Summerlin
Downtown Summerlin
Downtown Summerlin Shake Shack
Downtown Summerlin

Projet • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsMagasins

Downtown Summerlin

For tourists, Las Vegas corners the market on excitement, bright lights and games of chance. But area planners wanted to make this a region where residents can live, work and play as well. On the edge of the city limits sits the resort community of Summerlin, regarded as one of the best places to live in the United States. It promotes a beautiful, thriving way of life while offering residents desired necessities and luxuries located in the sprawling Downtown Summerlin complex. Situated in the heart of this residential community, it offers a multitude of dining, shopping and leisure options.  Caption Caption The design challenge was creating a space that could create visual cohesion while meeting the branding needs of each re... En savoir plus

Projet • By OSO ArchitectureMagasins


It is a retail store design and office project with a total area of ​​6.000 m2 with 1 office and 3 store floors, designed for Afeks, a Bursa-based company that sells building materials and household products. Store floors which offer sales service in 30 different product categories in total, consist of a wide range of products starting from white goods, kitchen, bathroom solutions, floor coverings, doors, decoration products, lighting, accessories and construction market. This wide range of products and the unique display needs of categories have been the most important design data that determines the store design concept. That’s why a categorical space organization is aimed and the differentiation is emphasized by the help of unique... En savoir plus

Projet • By Wand Works ArchitectureMagasins

K Pharmacy

A feeling beyond the hygienic whiteness of medical spaces was targeted in the design of the K Pharmacy. The design process is built upon a concept of wellness. Design guided by the motivation of being well, feeling well, and investing in your own wellness is composed of cozy, soft, and natural forms and materials. The holistic approach to health, including physical, psychological, and sociological health, become widespread in public during pandemic. Caption Caption Total space of 85 m2 is divided into two parts display space (65 m2) and service spaces (20 m2). Display space consists of medical drug selling area and non-drug pharmaceuticals display area while service spaces are laboratory, break lounge, kitchen, toilet, and storag... En savoir plus

Projet • By LAACBanques


Reconstruction and general renovation with façade renovation. The existing building of the HYPO Tirol Bank is located in the center of the old town of Kufstein. The building is part of a closed development and was built in the early 1990s in a postmodern style. The mixed-use building contains residential and various commercial uses. Photo: LAAC The design of the new HYPO Tirol Bank Branch transfers the postmodern building into a contemporary appearance and conveys the essential corporate philosophy principles of HYPO Tirol Bank such as transparency, clarity and openness. The open room design of this prototypical office is based on the concept of dynamic working environments and a customer oriented signage system that we helped... En savoir plus
James Royce Rug Gallery
James Royce Rug Gallery
James Royce Rug Gallery
James Royce Rug Gallery

Projet • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsSalles d'exposition

James Royce Rug Gallery

Despite innumerable challenges and an ever-changing retail landscape, some entrepreneurs have managed to find hard-earned success. When small business owner James Mohaber decided to renovate his rug shop in a bustling Californian metro area, he wanted to create an image that reflected that triumph. He envisioned a storefront that demanded to be noticed, and ALPOLIC metal composite materials (MCM) helped him bring his vision to life.   Caption The original storefront of James Royce Rug Gallery did little to stand out among the neighborhood boutiques. The simple, gabled house design of the showroom appeared too washed out in the busy West Hollywood district. Shops along La Cienega Boulevard benefit from a consistently high volume o... En savoir plus

Projet • By Johnson ChouMagasins


Located in Toronto’s East Liberty Village, Carnabys is a jewellery boutique that offers unique collections, bespoke and personal assistance to those who wish to design their own jewellery. Ben Rahn/A-Frame Ben Rahn/A-Frame The space is both a jewellery boutique and design studio, featuring jewellery cases that have a variegated topographic composition that provides more options for visual merchandising and cabinetry with computer monitors installed within that open to define enclosed personal spaces within a retail environment.Created as an extension of the corporate branding with black as the predominant colour, the space is intended to convey an artisanal quality and is an exercise in restraint and a study of contrasts.Co... En savoir plus

Projet • By studio naSalles d'exposition

VSB Wine Cellar

Notre client souhaitait tirer parti de l'espace de stockage inutilisé dans le magasin existant pour créer un espace adapté à une carte exclusive de vins et spiritueux. Notre solution a consisté à fusionner le concept d'une cave à vin traditionnelle avec une salle d'exposition moderne, en prolongeant l'empreinte originale de l'espace existant et en créant une ambiance permettant aux propriétaires du magasin d'organiser des séances de dégustation de vins, des expositions de produits et des fêtes privées. Caption Caption Caption   Caption Caption Caption   En savoir plus

Projet • By Doméstico EstudioMagasins

Gaia Flagship Store

Gaia has established itself as the Mexican brand of emerging design accessible to everyone. It is through each of its products that there is an approximation between Mexican artisans and the inhabitants of the cities. It is from this close relationship with the city and the unbreakable relationship with the artisans and designers of contemporary Mexico that the conceptualization of the flagship store arises, located in Mexico City on the west Monterrey axis 2 and as a prelude to the Colonia Roma area, known for its gastronomic, cultural and commercial offer. The black concrete pieces emerge as a contemporary, representative response and as a tribute to traditional materials such as tiles, stones, and clay elements often used in facades of... En savoir plus

Projet • By COLLECTIVEMagasins

O.N.S Flagship

O.N.S. Flagship is located at 201 Mulberry Street in Nolita, New York. Formerly a garage, the site is 30 meters in depth and our design takes advantage of the sloping constraints. An asphalt ramp mitigate the level difference and draws shoppers deep into the space, while the standalone wooden box at the front accommodates retail in a typical ‘Nolita scale’.  At the back, ‘The Stage’ includes a 30-meter-long interactive curtain, transformable display units, a bespoke cashwrap counter, towering changing rooms and doubles up as an event space. Fashion, culture, art and design are constantly crossing over, ‘The Stage’ can instantly adapt to the ever-changing programmes in this retail-hybridization model... En savoir plus


Landmark Retail Boulevard

The Landmark Village is a 38,000 sqm mixed-use site along the Atlantic Ocean beachfront in Victoria Island, Lagos set to emulate Rosebank in Johannesburg, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town and Canary Wharf in London. The site is being developed into an ultramodern business, leisure and lifestyle destination over the next 5 years. The Landmark Village was noted as the most visited leisure destination in Lagos, with an average footfall of up to 55,000 visitors weekly. The first phase of the Landmark Village scheme is complete with the Landmark Events Centre (the largest purpose-built event centre in Lagos), as well as the first and only Hard Rock Café in West Africa and the Oriental themed Shiro restaurant. The Landmark... En savoir plus

Projet • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignSupermarchés

LIV Supermarket Design

LIV supermarket is located at the corner of the prominent King Abdullah Road, in a wealthy neighborhood, the store has two facades and aims to provide customers with all their organic needs. The design is simple, natural with a rustic touch, making customers feel welcome and encouraging them to shop at leisure.  Aside from selling premium organic products, Liv supermarket also houses a café and bakery, where customers can enjoy fresh organic food prepared from natural ingredients. En savoir plus

Projet • By MG2Magasins

Anthropologie Vancouver

MG2 has worked with Urban Outfitters, Inc. to create unique shopping experiences for both its name brand and Anthropologie stores. For Anthropologie, the design of each store must provide the right backdrop for the ever-changing merchandising vignettes while communicating a consistent brand language. From initial site survey to design and construction, “one-of-a-kind” is a keynote to the design of Anthropologie stores. In the bustling Granville Street area of Vancouver, British Columbia, MG2 partnered with Urban Outfitters on a new Anthropologie store in an existing retail building. The store design seamlessly integrates original elements of the building while utilizing reclaimed materials to create an aesthetic that feels both... En savoir plus