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Projet • By Liqui GroupRestaurants


Demitasse is another project where Liqui was responsible for both the restaurant interior design and the build, while our creative agency Crate47 took care of the branding. Working hand in hand like this means that clients receive a fully integrated service that results in the brand and interior working in unison to create a truly harmonious brand experience. It also means that with everything being handled in one place, there is a flow of ideas back and forth between all disciplines leading to a greater degree of continuity throughout the project as a whole. Added to this is the practical aspect of Liqui taking care of every part of the interior fit out. This holistic approach was very appealing to the couple behind Demitasse who, having t... En savoir plus

Projet • By WANGANMagasins

Rawsters Coffee

Rawsters Coffee and Supply Co. is a new generation coffee company which has two coffee shops in İstanbul and also supplies roasted coffee in high quality with its own distribution network which is one of the biggest chains in Turkey. Emre Dörter Emre Dörter With a bold approach, Wangan created the new concept of Rawsters based on the charm of contrasts. The second coffee shop of Rawsters is located in Akmerkez which is one of the most well-known malls in the city. While the light pink palladian terrazzo floor composed of traditional white marble, the maroon back wall color and the plywood secondary layer with curvy lines express warmness and femininity, the stainless-steel coffee bar and shelves with sharp edges and the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Liqui GroupRestaurants

Brew92 - Mecca

Liqui’s modern coffee shop design for Brew92 in Mecca harks back to the glamour of Art Deco interiors. In particular, with a palette of bright pinks and blues being used throughout, the coffee shop interior reflects the Tropical Deco style of decor that’s so indicative of Miami’s beachfront hotels from an era full of optimism. The clean lines, strong geometric shapes, and curving forms synonymous with the buildings of the period can be clearly seen in the architectural features of the interior design such as the wraparound coffee counter design, the arched doorways, and the way in which the different sized tiles are delineated on the floors. The Deco style is also clearly expressed in the bespoke banquette seating islands... En savoir plus

Projet • By FdMP architectesMagasins

Café Slatkine

Au cœur de la Vieille-Ville genevoise, le Café Slatkine réinvente le genre du bar littéraire. Les livres d'un côté, les bouteilles de l'autre.   L'enseigne est vénérable et quasi centenaire. Ouverte en 1918 par Mendel Slatkine, elle fut pendant longtemps une librairie réputée où l'on pouvait croiser le gratin genevois. Deux générations plus tard, ses petits-fils ont choisi, avec le Café Slatkine, de transformer cet espace en un bar littéraire qui est autant un témoignage de leur héritage intellectuel qu'une adaptation à leur époque.    Dans un espace plutôt confiné, étroit... En savoir plus

Projet • By Liqui GroupRestaurants

Brew92 - Palazzo

This was Brew92’s second branch in Riyadh that Liqui’s coffee shop designers have worked on. This is a coffee shop design of two halves – with one half of the walls, floors and ceiling being finished in black and the other in natural coloured wood. It had to tie in with their latest ‘Back To Basics’ approach which puts their speciality coffee at the heart of everything. This was followed through in the cafe interior with our long coffee bar design that is positioned front and centre. This makes the ground floor of this two-storey coffee shop ideal for socialising around the coffee counter. Surrounding the walls we’ve placed cafe furniture in the form of our Milne Chairs and Studio Cafe Tables with our Wo... En savoir plus

Projet • By Surfacing SolutionRestaurants

Santo Coffee

Floor to ceiling black tambour panels give this local coffee shop a modern, sleek appearance while the large store front windows create a perfect balance between the natural light and an open floor plan. En savoir plus
The cafe
The Bristol Loaf
Hugo's Greengrocer
The bakery
Cafe view from rear

Projet • By Phoenix WharfMagasins

The Bristol Loaf

Phoenix Wharf, the Bristol-based interior design and branding agency specialising in hospitality and retail, has announced the completion of a new scheme for innovative bakery business The Bristol Loaf, who, together with other local artisanal partners, has launched a new community foodie hub in Bedminster, in the south of the city. The Bristol Loaf was initially set up in 2017 by entrepreneur Gary Derham, whose background includes working for local hospitality operator The Assemblies.  The Bristol Loaf ‘s first outlet was a single-unit bakery and café in the Redfield area, before expanding into a second unit and becoming a successful, high-end, artisanal bakery products supplier to many other local businesses, with a ret... En savoir plus

Projet • By Seniman RuangMagasins


Indonesian coffee culture is now rapidly growing, especially in big cities. Coffee shops appear anywhere in Jakarta due to the high demand of coffee consumption. Only a few coffee brands don’t just serve coffee as a product, but more that that, they also offer various coffee experience.   Kisaku is a coffee and social space located in the heart of Jakarta business district, a fairly dense environment, with target market on workers. The place is a manifestation of adaptive reuse of an old and humble one storey residential house into an open and welcoming coffee shop. Kisaku emerged as an oasis in the middle of the crowdness metropolitan city, focusing on coffee-to-go sales and serves as a pleasant space for contemplation during... En savoir plus

Projet • By Cuningham Group ArchitectureHôpitaux

Providence Breeze Advanced Care Center

Constructed on the site of an old newspaper facility, the Providence Breeze Advanced Care Center in Torrance, California challenges thenorms of patient-centric care with a design that finds inspiration in the intimate.   Designed by Cuningham Group Architecture and CallisonRTKL, the 106,000-square-foot space houses a women’s center, imaging center, outpatient ambulatory surgery center, clinics, medical and surgical oncology, infusion center and two linear accelerators. To accommodate for these numerous technical elements, as well as to meet the many, complicated design codes required of medical facilities, the design team had to think outside the box as they attempted to elevate the standard patient experience. The result: a me... En savoir plus

Projet • By Co in Collaborative LabMagasins

Two Cents

To steer away from the aesthetic stereotypes in the beauty industry, TWO CENTS envisioned their new space to be interpreted as a coffee shop, with a buzzy vibe to lift any dull spirits while offering much-needed tranquility in Jakarta's one of the busiest district. The main idea is to celebrate brand core values and beliefs of how every small things matter in life, by paying close attention to the details and design elements in the space, such as form, graphic, and quote. A coherent image can be found throughout the space in the form of a chic interior, defined by wood finishes and metal textures that evokes a sense of warmth. The space makes use of the aforementioned materials by incorporating them into the design of a custom-made divide... En savoir plus

Projet • By ROOM+ Design & BuildHôtels

Cities & Gardens

Villes & Jardins est un bâtiment de 7 niveaux situé dans un endroit magnifique à proximité du CBD d'Ho Chi Minh Ville. Le bâtiment abrite un café, huit boutiques de location et un jardin sur le toit. Le site est composé de deux terrains identiques de 4 x 22 mètres chacun avec vue sur un petit parc. Le bâtiment est divisé en deux parties adjacentes car chaque terrain appartient à l'un des deux propriétaires qui sont également frères. La première partie a été construite 6 mois avant l'autre grâce au financement des propriétaires.   Saigon est une ville multiculturelle et pleine d'opportunités. Chaq... En savoir plus

Projet • By Seth Powers PhotographyRestaurants

Peet's Coffee Donghu Road

The first Peet’s store outside of the Unites States. The designer Kokaistudios choose to follow the coffee and make its journey from bean to final product the central experience of the space all the while keeping the California vibe.  The 340 sq.m flagship is located on the ground-floor of a reconverted office tower on a leafy beautiful street in Shanghai and features both indoor and outdoor seating linked by a series of swing-up windows that create a strong al-fresco feel. The interiors are designed to create an immersive coffee experience and the space revolves around the large semi-circular main bar counter where customers can get an up-close view of the baristas at work backed by the open-view roaster area housing the large... En savoir plus

Projet • By Stu/D/O ArchitectsBureaux

Naiipa Art Complex

Naiipa (Literally means ‘Deep in the Forest’) is a mixed use project consisted of an Art Gallery, Sound Recording Studio, Dance Studio, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Office Spaces. It is located on Sukhumvit 46, a small street that connects Rama 4 road to Phrakanong BTS Station on Sukhumvit road. The project is named after the concept of concealing the architecture in the forest as the vision of greenery is expanded by using reflective glass all around.   Upon arrival, visitors are greeted with the project’s main feature and driving force in design, a groups of large, pre-existing trees in its center. From the very beginning, the goal of Naiipa has been to create architecture that seamlessly co-exist with the trees... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jacobsen ArquiteturaBureaux

Pulse Offices

Situé dans le JardimBotânico, l'un des quartiers les plus luxuriants de Rio de Janeiro, l'immeuble PULSE abrite des bureaux d'affaires, offrant une flexibilité d'unité/zone, des espaces de réunion communs, un auditorium et un café sur le toit donnant sur la statue du Christ rédempteur. Des espaces commerciaux donnant sur la rue et disposant d'un parking souterrain sont situés au rez-de-chaussée.   L'intention esthétique était de créer un objet étranger à l'environnement, en contrepoint des bâtiments voisins. Cela a été réalisé en termes de forme, de matériaux et de couleurs, indiquant un moment de... En savoir plus

Projet • By Isidoro Mastronardi ArchitetttoAteliers

Training Center - Warsaw

In 2019, Lavazza opened their Training Center in Warsaw in a converted historic army barracks, which was once part of the city’s fortified wall. The space is located on the ground floor and can be directly accessed from the street, underneath a walkway. The Training Center consists of two adjoining rooms with barrel-vaulted ceilings. From the street you enter the main room of the Training Center. Here, on a large central island there are several workstations, joined to form a long bar counter facing the visitors and complemented by a series of coffee makers as well as ancillary workstations placed along one of the walls. The ambience is warm, the gleaming high-tech equipment is in sharp contrast with the clay brickwork of walls and... En savoir plus