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Produit • By RocaCarmen


Carmen is a tribute to one of Roca’s most iconic basins of the 1940s, which comes back with a clear vintage character to become a vitreous china and furniture collection with the latest innovations in the design of bathroom spaces.Find out more: En savoir plus

Produit • By La TorreAtelier Classic

Atelier Classic

Italy and the Arts, an instinctive association of ideas, a worldwide reputation earned through Centuries of excellence and unique creations from Genius of all the artistic expressions. Creativity and a special sense for aesthetics have always outreached the major Arts and permeated all the craftsmanship and manufactures realised in Italy at any time, thus creating an undeniable value behind the words “MADE IN ITALY” La Torre has conceived the Atelier Classic project as an homage to the great artistic background that has always inspired the typical italian Classical Style. Each collection of this Atelier is ideally linked to a specific Art to convey each time a special emotion and create as a whole an atmosphere of fine taste and eleganc... En savoir plus

Produit • By MegiusSOFTGLASS


Born from an unexpected combination between innovation and aesthetics in the shower design, Soglass is the a new shower wherein, as expressed by the oxymoron of the same name, the glass takes on so and rounded shapes. Indeed, in addition to the classical models, there are corner solutions which, thanks to the glass panels with rounded and blunted angles (reminding of a rounded square), create new spaces for the shower area. With this new shower solution, Megius blends its longstanding expertise with the most innovative technologies of the industry. In fact, in Soglass nothing has been left to chance, on the contrary also the technical and aesthetic details, such as the slow-motion system for the doors so closing, the curved suppo... En savoir plus

Projet • By GROHEHôpitaux

Vlietland Hospital

Hundreds of years experience in serving the community, the Vlietland Hospital in the Dutch town of Schiedom has placed high demands on hygiene, safety and efficiency. The hospital built in 1808 was restored and redesigned by EGM Architects (Dordrecht, NL) from 1999 to 2008. With its 450 beds, the modernised facility today takes care of a multitude of patients. The classically built hospital consists of a linear block with several irregular angles. Its shape resembles a hairpin. Glazed walkways connect the opposite sections of the building to keep walking distances short. Light-flooded transparency characterises the glazed ground floor, which is framed by thick, seemingly naturally grown wooden beams. Naturalness is the guiding theme o... En savoir plus