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Projet • By Km0Studio ArchitectsMagasins

Bils Coffee Shop

Bils Coffee Shop is a small coffee shop located in an office complex. Today's lifestyle is very closely related to the habit of sipping a cup of coffee. It makes the culture of coffee in Indonesia bloom. Not only good coffee, but the interior design atmosphere of the coffee shop is also a determining factor for someone to feel comfortable and at home. Because of this, many people use any available space to create a small and attractive coffee shop. Sutanto William Even though it only has an area of ​​24 m2, we want to liven up a slick industrial style to make the interior design atmosphere of this small coffee shop interesting. The industrial style can be seen from the exposed concrete floors. The coffee bar is also made from unfinish... En savoir plus

Projet • By WarmlyYoursMaisons privées

Walk Out Basement

Stonridge Builders of Illinois added radiant heating throughout this walk-out basement. Utilizing our slab heating system, the polished concrete floors can be warmed effortlessly all year-long. Learn more about the specs for this project in our Showcase   En savoir plus



"The architectural design of the year 2021” award in the Restoration/Renovation category.   What is today Galeria Vasco da Gama 26 was a long-abandoned historic building in the Portuguese town centre of Ferragudo. The rehabilitation of this untouched historical property, with its facade and character still unspoilt, was long coming for our studio, which had envisioned the concept since setting our eyes on it in 2004. This wasn’t for us just any restoration work, but the opportunity to create simultaneously home and a multipurpose space for the community to enjoy. A venue for tourists and residents alike to discover the architecture, the history and the people of this little town according to the spirit of cultural pres... En savoir plus

Projet • By 2prostoryAppartements


Apartment - Mnisek Pod Brdy Project Year : 2019 Location: 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy, Czechia Published by: 2prostory   En savoir plus

Projet • By Ct architecture d'intérieurAppartements

Appartement rue de Vaugirard, Paris

Ce grand appartement parisien classique a bénéficié d’une rénovation complète tant sur le plan esthétique que fonctionnel.L’organisation des pièces de style telles que la galerie et la pièce à vivre ont été conservées pour préserver les caractéristiques de cet appartement haussmannien (emplacement des moulures et cheminées, parquets).Toute la décoration de l’appartement a été réfléchie dans une dynamique graphique et ludique. En savoir plus

Projet • By FOR design planningBureaux

Mavrik Offices

Le mot Mavrik (court pour « maverick »), provient d'un éleveur texan libre penseur et désigne toute personne à l’esprit indépendant. C'est en reprenant cette idée que FOR., en collaboration avec Jennifer Nagy Delli Fraine de l'agence de branding Haute Creative, a articulé son concept autour d'un look ranch moderne, en mettant en vedette des matières brutes tels le bois, le béton exposé, le cuir, l'acier laqué et mat pour concevoir des environnements de travail hors standard.Dans ces bureaux d'un peu plus de 2 000 p.c., une succession de couches séparent les espaces publics des lieux privés: en premier plan, les postes de travail ouverts; puis la zone de services (cuisine, salle de conférence) crée une première trans... En savoir plus

Projet • By BLOOT ArchitectureMaisons privées

Fig Tree House

In The Hague’s Vogelwijk district in The Netherlands, a minimalist house extension contrasts sharply with the expressive brick architecture of a 1927’s house, exposing the ‘hidden’ qualities.The house has an original annex at the front side with behind it a beautiful fig tree in the garden that was not visible from inside the old house. Because the new extension extends beyond the existing width of the house, the glass extension is going into a relationship with the existing annex. This creates a semi-enclosed outdoor space around the old fig tree. By widening the extension, a third world arises around the hidden fig tree alongside the old and the new world.The design for the extension of the house balances between a sharp contrast and the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Declerck-Daels, ArchitectenLogement

House V.G.

This project focused on the renovation and extension of a single family house. The main building got an important upgrade, got insulated and was refurnished. Afterwards the typical Flemish adjacent constructions were demolished to be replaced by a unique and pure volume. The extension offers comfort, functionality and spaciousness.The use of space, the light, the materials, the volumes and the experience of the extension are very different of the existing house. The new plan is both sober, open, flexible and functional, containing a desk, a kitchen, a dining table and a utility room. It’s a new living space. A subtle, opaque curtain can divide the rooms. Other than the tiny windows of the house, the extension got a large window. The wi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Atelier Barda architectureBureaux

SSENSE Headquarters

The architectural firm Atelier Barda was mandated in September 2016 to expand the headquarters of SSENSE, a fashion platform known for its exclusive original content and a curated selection of over 400 fashion and luxury designers for men and women. Located in a neighbourhood that was once home to Montreal’s textile industry, the space has a surface area of 24,000 square feet, and was formerly used for logistics and warehouses. The project involved the complete redesign of the existing space to meet the company’s growing needs while staying true to its strong brand image.   The main objective was to design a functional space that would speak to its original purpose and conserve its industrial look and feel by paring down... En savoir plus

Projet • By Cera StribleyMaisons privées

Robinson Beach House

A truly laid-back holiday house this design seeks to adhere to a minimal aesthetic genre, the clients wanted to create a sophisticated, textural house with a rich materiality that wasn’t overwhelming or fussy.A busy couple with teenage children, the clients were specific with their functional brief, with an elevated and relatively open and level site to work with, this house is all about orientation and creating areas for living in at different times of the day. The foundation of the architecture was to create two rectangular forms perpendicular to one another to allow circulation around and between the forms. The first floor, a black, timber lined box and the lower rectilinear form created by intersecting in-situ concrete walls with timber... En savoir plus

Projet • By Beck + Oser ArchitektenCentres sportifs

Training Centre Chöpfli

The service building of the sports ground „Chöpfli“ is placed on the field between existing car park and forest and consists of two buildings, shifted to each other. This allows a reaction to the particularities of the situation. On the one hand the access from the car park and the orientation to the playing fields are spatially articulated, on the other hand the level differences can be settled with the rear walls of the buildings. The pedestal unites the ensemble into one unit an creates two high quality outside spaces.  The canopies of the two building parts are defining a weather-protected area from which the different rooms can be accessed separately when needed. Four changing rooms with shower, changing room for referee and... En savoir plus

Projet • By Roland Baldi ArchitectsMagasins


In the hearth of the city in Bozen, in an 18th century building, the first restaurant, market and wine house of the international brand italia&amore, opened its doors.The office of Roland Baldi Architects has been commissioned with the structural and creative implementation of the company concept, which stands for natural, authentic, Italian quality food, that are produced according to ancient traditions by small producers.The restoration work covered up the whole building: the historic façade has been restored. The decorations and the ornaments are maintained while on the ground floor the glass surfaces were united and enlarged to give better luminosity to the interior and greater communication with the pedestrian street.The flagshipst... En savoir plus

Projet • By Cera StribleyMaisons privées

York Street House

Sited on a small inner city block, York St House reflects a type of urban architecture that is born from contextual constraints and is not only an impressive piece of small architecture that is light filled and spacious, but exemplifies contemporary Australian ideas about inner city living. For any small project and in particular dwellings; the sense of light and the quality of space is integral to the success of the project. Our design response is driven largely by context and we believe that space around the building as well as the views inside and out are amplified in small projects. So, in response to the site there were a number of ideas we prioritised. Firstly; retaining the neighbours lush Jacaranda tree which sweeps over... En savoir plus

Projet • By Beck + Oser ArchitektenAppartements

Conversion Mill Barn

The dwelling house is part of the design plan Mühle, which primarily aims to preserve the protected mill and the surroundings of the mill. On the south side the building group willbe completed with the replacement building for the burnt-down barn, giving it the necessary spatial and historically justified importance. The result is an attractive place of a pleasant size, usable for various activities.Since the houses on the Sternenbergstrasse, which are also part of the design plan, are at a reasonable distance and clearly distinguished in the architectural formulation, the legibility of the historical ensemble is strengthened. The four duplex apartments are all directly accessible from the mill court. The innovative apartment dispos... En savoir plus

Projet • By Beck + Oser ArchitektenLogement

Houses Im Wygärtli

Тhe two houses “Im Wygärtli” are located in a villa garden on the southern hillside of Hofstetten. The buildings are situated across the slope and are accessed from the north on the upper floor level, which offers a beautiful view towards the first hills of the Jura Mountains. The curved shape of the roof creates its own topography, which connects the two floors and turns the location on a slope into a part of the design concept. On the inside, a single-flight staircase provides the spatial connection between the entrance hall on the upper living floor and the sleeping floor below. The dynamic and open staircase creates a strong reference between the two floors. It also allows daylight into the translucent bathroom cubes - which are built o... En savoir plus