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Projet • By Liqui GroupBars

The Wellhead Cocktail Bar

The Wellhead is a relatively small cocktail bar design for Liqui, but this did not lessen the amount of consideration and attention to detail that we gave to the project. This new coffee and cocktails venue is housed in a historic listed building in the Finzels Reach area of Bristol’s vibrant city centre. Therefore it was an important part of the brief that we retained original features such as the exposed brickwork and arched windows in our interior design. It was also a tight space and the building was an awkward shape which meant that to make it function as a cocktail bar design some careful space planning was required with due consideration given to ‘flow’. This led to a bespoke angular coffee counter design which allo... En savoir plus

Projet • By FyraRestaurants


The Bardem cocktail bar quickly became a new place to go for friends of cultivated bar culture in the heart of Helsinki. The independent interior concept is the work of the renowned local design studio Fyra, and its modern interpretation is based on the principle of a Speakeasy Bar. Fyra plays with the combination of old and new in a stylistically confident manner and focuses on a large, central bar in the deliberately discreetly lit, atmospherically mysterious room. Ceramic tiles of the Craft series of Agrob Buchtal skilfully complement this relaxed flair and convince with an impressive visual depth as well as a lively play of colours.   The cocktail bar Bardem is situated in a first-class location in Helsinki. Many office buildings... En savoir plus

Projet • By Set | DesignersBars

Il Rifrullo

The project starts from the analysis and study of Rifrullo, a place with an ancient history that has never lost popularity in the Florentine panorama. Il Rifrullo has won the challenge of time because it has been able to transform itself by showing off new faces and styles over the years, but always maintaining its unmistakable vintage trait.For these reasons, the new Rifrullo envisages the design of a space that manages to combine modernity and tradition.The intervention aims to create a contemporary place that takes into account the two lives that take place within it, that of the bistro during the day and that of the cocktail bar during the evening.The materials used reflect the tradition of the city and the culture of craftsmanship of t... En savoir plus

Projet • By YODEZEENRestaurants

Follower Restaurant

The Follower restaurant, newest Kyiv hospitality openings, is imagined as an eclectic, eccentric, and modern place for millennials who are keen on social media but at the same time never forget the benefits of social life.   Located at one of the oldest and longest streets of Kyiv, VelykaVasylkivskastreet, the Follower restaurant takes over the two-floors of the brick historical building with the panoramic windows on the central façade. The newly renovated building itself well known as «stalinka» was built in the 1950s by Ukrainian architect OsipKryvoglaz and has become a part of the entire ensemble of Soviet architecture in Kyiv.   As designers, YODEZEEN, was faced with two essentials tasks: maximum preserv... En savoir plus

Projet • By Ohlo StudioBars

Daddy Long Legs

Taking its cues from the vibrant, multicultural neighbourhood that speaks to a contemporary Australia, the multifunctional design celebrates the vibrancy of local materials and colours so often overlooked. Daddy Long Legs’ knits together the binaries of Western Australia’s unique landscape - rugged yet polished, airy but earthy, both expansive and intimate.   What are the sustainability features? The bar design featured predominantly locally made and sourced materials that was both in line with the concept and the designer’s desire to restrict unnecessary consumption. Similarly, the furniture, the bar, the dining chairs, was all custom made locally - even the decorative light fixtures were all sourced from small, i... En savoir plus

Projet • By Skylab ArchitectureHôtels

W San Francisco

W San Francisco is an electric urban oasis located in the bustling heart of San Francisco’s SoMa District. Boasting 401 guest rooms including 12 suites, the hotel offers a hip and stylish downtown retreat. As part of the highly anticipated Gold Fever hotel refresh, Skylab was enlisted to design the guest rooms and major amenity spaces for a multi-phased renovation (the hotel lobby is slated for the next phase). The new Gold Fever design draws its inspiration from San Francisco’s remarkable region and rich history, abstracting elements from the past and present—including a healthy dose of funky elements from its psychedelic days—to marry history and culture with the hotel experience. The rooms and suites surprise with... En savoir plus

Projet • By CorradiBars

A cosy outdoor for a restaurant in the Alps

In the splendid setting of the Alps, overlooking a lake, you will find Philiaz restaurant and cocktail bar, a trendy and elegant place conceived from an innovative and unique catering idea. In fact, the name derives from Phileas Fogg, a character created by Jules Verne for his eighty-day round-the-world trip around the world, and the motivation is simple and evocative: the restaurant opens the doors of its kitchen, in alternation, to chefs from the most varied places in the world.   But at the Philiaz restaurant, gastronomic innovation rhymes with dialogue with nature. In fact, inside the cocktail bar the visitor is enveloped by tones of grey and brown, present everywhere from the seats to the walls, from the curtains to the counter... En savoir plus

Projet • By Futuris ArchitectsBars

All Eyes on Me

                        All Eyes On Me is a modern, 90s-inspired cafe that is built around the lifestyle, phrases and image of the American rapper Tupac Shakur.                        Retrieving its name from the rapper’s song, the cafe had to offer more than just food. We recreated the atmosphere of the times, representing a mix of the 90s rap vibe and modern hip-hop culture.                        Knowing the love people have for neon, we made the interior dark enough for the lights to be even more visible.             &nbs... En savoir plus

Projet • By Park AssociatiBars

Prima Café

Park Associati réalise le concept d'un espace hybride original au cœur de Milan pour la société de technologie   Conçu pour suivre la vie des clients et du quartier du matin au soir, Prima Café ne se veut pas une vitrine de l'activité principale du client dans le domaine de l'assurance, mais plutôt un lieu regroupant différentes fonctions, de l'actualcafé au bistrot, du restaurant au bar à cocktails.   Mais la condition à satisfaire ne concerne pas seulement la consommation de nourriture ou le divertissement. De plus en plus, la vie privée, la vie sociale et le travail convergent vers un même contenant ; les lieux se calque... En savoir plus

Projet • By WOOD-SKINBars

NESO 2 – Paris, France

Un bar à cocktail à l'atmosphère chaleureuse, contemporaine et confortable, conçu pour Neso 2 par Caroline Tissier, qui a également conçu le panneau pliable personnalisé placé devant l'entrée principale.   Une sculpture WOOD-SKIN tridimensionnelle et acoustique qui s'intègre totalement à l'environnement, grâce au choix du matériau : un placage de bois reconstitué ultra-fin.   Bien que le résultat final soit visuellement complexe, l'ensemble du processus d'installation n'a pris que quelques heures, grâce à la simplicité intrinsèque et à l'efficacité du système WOOD-SKIN. En savoir plus

Projet • By CTRL SpaceBars

Paper Crane

Grue en papier Un restaurant et un bar d'inspiration asiatique, ludique et coloré, pour le nouvel hôtel Riley situé à Cairns, dans le Queensland. Nous voulions créer un design propre et beau, soutenu par des détails intérieurs forts, complétant l'offre de nourriture de haute qualité et résistant au standard d'un centre de villégiature cinq étoiles.   Quel était le brief ?                        L'objectif était de créer un environnement contemporain et rafraîchissant pour les clients de l'hôtel Riley. Les... En savoir plus

Projet • By Ronit ABudi interior designMagasins


Beer point is a chain of stores of the largest leading and unique boutique beer in Israel. Large supply of beers in a barrel or a quality bottle of beers from Israel and the world. My office provides a full project management service, working with trusted partners, a group of people who are unifying to the same goal. This provides assurance to our clients that we can bring our designs to life and contribute to the success of the client’s business. Designing a small space like this, 50 sqm, can be a challenge. A goal achieved by everyone's delight. Every business owner knows that if he makes the first impression right, it can make a big difference on the customers, what will affect the profits Interior designer Ronit Abudi has a studio... En savoir plus

Projet • By Aces of SpaceBars


Fat Chow is a buzzing Cantonese restaurant and cocktail bar in The Point, Dubai. Its origin story goes back to when Aces of Space absorbed the abundant energy and boldness of the streets of Hong Kong and transformed it into a concept powerful and dynamic enough to slay a dragon. The buzzworthy exterior design of the restaurant radiates the energy you’ll find inside, using neon elements that make a colorful comeback in the interior design. The choice of several different food stations is an authentic tribute to the Hong Kong street food scene, as are the Aces of Space-designed street art posters on the walls.   Guests approaching the stations are encouraged to directly discover the different textures and flavors of the Cantonese... En savoir plus

Projet • By Islyn StudioMagasins

Sawmill Market

Sawmill Market est une interprétation moderne d'un Nouveau Mexique méconnu - un lieu synonyme de couchers de soleil rose électrique, de crânes de vache blancs blanchis, de pins et de paysages de l'autre monde immortalisés par Georgia O'Keeffe et D.H. Lawrence. Avec le propriétaire Jim Long (Heritage Hotels and Resorts) et les développeurs de concepts F&B Lauren et Jason Greene (The Grove Cafe), Islyn Studio a puisé directement dans le riche patrimoine culturel du pays des merveilles pour créer Sawmill Market, un hall de restauration, un laboratoire culinaire et un hommage à l'imagination culturelle du Nouveau-Mexique. Read McKendree Transformé d'un entrep&... En savoir plus

Projet • By Inside Out ArchitectureAéroports

MyLounge – Brisbane Airport - Australia

This MyLounge project was an international scheme located amongst the departure gates at Brisbane Airport, Australia. Following similar design principles in the My Lounge brand, this project adapted the concept to suit the Australian market. The design retained the relaxed, welcoming, and homely atmosphere while maximising the social style of lounging favoured by the client. A ‘make your own’ cocktail bar, self-service bistro, comfortable lounging space and games room, cater to the guests every need. A large portion of the project was bespoke joinery design that carefully divided up the space. Reclaimed timber, terrazzo tops and exposed concrete finishes are some of the materials used to capture the texture and character of the... En savoir plus