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NouvellesNouvelles • 25 janv. 2022

Phoebe Says Wow Architects take a novel approach to coffee in the city with their renovation of Fifteen Steps Workshop Coffee

In a bustling commercial district of Taipei, Phoebe Says Wow Architects undertook this renovation of Fifteen Steps Workshop Coffee to boost the image and concept of the coffee brand, particularly when it comes to the atmosphere of enjoying coffee in the city.  Hey!Cheese The site is an 80 square metre former office space located on the corner ground floor of a mixed-use building and located on a well-tread, busy street that leads to the CBD area of Taipei. The architects note that while many coffee shops place their interior at the fore with open plan concepts, the client here wanted his shop to function as a quick serving bar with an on-site roastery. An invite-only space is located behind the scenes.  Hey!Cheese In l... En savoir plus

Projet • By FdMP architectesMagasins

Café Slatkine

Au cœur de la Vieille-Ville genevoise, le Café Slatkine réinvente le genre du bar littéraire. Les livres d'un côté, les bouteilles de l'autre.   L'enseigne est vénérable et quasi centenaire. Ouverte en 1918 par Mendel Slatkine, elle fut pendant longtemps une librairie réputée où l'on pouvait croiser le gratin genevois. Deux générations plus tard, ses petits-fils ont choisi, avec le Café Slatkine, de transformer cet espace en un bar littéraire qui est autant un témoignage de leur héritage intellectuel qu'une adaptation à leur époque.    Dans un espace plutôt confiné, étroit... En savoir plus

Projet • By Goldakovskiy Group ArchitectsMagasins

Octo Tower

PROJECT NAME: OCTO TOWERLOCATION: KYIV, UKRAINEYEAR: 2020 AREA: 495M2 PHOTOGRAPHY: ANDREY MIKHAILOVWALL ART: Keno, Feros, and Dilkone PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Octo tower is a coffee center in the downtown of Kyiv, Ukraine.The soviet modernist building is part of the Alexandrivska Hospital complex. The Octo Tower occupies the communication building which was built but never used by its original function, which was to ensure the movement of patients to the upper levels of the landscape where the main hospital activities are situated from the city downtown level. Also to ensure the descent of patients and hospital staff to the lower level of the landscape, where the entrance to the Klovskaya metro station is located, which was planned to be... En savoir plus

Projet • By Surfacing SolutionRestaurants

Santo Coffee

Floor to ceiling black tambour panels give this local coffee shop a modern, sleek appearance while the large store front windows create a perfect balance between the natural light and an open floor plan. En savoir plus

Projet • By Lab4 ArchitectsBars

State Coffee Co. Espresso Bar

 Sitting adjacent to the Aegean Sea, a 90sq.m. espresso bar embodies the latest addition to renowned Greek coffee chain stores, State Coffee Co.    Lab4 architects drew inspiration from the New York espresso bars of the ’30s. Emulating many navy style features, they intended to draw references to the lower Manhattan seaport neighborhoods where espresso habits flourished in the beginnings of the previous century.      Organizing the whole layout in a parallel direction to the seaside street, with an orientation to an amazing view, the architects subdivided the space into three basic zones. The first one is the coffee production zone which accumulates all the auxiliary spaces, the second one is the interi... En savoir plus

Projet • By SVOYA studioBars


Photo : Alexander Angelovskiy           Le café "CULTURIST" est situé au premier étage d'un bâtiment historique sur l'avenue centrale de la ville de Dnipro. Ce café se positionne non seulement comme un lieu de loisirs, mais aussi comme un espace culturel où chaque élément correspond à cette idée - des éléments intérieurs aux accessoires de café. Il s'agit d'un café avec son atmosphère et son idéologie. Où l'intérieur ne domine pas les invités, mais crée un entourage optimal et discret pour les loisirs, la communication et le développement cultu... En savoir plus

Projet • By 370studioBars

Aroma Coffee

Created in Warsaw’s Wola District in January 2017, Aroma café is a place for people celebrating coffee at its best.  This place is not only a coffehouse but also a shop, and the whole project has an educational mission – while enjoying the delightful scents, you can gain knowledge about the origin of coffee, as well as learn the secrets of coffee under the watchful eye of Agnieszka Rojewska, a many time Polish Barista Champion. The character and the details of the interior design allude to the countries with highly developed coffee drinking culture, from which a lion’s share of our products comes. The major inspirations were Central American and Caribbean countries. Hence the vivid colours and exotic accents.... En savoir plus

Projet • By NinetynineBars

Single Estate

A new coffee bar in an authentic corner building for coffee roaster Single Estate. The bar, designed as a long chef’s table made from black terrazzo, stimulates maximal interaction between barista and guest. The sleek design of the new interior combined with the authentic details of the existing building refer to Single Estate's focus on craftsmanship in roasting and serving coffee alike.  The 11-metre long barista's table, following the line of the facade, is the focal point of the space. It starts as a working counter for the baristas and evolves in guest seating towards the back of the space. As the bar isn’t parallel to the back wall but follows the line of the facade, it creates a tapered space behind the bar where pe... En savoir plus

Projet • By NinetynineBars

Coffeecompany Spui

This existing location of Coffeecompany underwent a refit with a fresh new interior. The smallest location of the brand, it resulted in a completely new layout, focussing on the usual coffee offer extended with a large food menu. The espresso machine is centrally positioned on an island, while an open table-like counter in front of the espresso island showcases the food offer and cash register. En savoir plus

Projet • By NinetynineBars

NAKED Espresso

Introduction NAKED espresso is a new espresso bar concept. The founders have a passion for coffee and strive to share this passion with their guests by creating modern yet timeless top-quality espresso bars in the city centre of Amsterdam. The vision of the people behind NAKED espresso is to create a place where guests feel at home and enjoy themselves, while experiencing the enthusiasm of the professional Baristas from up close.   Design concept Studio Ninetynine designs the interior of the first NAKED espresso location. Although it is rather a lucky coincidence that NAKED espresso’s first branch is located in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the name of the Espresso bar originally refers to a very specific way of prepa... En savoir plus

Projet • By NinetynineBars

Hotel Casa Amsterdam

Take one imposing building, consisting of three separate areas, serving a very diverse clientele, and turn it into one giant living area that caters to the need of all. That, in a nutshell, was the challenge in renovating Amsterdam’s Hotel Casa. Founded in the late 1950s to help solve the housing shortage for students, Casa has always been a hybrid of sorts, serving as the (temporary) home of hotel guests, locals, student residents and people attending a board meeting or conference. In 2010 Casa moved to a new building but the concept stayed the same. Recent plans to renovate and modernise the convention center turned into a complete overhaul of both public and conference areas.In the new design connectivity was key. There’s one centra... En savoir plus

Projet • By these architects Inc.Magasins

Font Coffee Bar

The brief was simple: design a coffee shop around these core ideals: Real farmers. Real roasters. Real baristas.The importance of coffee authenticity became the central idea behind the The Font Coffee Bar, located in the quiet town of Fonthill, Ontario. The simplicity of the coffee plant, from stem to flower to bean weaves through the design in stylised geometric plant motifs found in millwork wall panels, the cnc cut counter face to the central dividing screen defined by layers of vertical plywood leaves. Deep greens and warm greys wash over walls while its main tiled art wall gallery for local artists frames the view down the cafes long narrow space.These design details and colour palette subtly reference the coffee bean as fruit to tie i... En savoir plus

Projet • By AshariArchitectsBars

Daarbast Cafe

Daarbast Café is about 376 square meters. The main goal of its interior design is creating social interaction among people. The possibility for establishing other branches of the café in future was considered in order to fulfill the owner’s request. Scaffolds are used as the main structure of design which grants an identity to the space. A part of the exterior wall is destroyed to benefit from sun light and natural views. The scaffold provided the context in which we could increase the area of the space and create visual transparency. Implementing the scaffolds not only impose low budget to the project but also create the possibility of various decoration fashions. There are different forms of settings in the café, made with scaffolds.Lead... En savoir plus

Projet • By AshariArchitectsBars

Triangle Café

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra Jafari,Amir Irandoost HaghighiExecution: Saeid JamaliTriangle CaféCafés have significant power in strengthening the social dimension of urban spaces and urban Cafés are more dynamic than other types of spaces. The connectivity of the café to the unique historical urban environment and creating an attraction to this place were the challenges for the designers. The project ambition was to create a subtle wall surface which has the least impaction on the historical urban environment and the city residential fabric, however it creates a bold sustainable space.The goal was to blend the café interior space to city fabric which is occurred by eliminating the “borde... En savoir plus

Projet • By AshariArchitectsBars

Conex Café

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra JafariExecution: Mohammad MoazeniConex CaféLimited pre-purchased materials on the site. The challenge has been already begun for the designer team to create a unique form from the remaining materials of the complex construction. The project is located at one the most memorable buildings of Iranian contemporary architecture “Shiraz national library”. By utilizing the previous temporary concierge Conex and reviving it, the design team revealed a hidden potential of the redundant Conex. The steps and vertical lightning are considered as the two complementary elements which acts as a lighthouse to find the café on the site at night.Providing a pause and gatherin... En savoir plus