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Projet • By MCK ArchitectsLogement

House Acute

A modest wedge shaped parcel of land on the edge of a coastal bluff inspired a robust angular-shaped holiday home. Two long off form concrete pavilions follow the long edges of the site and meet at the site’s most prominent corner, rising up from the native landscape not unlike the natural sandstone escarpments in the locality. The concrete walls of both levels are articulated in their respective textures, and form humble backdrops to the surrounding landscape, both new and existing.  Brett Boardman Brett Boardman Internally the home is as comfortable and intimate for 2 as it is for 10 persons, with a range of separate living spaces to retreat to within the acute spaces (ocean side) of the plan. A roof terrace enables... En savoir plus

Projet • By Dos VeintinueveExpositions

Cocina María Luisa

The project finds inspiration in the kitchens of villages: those where meal preparation uses firewood and smoke, and as a result of this, the shade of the walls gets dark. And also those where there’s a smell of wet soil and the utensils are made of pewter and clay and the whole space revolves around the act of feeding the soul. Jaime Navarro   Materiality in its purest form, of each of the elements that make up the space, is the leading thread of the proposal; apparent concrete, burned wood and volcanic stone plates complement the discourse, crowned by a suspended metallic gabion which contains broken pieces of clay objects: everyday use food and drink containers such as plates, pots, jars and glasses amongst others. J... En savoir plus

Projet • By ArquidUsines

Idilia Chocolate Factory

The project comes from the need to expand the factory's production while respecting the existing buildings. The extension unifies the existing complex by using the same precast concrete façade and adding a play of colors based on the brand's image.   Beyond the building itself, this project speaks of the importance of architectural intervention in industrial environments. Historically secluded, hidden areas, built quickly without a design that allows users to enjoy them; but which are currently increasingly close to cities and consumers.   The industry today is cleaner, wants to open up to visitors and occupies areas sometimes as large as some small cities, demonstrating the need for architecture and urbanism to be part... En savoir plus