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Projet • By BeautbureauExpositions

VEXed + Voided : Two Acts

Act I : An exhibition pavilion to showcase competition entries to the 2018 International Design Competition, organized by the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA). The pavilion embraces the annual competition theme VEX: Agitated Vernacular, by subjecting wood, the themed material, to abrasive processes of peeling & sanding, charring, or burning.  The vexed wood is then hand-crafted: rough-sawn, stacked, and tied, to form two black & white cubic geometries that host the exhibition materials. Charcoal, mixed with leftover wood from the processes, is contained in multiple cubic gabion baskets for area seating. Conventional fabrication and vernacular construction techniques merge with contemporary ones to become the new vernacul... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dos VeintinueveExpositions

Cocina María Luisa

The project finds inspiration in the kitchens of villages: those where meal preparation uses firewood and smoke, and as a result of this, the shade of the walls gets dark. And also those where there’s a smell of wet soil and the utensils are made of pewter and clay and the whole space revolves around the act of feeding the soul. Jaime Navarro   Materiality in its purest form, of each of the elements that make up the space, is the leading thread of the proposal; apparent concrete, burned wood and volcanic stone plates complement the discourse, crowned by a suspended metallic gabion which contains broken pieces of clay objects: everyday use food and drink containers such as plates, pots, jars and glasses amongst others. J... En savoir plus

Projet • By Nakamoto ForestryAppartements

Dekum Apartments

This 40-unit residential apartment complex features our yakisugi (shou sugi ban) Gendai siding with a dark gray oil stain finish in combination with cement panels.  The owner is a consortium of investors that brought together a dream team of designers, consultants, and contractors to construct an urban infill project that both beautifies the neighborhood and will be low-maintenance over the long term.   Product: Gendai 1×6 select grade shiplapPrefinish: Dark GrayApplication: Residential – ExteriorSF: 8000SFProject Architect: : Architecture Building CultureInterior Designer: Mimi ShinDevelopment Consultant: Henry Point DevelopmentBuilder: Robertson &... En savoir plus

Projet • By Nakamoto ForestryLogement

Cliff Residence

The project was a single-family new construction timber frame by Collin Beggs Design Build featuring Collin’s characteristic design style of following the grain on braces and using natural materials top to bottom.  Photos courtesy of Collin Beggs and Marie-Domonique Verdier.   Product: Pika-Pika 1×6 select grade shiplapPrefinish: Rustic BrownApplication: Residential – ExteriorSF: 2650SFDesigner: Collin Beggs Design BuildBuilder: Collin Beggs Design BuildDate: May 2017Location: Sagle, ID En savoir plus

Projet • By Nakamoto ForestryLogement

A Residence

The project is a single-family new construction project with insulation and mechanical design to be energy self-sufficient.  Owner opted to use Gendai yakisugi (shou sugi ban) without any prefinish to enjoy the wood’s natural patina. Product: Gendai 1×6 select grade shiplapPrefinish: No PrefinishApplication: Residential – ExteriorSF: 2000SFDate: March 2018Location: Lake Oswego, OR En savoir plus

Projet • By Nakamoto ForestryBureaux

The Jackson

The Jackson is a wonderfully designed mixed-use building in North Park, designed by Stephen Dalton Architects and Micklish Studio. The project integrates the restoration of two 90 year old Spanish Casitas alongside a new modern design including two levels of commercial space and thirty one residences.   Product: Gendai 1×6 select grade shiplapPrefinish: BLACKApplication: Mixed Use – ExteriorSF: 5800SFDesigner: SD Architects, Micklish StudioBuilder: Bothwell Co. Property ManagementDate: March 2019 Location: San Diego, CA Photos by Brian Doll     En savoir plus

Projet • By Nakamoto ForestryLogement

Fairfax House

The Fairfax House is an opulent blend of exotic materials and stacked fusion design.  An engawa encourages the living area to outside, and consistent finishes blend indoor with outdoor spaces.   Product: Suyaki 1×6 select grade shiplapPrefinish: BLACKApplication: Residential – Interior & ExteriorSF: 3000SFDesigner: Laura MansDate: April 2019Location: Fairfax, CA En savoir plus

Projet • By Nakamoto ForestryLogement

Hilltop House

The project was a highly designed energy efficient residential new build in Colchester, Vermont by Red HouseBuilding and architect Elizabeth Herrmann using our Shou Sugi Ban – Gendai that was oiled with a Solar Shield Light Gray prefinish.   From EH Architect:“Nestled into a steep Vermont hillside, this home was carefully designed and positioned to efficiently and thoughtfully take advantage of the challenging terrain and stunning mountain views.  The house is characterized by a series of connected wedge-shaped volumes.  Roof lines lift toward views and sunlight and provide airy, varied-height spaces within.   Designed to make single-floor living possible, the home has all major living spaces including a be... En savoir plus
Section Perspective
Section Perspective

Projet • By Square Feet StudioBureaux

The Interlock Lobbies

A series of volumetric explorations, the lobbies at The Interlock are the public-facing circulation hubs strategically placed throughout this large, mixed-use development’s ground plane. The most prominent lobby is a two-story space located at the crossroads of a hotel and multiple retail and office tenants. We designed it as a monolithic charred wood block, with sculpted elements revealing an underlying layer of rich, warm wood signifying active gathering spaces. Branching out are thin concrete bridges connecting people to and from other areas, which makes this lobby the very heart of the development. We carried this language of sculpted space to the various smaller public lobbies for clarity and connection throughout the project. En savoir plus

Projet • By Irina & Olga SundukovyRestaurants

Selection Restaurant

Did You Know That… The main characters of “Selection” – a modern and exquisite gastronomic play – are fish and meat? The main plot puts a spotlight on these two in a unique chef’s interpretation (Ayk Weishtort), exploring the subject in an unconventional way. Sundukovy Sisters took on the role of set designers, creating minimalistic décor, so that no detail of the action escapes the eyes of a curious observer. The interior marries two polarities as contrasting as the stars themselves: hot and cold, fiery and water-based, rugged and smooth. Reflection in Our Design The heroes were attired in different colors, which prevail in their habitat as well: “gold” for fish and “silver&... En savoir plus

Projet • By Nakamoto ForestryMaisons privées

Elemental House

The project was a highly designed energy efficient residential new build in Colchester, Vermont by Red HouseBuilding and architect Elizabeth Herrmann using our Shou Sugi Ban – Gendai that was oiled with a Solar Shield Light Gray prefinish.   Product: Gendai 1×6 select grade shiplapPrefinish: DARK GRAYApplication: Residential – ExteriorSF: 6400SFDesigner: Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + DesignBuilder: Red House BuildingDate: March 2019 Location: Colchester, Vt En savoir plus

Projet • By Das Design Co., LtdBureaux

Zoina Auspicious Omen Sales Center

Dans la culture chinoise, on dit toujours qu'il y a "terre" et "ciel" au milieu des montagnes et des rivières et que la racine de tout se situe entre le carré (fang) et le rond (yuan). Avec la "roue" de l'époque qui va de l'avant, comment les habitats humains d'aujourd'hui font-ils entrer le paysage et les choses naturelles ?   - Vigueur - Chaque morceau de gravier et de poutre en bois rend hommage à la nature, et injecte de la simplicité dans la ville animée. Le soleil est la nourriture la plus chaude de la nature.   Le couloir semi-ouvert est doté de vitres du sol au plafond, et la texture du bois crée un style simpliste, ce qui contribue à briser les fronti&egr... En savoir plus

Projet • By Conner + Perry Architects, Inc.Maisons privées

Rustic Canyon Residence

Jamie Price et Brad Schlei, originaires de Los Angeles, ont fait appel aux experts en architecture organique Christopher Conner et James Perry de Conner + Perry Architect pour concevoir une maison qui s'adapte parfaitement à leur famille et à leur mode de vie, tout en présentant une collection d'art de classe mondiale et en se fondant sans effort dans cette section bien-aimée du canyon de Santa Monica. Taiyo Watanabe Taiyo Watanabe Taiyo Watanabe En s'inspirant des chênes et des eucalyptus qui entourent la propriété, le cabinet a conçu une résidence qui permet la réflexion, l'ouverture et la sérénité. Les principales caractéristi... En savoir plus

Projet • By Tato ArchitectsBureaux

House and Office in Hofu

“House and Office in Hofu” is a renovation project of a 40-year-old building. The steel-frame structured building was remodeled to include various spaces such as living, office, warehouse, shop and more.   The client for this project is the owner of a brewery founded in 1865. Apart from the traditional products soy and miso, the company also work on developing new products using the old techniques refined through the brewery’s history.While the brewing is located elsewhere, the client wanted to create a place with a cleaner atmosphere for other parts of the business; such as office space, shop and storage space for nationwide distribution of the products. Fortunately, the building for this renovation project was lar... En savoir plus

Projet • By Fornacelli HomesMaisons privées

Eden House

Eden House : Une oasis durable au cœur de Londres "Nous pensons qu'il est désormais de notre devoir moral de construire de manière plus durable pour aider l'environnement et créer des maisons pour la prochaine génération qui ne soient pas seulement belles, mais qui profitent également à l'environnement naturel et le mettent en valeur, notre objectif étant de prouver que les maisons durables peuvent être élégantes et joliment conçues".   Eden House est le premier développement durable de Fornacelli Homes offrant une expérience de vie contemporaine axée sur la qualité et le bien-être.société de desig... En savoir plus