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Projet • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsMaisons privées


  William MacCollum Le désert, c'est l'espace ouvert et les longues vues, mais aussi la perfection détaillée et rapprochée de la fleur de cactus. C'est le minimalisme serein de la nature. C'est le cadre de notre projet dans la communauté fermée de The Vintage à Indian Wells, en Californie. Ce projet a nécessité une profonde collaboration créative avec les clients, qui se sont associés à l'architecte Marc Whipple et à l'équipe de W^R sur tous les aspects de la décoration intérieure, et ont personnellement choisi ou co-conçu chacune des nombreuses œuvres d'art de la maison. Avec une passion pour la course au... En savoir plus

Projet • By yellow office architectureBars

mamizza II

The story of the design and the nature of the space revolve around the conceptual character that generated the project: Mamizza, mother of all pizza. yellowoffice yellowoffice yellowoffice yellowoffice yellowoffice yellowoffice   En savoir plus

Projet • By DIG ArchitectsAppartements

Fillet Haus by Dig Architects

The articulation of Fillet Haus lies at the intersection of an endeavour for an immersive environment, a reimagining of contemporary interior architecture in the Indian apartment genre, and a habitat tailored perfectly to a certain lifestyle. Given that the site was a nondescript, 4BHK apartment in equally nondescript surroundings, the home was retailored to be an inward-looking one. The clients, a young, well-travelled family of three, were clear about their requirements: a contemporary living space that would do away with the extraneous. Consequently, of the four bedrooms, only two were retained. Of the remaining two, one was used to create a larger master bedroom, while the other was repurposed into a lounge cum guest room. Creating a me... En savoir plus

Projet • By Studio ST ArchitectsAppartements

State Street Townhouse Renovation and Addition

A developer acquired 544 State Street and did a gut renovation of the Brooklyn townhouse after it had been vacant and neglected. Fortunately, through close analysis of zoning law, Studio ST found that the owner could enlarge the building by almost 50% by adding to each floor and excavating the cellar. Photographs Taken by Studio ST The townhouse was divided into four full floor apartments of simple and minimalist design. The typical layout of each includes an outdoor space; two bedrooms on the north side of the building; and the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms at the center. The new south side addition contains the living room and an office. Photographs Taken by Studio ST The cellar houses storage spaces, mechanical rooms, a... En savoir plus

Projet • By shenakhteh studioCentres d'exposition

tehrani stone complex

This project's approach, which is a place to display and sell stone slab products, goes beyond creating a showroom. It tries to give the audience a choice by being in space and sensory experience of using stone material in the building as an artistic object. The project is an annex to a newly constructed shed, after which the employer intends to add an office, a residential section, as well as an exhibition space. As a result, the connection that the add-on unit establishes with the existing shed becomes important and in many decisions affects the overall form of the project and the placement of the spaces.  The project is located in Shams Abad Industrial Town. In a context where most sheds and shops work in the field of stone materi... En savoir plus

Projet • By shenakhteh studioMagasins

ara residential building

local settlements in northern Iran formed by a simple adaptation of the nature, geography and climate of that region. The local architecture of this place is so intertwined with nature and in harmony with the climate that it can be called naturalistic architecture. We are looking to redefining the region's former architecture, which needs protection, into today's language. CGHUNTER Unique properties: Extroverted architecture is a solution that is necessary to respond to the hot and humid climate of the location of this project. But in Iranian culture, introverted architecture is unavoidable therefore, in this residential apartment where several families live together and also have common spaces, providing a response to introversion an... En savoir plus

Projet • By ORA Studio NYCMaisons privées


The Long Island Residence is an expansive and lush 24,000 square foot French style abode surrounded by Italian garden with sweeping views of the NYC skyline. When Giusi Mastro, Founder and Owner of ORA Studio NYC met the client, the exterior home design and look were already established by the client, who wanted to emulate a French style mansion that he had in his mind and his heart all his life. With the help of a local Architect, he mapped out the proportion, look and orientation of the house. The client knew that he wanted to have a classic exterior with interiors that reflect a modern and contemporary home and sought an Interior Architect with a likeminded sensibility.  Richard Cadan Photography “The client wanted to in... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dipen Gada and AssociatesMaisons privées

Dr. Nirav Bhalani's Residence

Intro to the project:    Beautiful house for a Doctor couple living with their parents and 2 small kids wanted home with 4 Bedroom, Living and family room, dining area, kitchen, study, home theatre and spa toilet. Caption Client brief:    Mr. and Mrs. Bhalani, a Doctor Couple where one is cardiologist and other is paediatrician. They were well aware with our work style and philosophy. They wanted a kid friendly and open house plan with maximum light and ventilation to be carried out all across. Colour Palette requirement was of light and white as much as possible with play of few extract colours at few areas which give good overall break to the palette. Caption Exterior:   Exterior is Developed usi... En savoir plus

Produit • By Maarten Baas BVClay dining chair

Clay dining chair

The CLAY series was launched in 2006. The spontaneous and naïve designs made of industrial clay and finished in bright colours, has led to a wide collection. All CLAY pieces are unique, as each is made and shaped by hand, without the use of a mould.Clay pieces are in collections of main museums, such as the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam & Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris. En savoir plus


Ardross House

Mike Edwards Architecture were commissioned for a full architectural service for this project. This two storey, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home has generous sized rooms including a large upper floor retreat and terrace with views to Perth city skyline to the north. The north facing yard includes a retained existing swimming pool, lawn area and landscaping. A large modern open plan kitchen, living, dining area opens on to a covered patio. The double volume entry stair hall features a steel and timber stair with a two storey stone clad wall and frameless glass details. En savoir plus

Projet • By YCL studioAppartements

Origami apartment

Located in a newly developed housing area Paupys, Vilnius, Lithuania. This area has an interesting feeling - you are in the old town, but surrounded by nature and tranquility. 40 sq.m. apartment folded from black and white shapes to become a contemporary origami interior with fascinating first impression. The view to old-town of Vilnius contrasting with the contemporary concept of the interior. Old and new — viewing and feeling. The outer perimeter of the apartment is completely white, like a paper background to let in most of the daylight, while the central area is a dark origami sculpture folded into a white background. To enhance the effect, all the small details in separate areas are monochromatic to get the greatest feeling of b... En savoir plus

Projet • By shenakhteh studioMaisons privées

torkamandeh villa

Inspired by the pattern of Iranian gardens and the study of their evolution, axes have been created which pavilion have appeared as the intersection of those axes. different type of the Persian garden combined and duplicated in two levels of the project and create a whole unit as an abstract shape of the modern garden. Creating similarities with the architecture of Iranian gardens means reduction based on its deep structure.  First we want to learn how to see what was not present in a building. In this project we do not want to describe what audience could actually see. Rather, we want to see what ideas were implied by what was physically present. In other words, we are less concerned about the optical, what the eye sees, and more for... En savoir plus

Projet • By A.J ArchitectsAppartements

Modish Hue

Modish hue is an interesting amalgamation of functional and aspirational requirements of the client and the ideology of the design team to play with neutral and vibrant color palettes, within a modest budget. The apartment is located in a bustling neighborhood of food street, V.V Puram, Bangalore. The inside out façade and the strategically placed openings, allow the sunlight to veil the house for most part of the day and this feature has allowed the design team to experiment with darker and bold color hues, though maintaining the unity and harmony with neutral hues, leaving a mesmerizing taste of aesthetics.  The intrinsically carved curves on the main door delightfully welcome the guest. The pencil ribbed storage unit in the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Miró Rivera ArchitectsMaisons privées

Residence 104

Residence 104 is located on a wedge-shaped site that opens to sweeping views of a canyon, Lake Austin, and the Hill Country beyond. The architects faced a challenge common among projects located on sharply sloping lots with commanding views: capturing views from the house while maximizing the amount of outdoor space on the site. The design responds to this challenge in two ways. First, the house is laid out as an arc along the sharp fall of the terrain, high enough that the fill in front of the house creates a substantial level area.  Accordingly—and in a reversal of the typical American suburban house—the front yard accommodates many family activities such as playing, gathering, entertaining, and cooking. Second, the pro... En savoir plus

Projet • By ADD Architekten ZT GmbHAppartements


VERTICAL TRANSPARENCY The concept of this penthouse was to make the material metal haptically perceptible in various ways within the object. The vertical circulation as well as the galleries were welded on site in raw steel and mainly equipped with glass floors in order to achieve the greatest possible transparency in the vertical plane analogue to the horizontal external glazing.  En savoir plus